How to Use Moon Cycles for Shadow Work

In honor of the Full Moon later this week and the workshop I hosted this past Sunday on Lunar Cycles, this week we are diving into the mysticism surrounding the Moon!

The Moon is revered by many ancient cultures. Only monotheistic religions do not represent a moon goddess. This article touches on various connections the Moon has to astrology, but also to our daily lives and energetic states.

The Moon is the Divine Feminine

Many ancient cultures, and even some modern ones, worship the Moon as a symbol of the Divine Feminine. There are many connections between the Moon and the feminine. One of the major connections is its influences on a woman’s menstruation cycle. Each of the four major moon phases (New, Waxing, Waning, and Full) are expressed as stage of menstruation. It is not uncommon for women in proper hormonal balance to have their cycle connect to the lunar cycle within a few days. 

This is further extended in the Wiccan representation of The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone. She is essentially a goddess with three forms. Each form makes a connection to feminine archetypes.

The Maiden is an expression of the New Moon. She is innocent, pure and blossoming into womanhood. We could liken her to qualities of Virgo, who is a representation of purity. The second phase is The Mother and represents the nurturing qualities of women. She is connected to the full moon and is depicted as a pregnant woman. The rulership of the Moon belongs to Cancer, another representation of the nurturing feminine.

Lastly, we have The Crone, who represents the intuitive and wise feminine energy. She is connected to the waning moon phase and is nearing the end of life. She will be reborn again in the new moon phase and the cycle will start anew. Scorpio represents this process of rebirthing.

The Moon and the Mind

In astrology, the Moon influences our emotional states. By extension of our holistic existence, these emotions can also influence how we think. Have you ever been triggered by an event which made you upset, then you started to have angry thoughts because of it? Then your angry thoughts made you feel more upset? This is just one way of how our emotions influences our mind.

Going deeper, the Moon impacts our subconscious mind. This is where the mythology of the werewolf and even the word ‘lunatic’ comes from. The etymology of lunatic literally means to be ‘moon sick’ or ‘a sickness which is influenced by the stages of the moon’.

During a Full Moon, the consciousness enhancing qualities of the Sun affect our subconscious mind. This results in an expression of our shadow self, also commonly associated with our lower desires. The symbol of a man turning into an animal is representative of the higher mind succumbing to the desires of the animal body. In pretty much every werewolf story, all they do under a full moon is ravenously eat and/or kill.

If you ask a first responder what is the busiest day of the month for them, they will almost universally respond “the night of a full moon”. This connection between our animal nature and the influence of the moon is eye opening. Humans will not literally turn into a hairy beast. Acting in ways which serve our ego is much more likely.

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Integrating Lunar Energy

In light of everything mentioned, the Moon brings an amazing opportunity for growth. The Moon changes zodiac signs roughly every 2 ½ days. Which means we are constantly integrating emotional states and experiences. Water moons feel emotions more deeply. Airs moons often need to intellectualize their emotions. Fire moons react impulsively and Earth moons are calm and stable.

In a natal chart, each zodiac sign rules a house. The transiting Moon sign tells us which house it is in. This house tells us the area of life which the Moon is impacting. Be mindful of the exact degree of the Moon. Many houses start partially in one sign. This means you’re likely to have two signs in a house.

By observing our day to day emotional states, we begin to gain an awareness of ourselves we may have previously missed out on. Only if we keep our eyes open to it though.

To be Conscious or Not to be Conscious?

Over an extended period of time, this process happens whether we want it to or not. Every 2 ½ years we are alive, our Moon sign changes as seen through a Secondary Progression. A secondary progression represents our psyche evolving from life experiences. We have the ability to resist this process by engaging in activities which promote unconscious living. Although, in my experience, an individual is able to play ‘catch up’ if they truly wish to do so.

At the time of our Saturn Return, we are also having our Progressed Lunar Return. This means we have lived through all of the zodiac sign moon placements. During a Saturn Return and Progressed Lunar Return, individuals universally feel more ‘adult’. The connection to feeling more emotionally mature is a result of the PLR. Whereas feeling more certain of your direction in life is a result of the Saturn Return. Astrology would argue, you’re not really an adult until you have experienced all the moon placements.

With the shift in moon placements, people tend to prioritize different things in their life. The baseline of their understanding would be their natal moon placement of course. A natal water might feel more “off” during an air sign.

During their time in a fire progression, they will desire to exert their will in the world and seem more ego driven. During a water progression, they will care more about the feelings events or people create rather than objective criteria. In addition, Air progressions tend to seek new experiences and opportunities for expansion. Earth progressions are about consolidation of resources for the future.

