Scorpio & Orion, Zodiacal Mythology

In honor of the Scorpio season which started very recently, this week’s article will be about the mythology of Scorpio! Ironically, the origin of Scorpio doesn’t involve much of the Scorpion. The primary focus of the story is Orion and his battle with the Scorpion.

Orion and Scorpio

Orion is considered to be the greatest hunter, just short of the Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis. Many of the stories suggest he is the son of Poseidon who blessed him with great strength and prowess. As a result of his skill, he would often boast about his accomplishments to other gods. In addition, the goddess Eos fell in love with Orion, only increasing the number of things to boast about. Personally, this story paints the image of a football quarterback for me.

Eventually, Orion’s behavior was too much for the other gods to handle. This is where the story diverges a little. In one telling of the story, Apollo (brother of Artemis) and Gaia (mother of earth) plan to have Orion killed for saying he will kill every animal on the planet. In another telling, Hera has Orion killed because of his rude behavior towards her. Either way, this is where Scorpio enters the story.

Scorpio is a giant, poisonous scorpion. He was created for the sole purpose of fighting Orion. Being the great hunter he is, Orion is actually able to kill Scorpio but the poison from its sting kills him after the fact. Feeling sad for the death of his nephew, as well as recognizing the effort of Scorpio, Zeus places both of them in the sky as constellations. However, he put him 180 degrees apart so they wouldn’t continue fighting. This makes Scorpio visible during the fall/winter and Orion visible during spring/summer.

Lessons from Scorpio

This is one of the shorter stories but there is still a lot of substance. Despite Scorpio being the zodiac sign, it is really Orion who symbolizes the qualities of Scorpio. Enchanting a goddess, stealthily hunting prey and soaring to great heights are incredibly scorpionic.

The first of these, enchanting Eos, is symbolic of the sexual energy bestowed upon Scorpio placements. Anyone who is familiar with astrology knows Scorpio is considered to be magnetically attractive. This is because of the natural rulership of the 8th house which relates to sex. It is very rare for any of the goddesses to be swooned by another. Even Zeus who represents the divine masculine often ends up with mortal women. Infatuating a goddess is a sure marker for potent sexual energy.

The connection to being a hunter signifies another aspect of Scorpio: Secrecy. Hunting is not a matter of beating your chest and appearing stronger. It requires stealth, subtle movements and concentration. Scorpio is known for its ability to deceive others. This is rarely counted in their favor, but it does serve them in achieving their goals.

The last of these, wanting to kill every animal, is symbolic of their ambition and tendency towards destruction. Scorpios are drawn to power because of their modern ruler, Pluto. This is also what connects them to death because to create something new something old must be destroyed. I believe the desire to kill every animal is very symbolic of these potent energies. It would actually be counterproductive for a hunter to kill every animal. Which tells us this is a part of their darker ambitions than an actual desire to do harm to others.

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Image by Gordon Johnson

Orion and Mars

The symbols in this story also allude to Scorpios traditional ruler, Mars. Mars is the fighting spirit of an individual. Mars shows how one takes action, asserts their will on others, deals with confrontation and moves towards their goals. Orion expresses Martian energy at every turn in the story. He is an incredibly ambitious hunter. Hunting for him is not sport but also a way to show his status within Olympus. Even more, there is already a Goddess of the Hunt. It’s a clear example of someone trying to one-up another person solely for their own ego.

With that, there is a lot of ego surrounding Orion’s behavior. He constantly starts fights with other gods, brags about how great he is, and does things simply for the praise from others. The Sun represents the ego, but Mars is often responsible for conflicts resulting from ego. 

Ultimately, his own behavior is what brought his fall. If Orion was less concerned with proving he was better than others, he likely would not have been killed by Scorpio. This presents Scorpio as death, the great equalizer. No matter how great we are in life, everyone dies. Our actions can either support life or cause us to come to a quick demise. This theme of “being knocked down a peg” relates to Scorpio as the sign is often caught in power struggles with others. 

Ending the Cycle

The main theme of Scorpio is reincarnation. Fortunately, the more our souls live through this cycle, the more we seem to get exhausted by it. This is why “old souls” tend to turn towards spirituality as a way to remove their karma and be at peace with the world. Astrology is the key to understanding our karma and aids us in our journey of self healing. The first step is to become aware of ourselves so we know what needs to be addressed.

