Principles of Energy Work

So you’ve decided to enter the world of energy work? Maybe you’ve already been here. Either way, these are a few of the principles I have found to be really important for me.

Nowadays most people do some level of energy work. Yes, it includes things like Qigong and Yoga, and meditation but, it also includes practices like running and weight lifting. The broad term of “energy work” is just that; it encompases anything that increases your overall level of energy but for this article I am going to narrow it down a bit to the metaphysical parts.

Most times when people refer to energy work, they are talking specifically about practices that build up energy within the body to “raise your vibration”. There are a lot of things that do that, and the phrase can sound pretty vague to some. What people typically mean when they say “raise your vibration” is “improve the quality of your etheric body”. Some people call it your Aura, a more sciency term would be your Torus Field, however, more esoteric practices refer to it as your etheric body and this name directly pertains to alchemy. All of these things make your physical body less “physical” and improve your ability to act within the quantum field.

What does energy work look like? Well it looks like a lot of things, but they all have one thing in common. Focus. Our minds are powerful tools, and wherever we place our attention is where the energy will flow. For example, think about a time in your past that made you really happy. You begin to feel happier right? Try it again with a time you were really angry. You feel a little upset now don’t you? Okay, but go back to that happy place. This happens because energy is flowing between the past experience and the present moment. Your brain can’t tell the difference. A really good resource to learn more about this is Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza. He does an incredible job at explaining these things and using science to support it.

At this point you’ve probably had enough explanation and just want the list, so here it is!


Not really any surprise here. If you want to develop a skill, you need a routine. Likewise with your energy work, if you want to see any improvement you need to be doing it pretty often. Don’t think you need to sit down and do a super potent mediation for a full hour every day. Shinzen Young, the author of many books on enlightenment and mindfulness, says 10 minutes a day of practice and an extended micro-retreat of four hours once a month. In addition, a practice can include a lot more than just sitting still.

The key to developing the etheric body is consistency. You can’t build your perfect beach body after just one or two workouts scattered here and there. It takes a while and some days you aren’t going to want to exercise. Likewise, you need to be disciplined in your energy work. In my experience, the days I don’t want to do energy work are the days I grow more in my practice. It does bring a sense of accomplishment. 

Last thing on discipline, don’t beat yourself up for missed days. In all honesty, I only do energy work about five days out of the week consistently. I shoot for everyday, but sometimes life happens and I can’t get to it. However, there are still ways to get your practice in when life is crazy and most days I can find a 30 minute window to practice. If you miss a day, don’t think its the end of the world. Take it as a lesson and try again the next day. If you prioritize it, then it becomes easier, but I do believe this is part of the ebb and flow of life.

Exercise & Diet

This is a big one I believe is overlooked a lot. If you do a lot of energy work, you also need to be doing some sort of physical exercise or you will develop pain in your body. The more intense your energy work, the more strain it puts on your body. Yoga was developed specifically for this purpose. Way back when, the Yogis (before they used that name) learned there was a direct connection between the quality of your physical body and the quality of your etheric body. If one cultivated only the etheric body, it would begin to take a toll on the physical one. Usually this manifests in the form of physical pain, however more serious instances like Kundalini Psychosis can occur. 

This happens when the energy travels up the spine and gets trapped in the brain. Yoga is designed to open up the channels of the body to allow energy to properly flow so it doesn’t get trapped anywhere in the body. If you are doing energy work like Kundalini Yoga or Qigong, be mindful of any headaches or light headedness. If this happens, connect your tongue to the center of the roof of your mouth as it will allow energy to flow back down into your body where it can be properly stored. 

If you already exercise regularly then great but still be mindful of what your body tells you. I have a consistent exercise routine because I am a health nut, but when I do Qigong I can still get cramping sometimes. Stretching is a big part of this as it helps energy flow more easily. Some light warm up exercises before and after, things like rotating your joints, shaking out your arms and legs or jumping jacks, all help the energy to flow more easily and not become congested.

The second half of this is diet and the biggest thing I will say is be mindful of how food makes you feel. I won’t tell you to be a vegan or never eat fast food again. I still eat meat every now and then and I love some Papa John’s pizza. However, when you become more sensitive to subtle energies in your body, it becomes much more apparent how food makes you feel. I eat minimal red meat because It usually makes me feel bloated and sluggish, although if I eat fish in reasonable quantities, I feel fine and it is a solid source of fats and proteins. This also becomes part of the discipline concept, because when I am really hungry, a Whataburger sandwich starts to look really good. However, I know how it makes me feel afterwards and I will go into a 90minute food coma after eating it. 

A great resource to explore eating healthy is How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy by Paul Chek

Benefit of Diet
Image by Silviarita


A big thing that keeps humans a part of an organization are the bonds they develop with other people. We are social creatures by nature and very few people can tolerate complete aloneness. When we develop friendships with people it makes us want to stick around, similarly, when we have friends who also have an energy work practice, it makes us more dedicated to our practice. 

That’s not to say you should get into energy work cause all the cool kids are doing it. Energy work is something you have to want to do on your own. However, it becomes a lot more fulfilling when you have people who you can talk with your experiences about, share ideas or tips, and even get together to practice with. A good friend of mine and I get together once a week to practice Qigong and it is something I look forward to.

It is the same reason people go to retreats, Yoga classes and meditation circles. The connections we build through the practice make it more fulfilling and keep us coming back on the days we don’t feel like doing it. For some it may create a sense of accountability, perhaps for others it is competition. While you shouldn’t be doing it solely for other people, it does make the experience all the more enjoyable.

Make it Fun

This is probably the biggest thing to keep people coming back. You won’t stick with your energy work for very long if it feels like a chore and you dread even 15 minutes of practice. You have to find something that is enjoyable for you. Not everyone likes to sit still and meditate. Not everyone likes to do Yoga. I personally do a lot of different stuff and I rotate what I am interested in. Most days I like to No Mind meditation and other days I want to move. Some might argue against the consistency of that, but it works for me and it keeps me engaged with my practice. 

In the beginning it may not be super enjoyable. A lot of people who are just getting into these things have to go through some growing pains, but those pass if you stick with it. Back when I started doing No Mind meditation it was hard to go five minutes. I even made the silly mistake of thinking a timer would help me (it made it worse actually). However, as I stuck with it, I naturally was able to let go and now I seldom meditate less than 20 minutes. 

All of these practices are like highways that lead to the same city. Don’t get too caught up on what seems “most effective” or do what everyone else is doing. If you find something that works for you and you stick with it, you will have the same results as everyone else. I also believe this type of thing encourages people to deepen their practice because they enjoy it so they naturally want more of it. 

These are just a few of things that have helped me in my energy work practice. I will plan on writing a part two so there are several more things I can share. However this is already longer than most articles I write. When that time comes I will make sure to provide a link.

I hope this article has helped you in some way, whether you do energy work or not. I believe everyone is on their own path and if you have gotten this far then it is knowledge you were meant to learn. Make sure to check out some of my other posts and link up with me on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. If you wanna learn something specific, check out the one-on-one lessons tab or shoot me an email and I might write an article about it.

Thanks again for reading and to all my fellows, 

May your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!