Closing Remarks

The Moon is the most active celestial body in astrology. It is constantly changing signs and because of this, it is our biggest ally in uncovering our shadow. Learning how to work with the Moon takes consistency and the willingness to be uncomfortable. Although, working one-on-one with an astrologer can make the process a lot easier!

Most often, this we use a secondary progression for this work. You can book your appoint here. Wherever you are in your path, I wish you the best luck and I am certain in your success!

To my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


Tools of The Spirit

Within the past few decades, there has been an explosion of books, videos, speakers and research articles surrounding every aspect of what we know as the broad umbrella of “metaphysics”. Science is now backing up the benefits of what yogis, mystics, shamans and other spiritual teachers have been saying for centuries. The “spiritual path” as people call it, is becoming mainstream and I believe this to be a very good thing. 

However, something I have also noticed is an increase in spiritual superiority, or a term I think is more fun to say, hippie-crit. Zach Alexander calls it spiritual bypassing and some other individuals like Teal Swan have also discussed this occurrence. What it comes down to is individuals using their spiritual connection or metaphysical knowledge to promote basic egoic needs for reputation, superiority and exhalation over others. 

I am writing this article to share some of my spiritual philosphoies. If you choose to adopt them, or maybe you already practice them, then it should be by your own reflection on what I have to say. My opinions and thoughts are purely to help others reflect on their own. 

I also want to make clear I am not trying to knock anyone or anything. I think the fact people are becoming more engaged with spirit is a generally good thing and everyone starts their journey from a different place. However, I want my readers to be conscious, and consider the difference between applying metaphysics and practicing spiritual principles.

Let’s dive into it.

It is my belief that metaphysics is like a tool and spirituality is like the tool user. A knife can be used to prepare a meal for your family but it can also be used to harm another individual. The knife is objective in its purpose and function. Ultimately, it is the person using the knife who decides how it is going to be used. 

When we engage with any facet of metaphysics, whether it be kundalini yoga, no-mind meditation, magick or any of the other hundred forms, we are learning to use the “tools” of spiritual development. By learning to use the tools we also learn about ourselves and one would hope we become more conscious about how thoughts and behaviors. However, our Ego is always adapting. This is why it is a lifelong journey.

I think just having minimal engagement with these things can be very beneficial and because of that, I see a lot of people stop shortly after getting started. Maybe they continue the practices they already have like doing yoga three times a week, but that offers diminishing returns of depth or expansion. Just like in school, you don’t finish Algebra One then take Algebra One next year to make sure you really know the quadratic equation. No, you go on to Algebra Two and expand your knowledge of the study while still going back and using what you already learned.

Image by Okan Caliskan

Spiritual growth is the same way.

All too frequently I see people use their knowledge of the tools as a means of spiritual superiority. It becomes a scapegoat for saying “I am better than you because….” and what was a tool for Spirit becomes a tool for Ego. A lot of times, people don’t even know they are doing it. It often is shown in the energy someone has, how they carry themselves, the way they talk. Not everyone notices these things, but I believe those of us who are attuned to subtle energies can likely think of a time they noticed this. 

This is not to say these qualities aren’t human. We all want to be respected by our peers and regardless of where we are on the path, the truth is everyone falls back into old behaviors. There is even a story in the bible of Jesus throwing tables and kicking people out of the temple (Matthew 21:12-13), but we can’t do anything about the behavior without reflection and admission.

For me the process looks like this. I first need to reflect on which behaviors may have caused harm to others, physical, mental, emotional or other. Then I reflect on how I would rather have acted in that situation. Finally, I need to admit myself I am still human and it might be awhile before I walk on water. I can’t speak for how anyone else grows spiritually. I can only share what has worked for me to bring me peace of mind and connectedness. 

For me, the essence of spirituality comes down to how we treat others. The people I get along with are blessings. The people that make me want to pull my hair out are the lessons. Patience and tolerance with others is a huge part of my spiritual growth. I could levitate six inches off the ground meditating in the mountains but what good does that do me if I am shouting and swearing at others as soon as I’m stuck in 5 o’clock traffic?

I believe every person has to figure out for themselves how they wish to live their lives. It is more than okay to admit I have behaviors or principles I don’t want to change. I believe coming conscious of those is what gives someone stability and direction in their own life. If I do that then at least I’m not acting from someone else’s influence. 

I hope this article has provided you with some veins of thought or ideas to reflect on in your own life. As the late Ram Dass says, “We’re all just walking each other home”. If you found the article helpful make sure to like and share it with others. Also make sure to connect with me on social media to get updates on new content.

