5 Ways to Deepen Your Intuition

We have all had those moments where we get a gut feeling about a situation but we end up trusting what our mind tells us. Inevitably we find out we should have listened to that gut feeling but we didn’t because of any number of reasons. You are probably already aware of this, but that feeling is called intuition. 

In many societies around the world, we are taught to not listen to our feelings. We value “rational thought” and thinking through a problem, instead of a gut instinct. After all, how could a feeling you have about a situation be more accurate than thinking through it? As neuroscientists and psychologists dive deeper into how our body operates in the 3D, the credit we would normally give to our brain should really be given to our heart.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using your intuition and being a pragmatist, I think it is up to the individual to decide which situation warrants which tool to be used. 

First, intuition is valuable when there is not enough time to think through a situation. In volatile situations, many law enforcers or military operators need to rely on their feelings because by the time they think everything through, they could be dead. Second, the “gut feeling” response is actually your brain processing more data than you could imagine and giving you a reading on your environment. The brain works best when everything can have a numeric value and follow linear thought, but life isn’t that black and white. Your body gives you “gut feelings” as a way of processing subjective information from past experiences. Check out the book How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer. Lastly, Intuition is fundamental in expanding our consciousness. If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely you are interested in metaphysical topics. Intuition is key in developing psychic abilities like clairvoyance and claircognizance which are dependent on sensitizing yourself to subtle energies in your environment. 

Here are a few ways to develop or deepen your intuition:

No-Mind Meditation

You probably saw this one coming, and if you aren’t already practicing meditation daily, here is another reason to start. In my opinion, the biggest benefit of meditation is it stops the background noise. We have thousands of thoughts a day. Deepak Chopra conducted a study and estimated we have about 60,000 thoughts a day, and 90% of those thoughts we had yesterday. Our minds are like a television that’s left on. You may go to another room, but when it’s quiet you can still hear the commercials playing. 

No-Mind meditation focuses on bringing the mind to a point of stillness yet still remaining conscious of your surroundings. This might sound very similar to mindfulness, however, I would say the biggest difference is No-Mind focuses on detachment. If I have a thought, I practice not judging the thought or start thinking about the thought I had. You will actually learn to identify your working mind because you’ll be able to draw a line back through the thoughts you’ve had and which part of it is the connection point between ideas. 

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Trust Yourself

I believe a big part of making your intuition work is giving it opportunities to shine. If I am ever unsure about a situation or decision and I don’t have much information, I will usually go with whatever one “feels right”. In the past, I would flip a coin, heads for option A and tails for option B. If it came up heads, but I had a sinking feeling because of it, I knew my intuition was really going for option B. It sounds silly but tricks like these can help reduce our uncertainty about trusting our gut.

Another tactic that works really well is playing mystery games like Clue or Among Us. Games like these function off of minimal information. It is up to the play to connect dots that seemingly have no connection. Your body will learn to pick up on subtle cues which hold vast amounts of information.

Energy work
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Energy Practice

Developing an energy practice inherently involves sensitizing the body to subtle energies. Taking up a practice like Qigong, Yoga, T’ai Chi or Pranic Breathing teaches you to work with your body’s chakra system. Not only will it unblock the flow of energy within your own body, but some exercises directly focus on sensitizing you to the energy flowing around you. 

There are many benefits to developing an energy practice that go beyond increased intuition. You will become healthier, feel better and have more energy to live your life. It may resolve emotional issues and deepen your sense of fulfillment in this lifetime.

I do want to make a note of caution with this one. Many of us live our lives with energy blocks. It is a reason we can stay up late playing video games, gorge ourselves on junk food, and engage in generally unhealthy habits. If you decide to unblock your own energy flow but continue to engage in unhealthy habits you will likely have a wide array of negative emotions. This is because you are becoming more aware of how you are damaging your body and pain is a way of stopping unhealthy behavior. It is best to find a teacher to work with when first starting. They will be able to guide and support you if this occurs.

Practice Divination

If your spiritual beliefs allow divination, this is another great way to deepen your intuition. Learning to read Tarot cards, cast Numerology charts or other tools like I Ching and Rune Casting all develop your sense of intuition. This is partially because they teach you to read and interpret symbols. In charting, you will have to draw conclusions based on symbolic relationships. In tarot draws, you will have to interpret meaning based on pictures, dominate colors, the type of cards drawn and the nature of the question being asked.

In addition, these types of practices will help you become more conscious of your life and habits. If you find there is a certain feeling or question which keeps coming up, perhaps there is more going on that you’re not listening to. It can be a great way to not only improve your intuition but also guide you on your path. 


Mindfulness is something we can partake in at any time of the day. It involves becoming present in your body and your surroundings. By doing this we become more aware of what our body is telling us. Likewise, when we become grounded in the present moment, we are able to take in more information from our surroundings. You may have never noticed certain things because you were too much in your head. This gives our body a greater number of “data points” when it is analyzing future situations. 

Mindfulness also helps us have a sense of peace and wellbeing. If we have developed trauma, we may be running subconscious programs which are dictating what we focus on in our surroundings. We may be living in a high stress state of mind without even realizing. If these programs are strong enough, it may even turn our intuition against us becoming paranoia. It would be like having a hyper sensitive fire alarm that goes off everytime you’re in the kitchen. Mindfulness (and No-Mind) can both work to alleviate the trapped emotions of our past experiences. And doing this won’t just improve your meditation!

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To all my fellow seekers, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!