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Hey everyone and welcome to my blog. I started this blog for a few reasons and I will do my best to not repeat things you can find on the “My Story” page.

Growing up I always knew I should end up working for myself. I wouldn’t say I have a problem with authority, but I believe whatever control someone has over us, we voluntarily give to them. I don’t like being controlled so most every job I have had was to fulfill a personal goal.

It got to the point where every job was just draining me and I would rarely have energy to do the things I liked and I couldn’t find a way to prioritize my lifestyle choices and work 40 hours/week being told what to do. I found that instead of doing things I was passionate about like playing violin, exercising and reading, I would binge watch TV or play a lot of video games because that’s all the mental bandwidth I had. Finally, I decided I would take the leap of faith and make everything work out for me despite what I had been told all my life by other people.

That’s where this blog comes in.

I spend a lot of time reading a lot of books most people (in my world at least) don’t give much credit to. Usually about ancient spiritual topics and practices. I believe that certain texts wouldn’t still be around today if they held no relevance. Humans aren’t stupid. If something is still present and being talk about that originated thousands of years ago it has to hold some importance. My interest lies in discovering what the people thousands of years ago meant when they talked about it, instead of the wonky game of telephone that has been played over many generations.

A big reason I am doing this publicly instead on my own is I really enjoy these conversations. Whenever I meet someone likes to talk about esoteric and metaphysical topics it brings me a lot of joy. I’m not big on talking about sports games or popular movies. I like to uncover secrets and find out how things work. I feel if I openly share knowledge that I have found, then people will be more likely to share knowledge they have found.

And just to be open and honest, it’s a way for me to make money off my passions.

So that’s pretty much it. If this type of stuff suits your fancy, I would suggest sticking around but if what I talk about is considered witchcraft or you just don’t have interest, that’s cool too. Everyone is here for a different reason and it’s not my place to put judgement.

If you do plan on sticking around though, make sure to sign up for my email list or follow me on Twitter, Instagram or YouTube to get notifications on new content.