Sexual Transmutation: The Basics

For many young males, November is the start of sexual disciplining practice (whether they realize it or not). The idea of “No Nut November” started around 2011 as an internet challenge encouraging men to not masturbate for 30 days during the month of November. What started as a joke, turned into a popular fad for young males. Ironically, sexual discipline has been written about in nearly every ancient culture and spiritual practice around the world. No Nut November is perhaps a resurgence of this knowledge into the conscious mind.

While the practice of No Nut November (NNN) is primarily targeted towards males, the principles of sexual discipline can benefit any females reading this article. There are many health benefits related to sexual transmutation in addition to being a spiritual practice.

In ancient times, the practice of sex was very sacred and held many more repercussions than it does today. A large portion of women would die during childbirth and depending on the time of year, carrying a child could put significant strain on the woman. In more spiritually advanced cultures, the people also understood the divine union taking place during sex and with the occurrence of an orgasm. 

Not that it kept civilizations from using contraceptives. Birth control practices and abortions date back as far as 1850 B.C. from what we can gather. A variety of plants or less effective forms of condoms were made. In many cases these were ineffective. Abortion methods often had some level of risk involved as they were design to induce a miscarriage. 

The difference between then and now isn’t as big as some may think and like today, only a select few on a spiritual path ever seek sexual transmutation. Here’s why.


As spiritual beings, we come into this incarnation to experience duality. One of the biggest dualities we experience is spirit and body. We have the higher self/soul/superego on one hand, and on the other we have animal instinct/id on the other. When walking a spiritual path, this internal battle will arise time and time again.

Whenever we engage in a practice which inherently goes against the animal instincts of the body, we are disassociating with that part of our “self”. A dog will never choose to miss a meal for the purpose of spiritual growth. The dog sees its entire being as “the dog”. As humans, we have the ability of mind over matter. We can make the decisions to not eat, partake in sex, and consciously overcome our fears. All of these function as ways of disassociating with the finite lifespan of the physical body.

When we choose to abstain from sex for a period of time, we are consciously making the decisions to disassociate from the physical body. As a result we identify more with the spiritual body. We become less bound by the needs of our body and gain the capacity to make decisions from the perspective of soul.

Cultivation of Energy

When a human abstains from sex, they will naturally accumulate energy in their body. The Taoists write about the three Dan T’ian fires. They are generators of energy within the body and each serves a purpose. The Lower Dan T’ian fire sits in the same place as the Sacral Chakra from Yogic traditions. It is responsible for generating energy within the body. If it is depleted too often by sexual orgasms, the body must draw upon the Door of Life for energy. This area is connected to the adrenal glands and the kidneys. 

This is very important, specifically for men, as each ejaculation releases an incredible amount of energy. It contains the power to create life and consciousness. A man who ejaculates too frequently will have to draw on his energy reserves (door of life) and is likely to experience fatigue, irritability, and a weakness of spirit as he too frequently is releasing his own life energy. 

For women the process is a little bit different. Menstruation releases energy and would be equivocal to the ejaculation of a man. Because of this, women aren’t able to build up as much energy as man would, but they are also not as heavily depleted from intercourse as a man is (we all know the joke of men falling asleep after sex). What this means for women is they are naturally more intune with the cycles of their body. However, excessive orgasm can still drain energy from the kidneys.

Health Benefits

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding sexual behavior. My personal philosophy is balance and pragmatism so I will do my best to address both sides.

On one hand, if an individual cultivates too much sexual energy in their body without ever releasing, it can be damaging. In western science this has been connected to prostate cancer for men. A less serious and more common example would be increased stress and overactive sexual thoughts. This is a result of the energy building up yet remain stagnant.

On the other hand, something I have found only to be addressed in spiritual traditions, is the use of sexual energy to replenish and heal the body. When sexual energy is transmuted and moved up through the body through exercises like Qigong or Yoga, it will nourish the cells of that organ. Everything is connected to a field of energy and the process of living draws energy from this field. Some things take more energy, some take less, regardless, sexual transmutation restores the energy in this field. When there is a positive surplus of energy, the individual will feel vitality and energetic. 

The key difference being, illness can be brought about with stagnation of energy where health can be brought about with motion and circulation of energy. 

Spiritual Connection

The last thing I want to touch on is the necessity of sexual energy in the rising of kundalini energy. Kundalini energy is the name I will use, however, it has been known as The Sleeping Dragon in Taoism and The Descent of the Holy Spirit in Christianity. What is important to know is your sexual energy is required to move kundalini energy up the spine. The sexual energy acts as the driving force behind the rising of energy and if it is too frequently depleted, there will be less to move upward.

The practice of celibacy originated from this knowledge. Over time it has been distorted into being associated with hyper rigid religious views. Most people are also unaware of its purpose and if they engage in it, it is likely because of the shame they received from others. However, many monastic traditions practice celibacy. These practices are found around the world. It is not inherent to any one religion.

Unfortunately, the amount needed is fairly ambiguous. It varies depending on the stage of life, as well as the individual’s physical constitution; some people inherit more energy from their parents. I believe the best practice to simply be diligent. Temporarily abstaining from intercourse will allow the energy to accumulate and with proper transmutation exercises, the energy will have an opportunity to rise. 

It’s also important to know the rising of kundalini energy and spiritual experiences are related but not the same. It is possible to have spiritual experiences and not have the kundalini energy rise a significant portion. Kundalini energy is a very specific type of connection to divine oneness and deserves an article all its own. 

This is all I care to touch on for now. Sexual transmutation and discipline are very valuable things to know and very extensive. I plan to elaborate with more articles in the future. 

Please know I am not preaching abstinence in this article. I simply believe people should have as much information as possible to make their decisions off of. If you are called to walk a spiritual path, know that many aspects of our world are the exact opposite of what you are seeking or have been brought up to know. In many ways, it has always been like that.

Whatever path you walk, I support you every step of the way!

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May your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!