This is where hiring a personal astrologer comes in handy! Knowing how to read and interpret natal charts is more than just googling your signs. It takes experience and knowledge of many different working parts. As an astrologer, I always work to make my services of use to people who are truly dedicated to healing. Check out my Services tab for my current offers. I hope you enjoy a very spooky Halloween and I look forward to speaking with you!

To my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


Retrograde Planets and Your Karma

At the time of this article being written, there are five major planets in retrograde (Rx) with a 6th (Mercury) preparing to enter very soon. So I want to take a moment to explain how retrogrades manifest differently in the natal chart than in transit.

First, to clarify how they function in transits. A retrograde transit is an opportunity to release accumulated karma. The energy of the planet is directed inward, towards self relation, rather than outward towards expansion. The reason people feel off during a retrograde is largely because our culture does not take the opportunity to dig up our past. 

There is an attitude of, “what’s done is done”. In some cases this is true and is a good mindset to have but, not in the case of karma. It literally will keep showing up again and again until it has been “corrected” for lack of a better term. 

If you desire to know more after reading this article, a great book which dives deep into Retrogrades is Karmic Astrology: Retrogrades and Reincarnations by Martin Schulman.

Retrogrades in the Natal Chart

Would you be surprised to hear me say it was karmic? When an individual is born with a retrograde planet, and most individuals have at least one, it is tied to their past life karma. The karmic lesson is connected to whichever planets are Rx at time of birth. 

Now don’t go around flaunting your singular Rx planet thinking it means you’re holier than the person with three or four. It just means in this lifetime you are focusing on whatever lessons are associated with that planet. It’s possible you have more karma associated with that area of life. Because of that, your soul choose to devote a whole lifetime to focusing entirely on those karma lessons.

For example, if your Venus is in Rx. It’s likely you mishandled a romantic or business relationship in a past life. The emphasis on this life is to work through whatever was unresolved. The specific karmic act could be anything under the sun. Since you are born with no past life knowledge, you get the joy of a total makeover.

There are many energetic qualities that manifest with an Rx planet. Extending the Venus example, this individual is going to experience constricted sexual expression. They will feel less open in relationships and tend to get hung up on one person for a long time. On average they have fewer romantic partnerships. Men especially are less likely to sleep around and be more devoted to a single partner. Venus Rx tends to make all relationships more serious when in the natal chart. This is because of how the mental state shifts. 

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Image by Gordon Johnson

Energetic Shifts in Retrograde

An Rx planet in the natal chart causes an individual to internalize the Rx process of the planet. For planets, they are first “direct” where they move forward in the night sky. Then they go stationary, where they appear to have stopped moving. Lastly, they go retrograde where they appear to be moving backwards. Oh, and in case you didn’t already know, they don’t actually move backwards. It just appears that way from our place here on Earth..

For the individual, this process becomes the way they interact with the world. First they will expand outward and seek out new experiences. Then they will go through a process of integration. Lastly, they will go through a process of reflection, where they work to pick up anything they may have missed. 

The more planets they have in Rx, the more unusual this person may appear to the outside world. Energetically they are functioning very differently. For those with the same planet not in Rx, they are in a state of constant expansion. The process of introspection may never come unless they consciously choose it. For the Rx individual, introspection is a natural quality.

There are some other benefits too. Individuals with an Rx planet, seem to not be thrown off as much when that planet in transit goes Rx. Sometimes it is even a relief because it’s like the rest of the world is starting to act the way they always do. This is because the energy of the planet is expressing itself the same way the soul internalized it at birth.

Retrograde in Houses

The lessons of an Rx planet are modified by the sign and house it is in. This gives us another clue as to what the individual is resolving from their past life. Rx Venus in the 2nd house individual is more likely to have their issues pertain to business partnerships and money. The same Rx Venus individual with the planet in the 7th house, is having this pop-up in their romantic relationships.

Similar to a direct planet, the house will tell us where the energy is manifesting. The Rx individual will have this area of their life more activated, in regards to introspection and integration. The Rx planet will still color their whole chart through the aspects it makes, but they’re less likely to have it appear in areas unrelated to the house, planet or sign.

