Requisites of Resilience

The last several weeks have been quite difficult for me. As a result, I have not been writing articles. Now that I am through the experience, I am able to reflect on it and gain insight to my behavior and the spiritual implications. So I found it fitting that my returning article should be about resiliency. What is it? How does one develop it? What does it mean on our spiritual journey?

What does it mean to be “resilient”?

The short answer is “to keep moving forward when the situation becomes difficult”, but really it is so much more than that. If we push forward without awareness then chances are we will end up exhausted and still not have reached our goals. It is an illusion to think someone can work towards their goals all hours of the day and never take any breaks. 

In some cases, the individual is truly immersed in their passion, in which case they will be revitalized, but eventually everyone takes a break. Whether it be relaxing on the weekends, taking a vacation or daily meditation. Our bodies and mind need to have rest. Everyone has different levels of energy and how much they can commit to a task. The first part of being resilient is learning when you need to be gentle with yourself and rest.

Moving forward with our plans, we often feel blindsided when something unexpected happens. Everyone handles these situations differently. If you are anything like me (I’m looking at you, fellow Earth signs) then you enjoy life to stick to the schedule you set up. There are also people who see the unexpected as opportunities. Unfortunately for some, the latter perspective is more in line with how life works. If everything in life followed a routine then it would undoubtedly become boring and predictable. Even for those of us who like those things. 

So then, the second part of resiliency is adaptability. Things will not go our way more often than they will, so be grateful when it all goes according to plan. Learning to bend to circumstances but break under them is what allows us to keep moving forward or bounce back quicker than most. Some things in life just plain suck, but seeing the silver lining in those events helps us to become grateful more quickly. 

Of course, it’s easier to type that on a blog and than practice it in real life. My suggestion is to practice a reversal of perspective. Whenever something “bad” happens, ask yourself: “How could this be good?” “What blessings am I not focusing on?” “When I get through this situation, how will I look back on it?” These can help you shift your perspective. 

Finally, there is the action step of being resilient: charging ahead. Life will test you. It’s not because the universe is conspiring against you or because someone woke up and decided they were going to specifically make your life hell. Although, it may feel like that sometimes. 

In actuality, these types of situations are pushing us to new heights. We may be wanting to do something but not feel capable or are too comfortable with where we’re at. Then something drastic happens and changes our situation. We are forced out of our comfort zone because we had been unwilling to go there ourselves. It’s like your mom ripping off the bed sheets so you can go to school. It doesn’t mean you are unable to set an alarm and wake up yourself, but it does make the situation more shocking and uncomfortable. Regardless, you’re awake now and have to get ready for school. 

When there is no safety net. No plan B. No way to escape. It summons a strength in us like no other. We become capable of charging headlong towards our goals. We are put in a position to look at what we really want in life.

These tests can be some of the most crucial as they have the ability to sculpt our self image. If we return to our comfort zone, like crawling back into bed, we only postpone the inevitable. We still have to go to school. We increase the chances of being late and we have an even more pissed off mother to deal with. If we do this enough times, our grades will suffer and we may not feel capable of graduating. However, if we meet life where life is, like waking up on time. Things will run more smoothly. Our mother won’t rip the sheets off because we set an alarm. We don’t feel stressed because we have plenty of time to complete our morning routine. We will be more successful in school because we’re properly prepared to meet the challenges of the day. 

The tricky part is learning which quality of resilience is the right one for the current situation. If we charge ahead when we should be resting, we will burn ourselves out. Sometimes we need to charge ahead regardless of the circumstances. Sometimes the circumstances are stronger than us and if we don’t adapt to them we will break under the pressure. It’s something that changes with each person, in each situation.

One thing is for certain. If you develop your inner resilience, things will get back to being “good”. A close friend of mine always says “life gives us lessons and blessin’s”. One of them we can appreciate and enjoy. The other one you’re going to learn from whether you want to or not. What I’ve come to find out is the lessons become the blessings. The more I learn about life and stay open to the experience, the more blessings I realize I already have. 

You see, life is all about seeing what is already there. It is programmed in us that a “blessing” is a new car, new house, or new relationship. In reality, blessings all come from a state of mind. A poor man can be grateful for a pair of shoes and a rich man can be upset he doesn’t have enough closet space. How I look at my life determines what is a blessing and what isn’t.

To wrap up the article, I want to say thank you to my readers. I hope you had a happy holiday season and I wish you best of luck in 2021. I am in the process of finally releasing videos on the website and Youtube so be on the lookout for those.

As always, if you want a private lesson in the metaphysical, check out my book-a-lesson tab or just shoot me an email from the contact page and we will work something out. I’ve gotten exhausted with the formalities recently.

To all my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!