Relationships & Astrology

One of the most common things people like to use astrology for are romantic relationships. I can’t tell you how many times someone has gotten a natal chart reading from me and the next thing they ask is “well what about my partner?” Doing a chart comparison is rarely simple and to really understand the relationship you need to compare every planet in the chart with every planet in the other persons’ chart. Luckily we have computer programs that can do this for us, but I want to talk about some planets that often get overlooked when talking about relationships. 

A quick disclaimer. Just because the natal charts of two people may clash, doesn’t mean they can’t have a successful relationship. Chart comparison is simply a guide for which areas the couple may need to work on more and which areas will naturally flow. Any two people can be together if they are both willing to put in the work required of any relationship. No match is perfect.

So, when doing a chart comparison, the biggest part of it is aspecting. These are angular relationships between planets and they modify the expression of those planets. You might have read a horoscope that says “the Moon squares off with Mars today”. The “square” is the angular relationship between the two planets. Because the planets are always moving, astrologers look at the changing aspects between planets to understand what is going on.

In chart comparisons, we find aspects by comparing the placements of the planets in person A’s chart to the placement of planets in person B’s chart. Here the aspects may dictate areas where one person has more influence over the other, areas where both parties behave similarly, or areas where they clash entirely. Keep in mind this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Now that you understand chart comparison a little more, let’s move onto the planets.

Most people look at Sun sign compatibility to understand their relationships. An aries and a leo will get along because they’re both fire signs. Cancer and a pisces will do well because they are both water. However a cancer and an aries won’t get along because one is fire and the other is water; when you mix the two you get steam. While all of this is fairly true, that’s not to say that cancer and aries will never work out or that an aries and leo will always do well.

The easiest planet to look at after the Sun would be the Moon. The moon rules over your emotions and home life. It is an indicator of how you feel on the inside even though others can’t always see that. If person A has the same Moon sign as person B’s Sun sign, then this aspect creates a harmonious understanding of emotions. This enables the two people to relate to each other even if the sun signs don’t mix.

This type of aspect is called a conjunction. It happens when two planets are in the same zodiac sign and for brevity sake, I will mainly focus on this aspect. Whenever there is a conjunction, it functions as an intensifier. The all qualities of the sign will be more heavily expressed. Aspecting is a huge part of astrology, but I don’t want to get too off track.

The next planet I want to talk about is Venus, the planet of beauty and partnership. This planet when well aspected can be very favorable for friendships, business partnerships or marriage. When person A’s Sun is conjunct person B’s Venus, these two will likely enjoy the same activities and one another’s company. There is also a chance of an emotional connection between the two. While these two may not end up being romantically involved, it is likely they will be good friends. 

If A’s Moon is conjunct B’s Venus, then love is in the air! The two will share a deep emotional link and be a source of security and comfort for the other. There is a good chance they will be sexually or romantically involved, if appropriate, and if other placements are favorable, chances are it will be a lasting relationship. If the two planets are afflicted by negative aspects of other planets, the relationship may still workout but they may be prone to laziness and hedonistic tendencies. 

If the two individuals share the same Venus placement, there is also a good chance it will work out. The two will have similar tastes in art and music, likely enjoy the same activities, and have a strong attraction to one another. They will be able to provide comfort as they understand the emotional needs of the other. 

One thing worth pointing out is Venus never strays far from the Sun. The Venus placement of an individual will never be more than two signs away from their Sun sign in either direction. If someone is a Gemini Sun, their Venus placement will fall somewhere between Aries and Leo.

The last planet I want to mention is Mars. This planet rules over action, physical attraction, and aggression. While the previous planets do well for partnerships, Martian energy can be intense and short. If A’s Sun is conjunct B’s Mars, they will likely succeed in their goals, but may have severe ego conflicts. It will be important to respect each other’s freedom and independence if it is to work out. If the Moon is conjunct Mars, they will likely not get along. Person A will feel that B is too aggressive and B will feel that A is too sensitive and become irritated. In the case with Venus and Mars, the relationship is likely to be hot and steamy. There will be a strong sexual attraction despite. If other planets are favorable, then it can work well, but if not, then it could be a very toxic relationship. 

All in all, this is just a brief look at chart comparison and I am really only addressing one part of relationships. There are many different types of relationships and other planet placements may be important in certain types. This article mainly addresses friendships and possible romantic compatibility.

I hope this brief article helped with whatever rabbit hole you’re digging in right now. For more info, check out my other posts or videos and make sure to link up with me on YouTube, Instagram or Twitter! 

May your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!