Retrograde in Signs

Here we have different steps of the process emphasized. Some signs do better with the expansion part of the Rx process. Others are more adept at introspection. Even more, some planets harmonize with every stage! An example of this is Rx Mercury in Aquarius. 

Not every sign functions well in Rx. On a positive note, the stage the sign functions best in tends to be where the most time is spent (the Rx process is internalized, not necessarily mirrored). If a sign benefits most from expansion, then this is the area where the individual will function from most often. Inevitably they will go through the other stages and during this time may appear unfamiliar to others.

As with normal zodiac incarnations, the lessons that appear are dependent on the sign. More often than not, the zodiac sign tells us what issue went unresolved. Let’s round out the Venus example. If an individual has a Rx Scorpio Venus in the 7th house we can infer in a past life they:

  • Were entangled in a passionate romantic relationship (7th)
  • Which ended in a tragic way they never got over (Scorpio)
  • And influenced every relationship they had after that (Venus)

Obviously this example is incredibly broad. However, without a full natal chart it is misleading to make incredibly specific interpretations. What we do know is this individual is having to resolve the relationship of a previous life. They may not have even done anything people usually associate with “karma”. The lesson here is they can’t let go of the experience which is causing it to replay in their next life.

In Conclusion

Learning how to interpret retrogrades in the natal chart will give deep insight into your readings. Although, it is very much a study in its own right. The nuance between an Rx planet and its Direct counterpart can leave you confused and misinformed. Make sure you have a grasp on both the normal function of a planet and its Rx function before you start making inferences.

Similarly, you can always go to a professional to gain a deeper understanding of Rx functions. Doing so can save you time and energy in addition to providing you with valuable self awareness. My best wishes go out to you and I hope you take advantage of any future retrogrades!

To my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


Zodiac Myth of Leo, The Lion

The Leo constellation is one of my personal favorites as I am a Leo Rising. The myth teaching us the lessons of the star sign comes from none other than The Twelve Labors of Hercules. Although, interestingly enough it is Hercules who teaches us these lessons and not the lion.

There is a little bit of a prologue as to why Hercules is performing these Twelve Labors. Without getting into a whole other story, but so you have some context for the setting, Hercules is having to atone for murdering his wife, Megera, while he was made insane by Hera. If you are interested in knowing the full story, here is a link. However, many zodiac signs only refer to snippets of the story.

Without further ado, the myth of Leo

The very first labor Hercules undertakes for king Eurystheus is to slay the Nemean Lion. This is not just a regular lion though. It is quite literally a monster. If you remember the mention of the monster-god Typhon from previous articles, this is one of the children of Typhon. It is a huge lion and it’s hide is impenetrable. Eurystheus had other men try to slay it but none of their weapons were able to damage the creature.

Hercules sets out to fight the lion, not entirely sure what he is getting into. At first he makes the same mistake as other men and tries to kill it with arrows. The arrows bounce off the hide of this monstrosity doing nothing. The lion becomes enraged by this but, instead of running away and trying again, Hercules charges towards the lion. The creature retreats into its cave (I assume in response to a mad man running towards it). To prevent it from escaping, Hercules moves boulders in front of the entrance trapping the Lion. He enters the cave from another entry point higher up the hill side.

Our first lessons from Leo

Right from the start, we see how bravery is a quality of the story. Hercules overcomes his fear of fighting the lion, and even though he is a demigod, he is still very capable of dying. In addition, he knows from the arrows not working that this is not an ordinary lion. Much like the other fire signs, Leo thrives off its bravery. A strong leader needs to have conviction for their goals when obstacles arise. This is symbolized by Hercules charging towards the Lion when he realizes other tactics will not work.

The lion teaches us a lesson about spiritual maturity; the importance of having thick skin, or hide for that matter. When pursuing our goals in life we will undoubtedly face adversity. There will always be someone or something standing in the way. Developing a thick skin enables you to push through these obstacles. If we are wounded by every little comment, or even a major setback, then our dreams will remain in our heads and never become reality. The lion’s hide symbolizes the strength of character needed to withstand adversity.