May your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


The How and Why of Astrology

In today’s world, a lot of people discredit Astrology as hocus-pocus or charlatanism. After all, why would the location of Saturn which is 854 million miles away have anything to do with me?! Well, the answer to this question may or may not be as complex as you’re expecting.

When we look at the universe by Newtonian Laws, which are the traditional laws of physics, we would likely all agree there is minimal or no influence. From this perspective, particles can only travel so far before they stop moving because they constantly bump into other objects. This is what we call friction and is a characteristic of the Third Spatial Dimension.

However, if we look at this question from the perspective of Universal Wave Function, then we can see the distance the other planets are from us does not hold as much importance. This theory states that everything takes place in the form of a wavelength and everything in the universe is vibrating. In fact, matter is just an extremely slow and dense vibration that causes it to appear “stationary” in the third dimension. 

For example, I can still pick up a rock and throw it, but shining a flashlight on it won’t cause the rock to move. My body is of a similar wavelength to interact with the rock, however the light is a much faster vibration. This causes the light to simply “move” through the rock. If the rock has holes then the light will easily pass through to the other side but my finger might not fit. Large bodies like planets have very strong fields of energy which are not being slowed by fiction.

Another important part of understanding this question is knowing these wavelengths are constantly vibrating. Just like the Sun is always beaming light at the planet, these wavelengths are always hitting our planet. It would be nearly impossible for someone born on Earth to not have the energetic imprint of the planets on their psyche, however some planets hold more influence for certain people. These energies are always present and the biggest difference in them is their expression

Now let’s talk about the astrology. 


Each of the planets holds an energetic signature which is representative of psychological archetypes. Since I already mentioned Saturn I will continue on that vein of thought. An archetype of this planet is the Law-Maker. Saturn represents order, structure, and organization. It seeks to build discipline and perseverance. It requires certain rules to be followed and this is all for the betterment of the individual and whole. It is the school of hard knocks, and if need be, it will dish out a little punishment. 

Each of the zodiac constellations represents an expression of this archetype. Sometimes a cop pulls you over and he lets you off with a warning. Sometimes a cop pulls you over and on top of giving you a ticket for being 5 over, he also brings up the unpaid parking ticket you forgot about. Each zodiac sign is like a marker on a map telling us how this archetype is being expressed. 

Some people in life seem to skirt by the rules and we feel as if they could get away with murder. Some of us seem to have any and every obstacle pop up in life despite how hard we try. And still, most of us fall in the middle, learning the lessons of life and building strength of character along the way. Each of these are examples of the prominence, or degree of influence, Saturn may hold in a person’s life.

Now let’s tie it all together.

As was mentioned earlier with universal wave function, everything has a wavelength. So too, our consciousness is expressed in the form of wavelengths. So much so that even our different states of thinking have different wavelengths associated with them. When I am physically active in my environment I am functioning in Beta Wavelength. If I am feeling relaxed and watching TV then I am likely in Alpha wavelength. The full spectrum of brain function from fastest to shortest is Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta.

This is where the wavelength of the stars merge with the wavelength of our soul.

When we first leave the womb, the energetic qualities of the stars become imprinted on our soul like a carnival stamp. At the beginning of our life we are more likely to be acting unconscious and display the energies we have been stamped with. As we age, the hope is we become more aware of ourselves and behaviors and can then choose how we wish to act. By the end of our life we may only display a portion of the qualities we had but we still carry the experience of our life. Thus the carnival stamp is faded, but we know which rides we like and don’t like.

However, for this type of change to take place it is important we become aware of our behaviors. I can’t expect to solve a problem if I don’t first know there is a problem. Likewise, I can’t choose which behaviors are good if I am not reflecting on those behaviors. A flamboyant Aries in his 20s may still act like a flamboyant Aries in his 60s. The difference would likely be when, where, and with whom, he chooses to be the center of attention. Although, maturity looks a little different for everyone.

In summary, astrology influences us because it is a projection of energetic signals. Each planet holds an energetic signature that can be expressed in different ways and even though we grow and change in life, some qualities always stay with us.

To truly understand how astrology influences someone, it is important to look at the whole natal chart, not just the Sun Sign. Only then are we able to get an understanding of what energetic signatures have been imprinted on their psyche during this incarnation. 

I hope this brief article helped with whatever rabbit hole you’re digging in right now. For more info, check out my other posts or videos and make sure to link up with me on YouTube, Instagram or Twitter!

May your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!