The How and Why of Astrology

In today’s world, a lot of people discredit Astrology as hocus-pocus or charlatanism. After all, why would the location of Saturn which is 854 million miles away have anything to do with me?! Well, the answer to this question may or may not be as complex as you’re expecting.

When we look at the universe by Newtonian Laws, which are the traditional laws of physics, we would likely all agree there is minimal or no influence. From this perspective, particles can only travel so far before they stop moving because they constantly bump into other objects. This is what we call friction and is a characteristic of the Third Spatial Dimension.

However, if we look at this question from the perspective of Universal Wave Function, then we can see the distance the other planets are from us does not hold as much importance. This theory states that everything takes place in the form of a wavelength and everything in the universe is vibrating. In fact, matter is just an extremely slow and dense vibration that causes it to appear “stationary” in the third dimension. 

For example, I can still pick up a rock and throw it, but shining a flashlight on it won’t cause the rock to move. My body is of a similar wavelength to interact with the rock, however the light is a much faster vibration. This causes the light to simply “move” through the rock. If the rock has holes then the light will easily pass through to the other side but my finger might not fit. Large bodies like planets have very strong fields of energy which are not being slowed by fiction.

Another important part of understanding this question is knowing these wavelengths are constantly vibrating. Just like the Sun is always beaming light at the planet, these wavelengths are always hitting our planet. It would be nearly impossible for someone born on Earth to not have the energetic imprint of the planets on their psyche, however some planets hold more influence for certain people. These energies are always present and the biggest difference in them is their expression

Now let’s talk about the astrology. 


Each of the planets holds an energetic signature which is representative of psychological archetypes. Since I already mentioned Saturn I will continue on that vein of thought. An archetype of this planet is the Law-Maker. Saturn represents order, structure, and organization. It seeks to build discipline and perseverance. It requires certain rules to be followed and this is all for the betterment of the individual and whole. It is the school of hard knocks, and if need be, it will dish out a little punishment. 

Each of the zodiac constellations represents an expression of this archetype. Sometimes a cop pulls you over and he lets you off with a warning. Sometimes a cop pulls you over and on top of giving you a ticket for being 5 over, he also brings up the unpaid parking ticket you forgot about. Each zodiac sign is like a marker on a map telling us how this archetype is being expressed. 

Some people in life seem to skirt by the rules and we feel as if they could get away with murder. Some of us seem to have any and every obstacle pop up in life despite how hard we try. And still, most of us fall in the middle, learning the lessons of life and building strength of character along the way. Each of these are examples of the prominence, or degree of influence, Saturn may hold in a person’s life.

Now let’s tie it all together.

As was mentioned earlier with universal wave function, everything has a wavelength. So too, our consciousness is expressed in the form of wavelengths. So much so that even our different states of thinking have different wavelengths associated with them. When I am physically active in my environment I am functioning in Beta Wavelength. If I am feeling relaxed and watching TV then I am likely in Alpha wavelength. The full spectrum of brain function from fastest to shortest is Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta.

This is where the wavelength of the stars merge with the wavelength of our soul.

When we first leave the womb, the energetic qualities of the stars become imprinted on our soul like a carnival stamp. At the beginning of our life we are more likely to be acting unconscious and display the energies we have been stamped with. As we age, the hope is we become more aware of ourselves and behaviors and can then choose how we wish to act. By the end of our life we may only display a portion of the qualities we had but we still carry the experience of our life. Thus the carnival stamp is faded, but we know which rides we like and don’t like.

However, for this type of change to take place it is important we become aware of our behaviors. I can’t expect to solve a problem if I don’t first know there is a problem. Likewise, I can’t choose which behaviors are good if I am not reflecting on those behaviors. A flamboyant Aries in his 20s may still act like a flamboyant Aries in his 60s. The difference would likely be when, where, and with whom, he chooses to be the center of attention. Although, maturity looks a little different for everyone.

In summary, astrology influences us because it is a projection of energetic signals. Each planet holds an energetic signature that can be expressed in different ways and even though we grow and change in life, some qualities always stay with us.

To truly understand how astrology influences someone, it is important to look at the whole natal chart, not just the Sun Sign. Only then are we able to get an understanding of what energetic signatures have been imprinted on their psyche during this incarnation. 

I hope this brief article helped with whatever rabbit hole you’re digging in right now. For more info, check out my other posts or videos and make sure to link up with me on YouTube, Instagram or Twitter!

May your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!