There is one darker lesson taught here as well, the lion retreating into its cave. This is symbolic of someone retreating into themselves. When the world mistreats us and we feel freighted by the challenges we perceive, it is not uncommon for to run away. However, this is a dangerous way to respond. As we see, Hercules then traps the lion inside the cave. The comfort zone of the cave will be the place where the lion dies, as the story will soon tell. If we run away from the things we fear, we very well may expire without ever having seen what we are capable of.

Now back to Hercules and the Lion

With the lion inside the cave, Hercules comes in from a higher entrance in the hill. He descends upon the lion with a huge club and hits it over the head. The lion, although stunned, is not dead and they proceed to wrestle. Yes, you heard correctly. Hercules wrestles a lion with his bare hands. The demigod manages to strangle the lion to death.

In order to prove his triumph, Hercules must return the pelt of the lion to King Eurystheus. There is one issue however. No knife or tool he has can cut the creatures hide. Hercules shows some ingenuity and realizes the cat’s own claws can cut it. He uses the claws of the creature to skin the pelt off and fashions it into a breastplate to wear. He then returns to King Eurystheus to prove his victory over the beast. Afterwards, he keeps the pelt as his personal armor in battle. In order to honor the Nemean Lion, Hera places the constellation in the sky for all to see at night.

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Image by Momentmal

What do we learn from all this?

The story ends in the way you might expect it to. Yet there are still several lessons to learn: Hercules fights bare handed with the beast. Symbolically, this is every human’s battle with their own animal nature. Leo is considered the sign of the king. Individuals born under this star tend to have very high ideals for how people should act. Naturally, humans are flawed. Even those with Leo placements do not match the standards they believe in. However, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still try and overcome our lower nature.

Every religion or spiritual practice tells of this battle against our instincts. When we conquer our base desires, we gain the freedom to choose our own path. If we succumb to them, then we are metaphorically killed and eaten by the beast inside of us. The version of us fighting the lion is our ‘higher self’. Now that you know this, with every decision you make onward, ask yourself, who am I helping in this battle?

Another major lesson in the battle with the Nemean Lion is symbolized by the cutting of its skin. Only the lion’s own claws can cut the creature. This represents how we can only truly be hurt by ourselves. It is the ancient Greece version of sticks and stones. Whenever we suffer an offense from someone else, it is really us cutting our own hide. Otherwise all verbal attacks from the outside bounce off of us like the arrows in the beginning of the story. 

When we are hurt by someone, it is because we are allowing them to use our own traumas against us. Guarding against this is by no means easy. After all, Leo favors high ideals. If someone makes an insult towards you and it is completely unfounded, you are more likely to be confused than hurt. In fact, you likely see how much the other person is hurting. How their pain is causing them to lash out. This completely shifts the way we handle interactions with other people.

Closing up the Leo myth

The lessons we learn in the myth of Leo come both from Hercules and the Nemean Lion. Compared to the other stories we deciphered, I do think the lessons in this one are a little more lofty, but the rewards are far greater. If we achieve them, we will get to wear the impenetrable lion hide armor throughout our lives. As Hercules does in the remaining eleven labors.

Astrology is a tool of the magician to achieve gnosis. The self awareness we gain through the zodiac signs and through understanding our natal chart is profound. If you are interested in having a professional astrologer read your natal then definitely check out my services page. If you are more of the self study type, I encourage you to learn more about the energetic nature of your current incarnation!

To my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


Astrology Report, September 2021

It’s that time of the month again, where I give you a forecast on the most important transits I see coming for this month. Air signs will be enjoying some quality energy during the month of September and it doesn’t look too shabby for earth placements either. Let’s hop right into it!

First Day of September

Taking place on the very first day of September, Venus in Libra will form a trine aspect with Jupiter in Aquarius. Now Jupiter is in retrograde, so this isn’t as beneficial as it would be if stationary, but it is still quite potent for good luck. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Venus is the planet of ‘love & money’. With this, we can expect the start of the month to be good for any romantic or financial ventures. People with strong air placements will feel a desire to talk to that special someone or try a new business idea they have been sitting on, however, everyone can benefit from this energy by taking a leap of faith on what they desire!

At the same time, Saturn, the North Node and Mercury are forming a Grand Trine in the Air element. This is incredibly potent for mental stimulation. Any inspiration you have at this time will likely bring you a positive result if you act on it. More energetically sensitive individuals might be overwhelmed by this but, thanks to Saturn’s involvement, nervous energy should be decreased, allowing everyone to enjoy this mentally stimulating energetic environment.

It’s a very active month…

Immediately following all this goodness on September 2nd is an unfortunate moon opposition pluto. You may face some power struggles in your career in home life, as the moon is in Cancer and Pluto is in Capricorn. The positive side being that moon transits never last too long. By the time the weekend starts things will have gotten back to normal. 

It will be a good weekend to rest up as Saturn will be making an opposition to the moon on September 3rd. People will be feeling a little melancholy. Do whatever you need to do to recharge your batteries. For many people, the Venus/Jupiter trine will be lifting their spirits so a good portion of the population (primarily air strong people) probably won’t even notice some of these lunar aspects.

September New Moon

The new moon of September happens pretty early on in the month, taking place on September 6th. This is happening in the sign of Virgo, making it more stable and practical compared to our recent new moons in Leo and Cancer. The quality of energy will be more grounded and many people will feel a drive to tidy up their surroundings. 

To understand how you will personally be impacted by the new moon, look for the house cusp Virgo rules in your chart. This will be the best area to focus your intentions for the month. Virgo brings a detailed oriented approach to life. Work on fine tuning whatever problems are manifesting in that area of life. If you feel overwhelmed by a need for perfectionism, that is a very common Virgo trait. The best way to handle it is to push through the emotions and understand nothing is perfect. Taking action and risking failure is the only way you will improve. Trust in your higher power that things will turn out okay! When the full moon comes around later in the month you will be glad you did!

Moving Forward in the Month

On September 7th we will see an interesting formation. The planet Mars will conjunct with the sun and the moon in the sign of Virgo, but the moon and sun will be too far apart from each other to conjunct, making Mars the focal point of this formation. This will create a lot of masculine energy in the planetary environment, pushing us to take action and create the life we desire. It will also make us more standoffish in our dealings with people as the feminine moon will be overrun by the masculine Mars and sun. The hope here is Virgo will channel the energy into a positive outlet. When Mars is in Virgo, it is very particular about how it expends energy. Virgo doesn’t like to waste energy on fruitless ego battles or activities that won’t bring it closer to its goals. The more people keep this in mind, the more enriching an effect this formation will have on everyone.

If this wasn’t already enough, these planets are all in opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This will be a rude awakening for some people as Neptune is the planet of illusion. The energy of the sun will unveil the truth for many and Mars could be quite angry at finding out the truth. Those with a more Piscean nature may opt to stay asleep, but with how many oppositions to Neptune there are, I believe this will be quite difficult to ignore.

On the same day, Saturn, North Node and Mercury will reform their grand trine in the air element. This will renew the stimulating mental energy people are experiencing for another go around at the karmic rewards tide to positive North Node aspects.

Venus changes Signs

September 10th, Venus will enter the sign of Scorpio bringing a level of intensity to both romantic and business affairs. Venus is in a sign of its detriment when it is in Scorpio. Venus will express its love in a possessive and controlling way. There will be intense highs in relationships but also brutal and devastating lows. If you find a new lover during this transit, it will feel like something out of a fairy tale. Although, if your heart is broken then it will feel like a part of you was ripped out of your chest and you will never be able to love again. It sounds dramatic, but this is the nature of a Venus Scorpio.

With business and money, people may act more controlling than usual. Scorpio does not like to share and you will likely see this reflected in the attitudes and behaviors of the people in your workplace. Your boss may micromanage you a little more and the breakroom may come off as a more intense. On the positive side, Venus and Jupiter are still forming a trine, albeit a wide orb, but this will help to keep people’s spirits high and bring out their good nature.

Then Mars changes Signs!

On September 14th Mars will enter Libra. This is another determinant sign as Aries is the ruler of Mars. We will feel more compromising and willing to work things out with one another. In many ways this can be a positive placement for our relationships with others. On the down side it will make us more lazy and pleasure seeking. As a result, it could damage our progress towards completing our goals. There are many ways to overcome this. One of them would be to try and make a little bit of progress each day. Even if we lack the large bursts of energy, consistent application will move us towards our goals nonetheless.

A few more aspects to add

Shortly after on September 15th, Mercury in Libra will form a square with the moon in Capricorn. We will likely need to take a step back to understand what we are feeling during this time. Whenever the moon negatively aspects Mercury, it is a lot harder to put our emotions into words. Any fights that come up during this time should be tabled for a few days later. At this point, both people will be able to articulate what they actually experienced. The day after on the 16th, the moon will square Venus. Don’t be surprised if you and your loved ones get into a minor conflict. This is exactly where “tabling the discussion” is handy. It will be too soon for the Mercury/Moon square to have fully passed.

A little later on the 17th, Uranus in Taurus will form an opposition to Venus in Scorpio. This will make our relationships more unpredictable. You may find people get emotional for no reason and lash out at you. It’s also possible you get an unexpected bonus at work! With the nature of  Uranus, we know it will be a roll of the dice. Whatever you can do to prepare yourself and to hold steady for the coming weeks will be a smart move.

September Full Moon

On September 20th, the moon switches teams and will be in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces while forming an opposition to Mars and the Sun. Empaths will be feeling this energy a lot as there is a large amount of emotional energy. Pisces is a potent, although unstable placement for the moon and Neptune feels the most at home in the sign of the bound fish. This full moon will be quite intense one because not only are the Sun and Moon in opposition, but Neptune and Mars are both involved.

This doesn’t mean we can’t use the energy to our advantage though! The house in your chart that is ruled by Pisces will be the key to unlocking all this energy. Earlier in the month, the new moon taught us to fine tune our methodology to solve our problems, now it will be about following your intuition to complete your goals! If you have been working steadily throughout the month, many of us will see rewards come around the full moon. If your goals are a little bigger than being fulfilled in two weeks, then you will want to shift gears and follow your intuition on where to improve things. Maybe you are feeling tired and uncreative. Trust your gut and rest! Or maybe, you feel you should change gears and try something slightly different. Once again, trust your gut! 

The energy during this full moon will feel very chaotic with all the planets involved, but it will be a very favorable full moon if we act accordingly. Regardless of the action you take, dreams will be more vivid and some people will have a psychic experience. It is gonna be a good one!

Libra, September, Balance, Scales, Peace

The Start of Libra Season!

During the middle of the day on the 22nd, the Sun will officially enter the sign of Libra! Love is in the air with this Venusian, 7th house ruler and it will be a good time to focus on our relationships with others. There will be a great desire to hangout with friends and keep the peace during arguments. For the next 30 days or so, take time to tell the people you love how much they mean to you!

On the 23rd of the month, the moon opposes Mercury, jumbling our ability to communicate emotions. This will be similar to the Mercury/moon square earlier in the month but much more intense. Be aware, any arguments you try and sort out may get even worse. If you’re able to, postpone any decision making for a few days. You are likely going to feel restless during this time, so channel any excess energy into your hobbies or work.

  September the 24th, we will see the moon conjunct Uranus in the sign of Taurus, which means more unpredictable emotions. The moon will also be square Saturn at this time. Luckily, this will dampen some of the extremes and while you may feel a little more sober during this transit, it’s unlikely there will be any rash actions taken due to intense highs and lows.

Wrapping Up September

Towards the end of the month on the 26th we will see several grand trines in the air element! The first grand trine will be the moon, the sun and Saturn. The second will be the moon, Mars and Saturn. With the North Node involved, we can also make out a trine between the NN, Saturn and the Sun, as well as NN, Saturn and Mars!

The aspects here will cause the end of the month to be chaotic for a lot of people. Air strong individuals may feel like they don’t know which way is up and which way is down. Brainstorming and socializing will be the nature of this air heavy formation. It won’t be the best time to take action, but it will be a great time to prepare! This is an incredible way to start off Libra season. 

The only other event I will comment on during the month of September is on the 27th, Jupiter will form an aspect with almost every other personal planet! Some of these are major aspects like the trine to the moon but others are not so major like the sesquiquadrate to Mars. Every planet but Saturn will be forming an aspect to Jupiter. This means depending on your personal energetic qualities, you will see either fortune or struggle. Jupiter is a beneficent planet so whatever comes up for you will have a positive spin on it. Because of all the different aspects, this event will be very personal for each person, just be on the lookout for the end of the month!

In closing,

This is going to be an interesting month for sure. A lot of planets are forming unique transits and with the way the world is acting, we can expect some crazy stuff to happen. If you are interested in finding out how you personally can take advantage of the planetary environment, make sure to book a One-Year Forecast reading. Happy birthday to the Virgos out there and good luck to all the Air signs! This month is going to be a fun one.

To my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


Zodiac Myth of Gemini, The Twins

Gemini is the first human constellation in the zodiac. The three human signs in the zodiac (gemini, virgo, aquarius) are unique in that they represent qualities of the soul which can only be embodied by humans. Some of the qualities which will be discussed in this myth are the ability of self reflection, sacrifice and unconditional love. 

Let’s Get into the Story…

Per usual behavior for the Greek god Zeus, he had a desire for a mortal woman. This time it was Leda, the queen of Sparta. In order to seduce Leda, he turned himself into a glorious swan and shared the evening with her. That same night, Leda and her husband King Tyndareus also shared the evening. This resulted in her giving birth to two eggs, each of which hatched two children.

Each egg had one boy and one girl inside. The first egg held Pullox and the famous Helen of Troy. Allegedly these children belonged to Zeus. The second egg held Castor and Clyemnestra. These children are believed to belong to Tyndareus. The story of Gemini involves the two sons born of different fathers.

All four children were raised together; Castor and Pullox, being brothers, became incredibly close. They both enjoyed sports and naturally became very skilled. Specifically, Castor was drawn to horseback riding and taming horses while Pullox became an excellent boxer. This brings us to our first motif of virtue in the story.

Agapē (ah-GAH-pey)

In Greek culture, agapē is used to describe a love that is void of lustful desire. Modern day people understand this as platonic love or unconditional love. It is acting from a place of love for someone without the desire for any sexual/reproductive gain.

This is far different than how most people practice showing affection. The lesson here is to cultivate altruism without the expectation that someone will pay it back. Most of the time, we do things from a transactional standpoint. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. However, by doing this we actually prevent ourselves from experiencing real intimacy. We close ourselves off to what gifts the universe could possibly provide us.

Now Back to Gemini…

Castor and Pullox joined a crew of argonauts (sea fairing people) led by a man named Jason. The goal of the crew was to find the golden fleece (read the Aries myth for more on this). While at sea, the twins showed an incredible ability to navigate, especially during storms. So much in fact, the god of the sea Poseidon gave them the ability to create better weather during storms! This is the reason why Gemini is said to rule over traveling.

ship, Gemini, sea, travel
Image by Myriams-Fotos

While aboard the ship Castor and Pullox got into a fight with other men, over two women who were aboard the ship. During this fight, Castor was killed. Pullox was heartbroken about this and went to his father Zeus. He begged his father to bring Castor back to life so he would not have to suffer in the Underworld. Castor even offered his own life in exchange for his brothers!

Zeus is a powerful god, but there are some things even he can not do. The Underworld is ruled by his brother Hades who is arguably just as powerful as Zeus. In order to help his son, Zeus worked out a deal were Pullox and Castor would spend one day in Olympus and one day in the Underworld and repeat this cycle so they would never have to be apart. Which leads us to the next motif!

Duality of Humans

Gemini are often known as being “two-faced” or having split personalities. This is characteristic of the duality within man. In the story Castor and Pullox alternate between living in hell and living in heaven. With this, there are all sorts of implications we can infer about the nature of man. Sometimes we are virtuous, sometimes people let their vices get the better of them. The world isn’t a black and white place, however most of us learn to operate from that way of thinking. 

It is only through duality that we are able to have an experience. How would you know what sweet tastes like if you never tasted bitter? How could you enjoy a clear, summer sky if you hadn’t experienced a cloudy, winter fog? It is the polarity of experience that allows energy to flow between different states of consciousness. Without it, things would become boring very quickly. Imagine doing your favorite thing forever and ever. Eventually, even that will begin to seem dull. 

To Finish the Myth of Gemini…

The story ends with Pullox agreeing to this new way of living. One day in heaven. One day in hell, ad infinitum. In addition to this, Zeus decides to make a constellation of the two boys in the night sky. Because they were blessed by Poseidon, this constellation became an omen for sailors throughout the centuries. The constellation contains two very bright stars that stand out from those around it. If sailors saw both of the stars in the sky at night, it meant they would have safe travels. However, if they saw only one star it meant their journey would be filled with trouble. With that, we have the myth of Gemini!

A Few things to Add…

In this story we see the powerful connection that humans share with one another. In many ways, humans are the only creatures capable of understanding our connection. Sure we can look at other mammals and see how they demonstrate the capacity to do it, however, humans are the only ones who have a choice in doing so. At the biological level, our animal bodies release hormones and neurotransmitters which make us act a certain way. Testosterone makes lust after the opposite sex. Oxytocin makes us bond with one another. Humans are the only creature on earth who is able to choose how it behaves under the effects of these chemicals.

With that, we also see how Castor is able to make the choice of self sacrifice. Self sacrifice goes against everything in our animal nature. The spiritual purpose of astrology is understanding our energetic bodies so we have the ability to make a choice about our life. It teaches us to be self aware so we are not bound by our traumas or subject to our environment.

In closing, I challenge you to be more reflective this week. Look at where you are making a conscious decision in your life and where you are acting without awareness. You should not be critical of yourself in any area where this comes up, but it is an opportunity to explore yourself. Get to know who you are better. Ultimately, get to a point where you are acting authentically with who you know your higher self to be and not who your parents, your traumas or your society has made you out to be.

To my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!

Astrology Mythology

Zodiac Myth of Taurus, The Bull

The myth of the Taurus constellation is one of the oldest in human history, dating back to cave paintings in Lascaux roughly 15,000 BC. Although, the myths commonly associated with the zodiac placement come from ancient Greece.

By familiarizing ourselves with the symbols within the myth, we can see how the qualities of the sign are expressed in the collective subconscious. Taurus is a recurring symbol in Greek mythology so we will break down each story to obtain the fullest understanding of the constellation’s origin. 

Europa, Consort of Zeus

In the first myth, Zeus falls in love with Phoenician princess named Europa. In order to win her love, and hide himself from humans, he turns himself into a snow-white bull. Naturally, he stands out from every other bull and Europa is drawn to him. Eventually, she sits on the bull and before she realizes it, the bull is carrying her away. To escape the jurisdiction of her father, King Agenor, Zeus swims across the Mediterranean Sea to Crete.

Once they are on the island, Zeus transforms back into his godly form. He showers Europa in gifts and she gives him three, half human half god sons. One of which, is the legendary king Minos. As a reward for being a successful wingman, Zeus immortalizes the bull in the sky as the Taurus constellation.

So what’s it mean?

The first myth exemplifies several positive qualities of Taurus. Being ruled Venus, Taurus is adorned with physical beauty. It is at the center of the romantic tale. It also shows great perseverance by swimming across the sea. We also see the tie to material abundance when Zeus bestows Europa with presents. When acting from its highest expression, Taurus are capable of great displays of strength and affection.

The story also symbolizes the receptive feminine energy connected to the sign. The bull presents itself magnificently and Europa is drawn to the bull. The bull doesn’t pursue or pressure Europa into giving him affection. Traditionally, feminine energy attracts while masculine energy acts.

This story is also strongly related to fertility. In an overwhelming majority of ancient cultures, cattle are associated with fertility. Here is no different. Zeus is the father of the gods (fertility). He turns into a bull as a manifestation of this quality, and uses it to win over the princess (fertility again). Respectively, she bears him three sons (here it is again). This is aptly placed as Taurus takes place from April 20th to May 20th, the beginning stages of spring when most cultures have their form of the May Day Fertility Festival.

Io, Zeus’s Lover

In the second myth, Zeus is having an affair with Io, one of Hera’s (his wife) priestesses. Hera was outraged when she found out about his infidelity. In order to protect Io, he turned her into a white bull, the same symbolism from before. Hera was unable to find Io but was suspicious nonetheless and had Argus Panoptes watch the bull day and night.

Knowing his love would be unable to transform back, Zeus sends Hermes to kill Argus. Hera, now very confident something is wrong, sends a gadfly to relentlessly torment the bull. Eventually this causes the bull to run into the sea and supposedly die. 

The take away…

The second myth has a mix of Taurus positive and negative expressions. We have the same love and fertility symbolism from the first story but, we also have a lot more the possessiveness and aggression of Taureans. Hera is outraged by Zeus’s infidelity, and rightly so. However, her behavior in handling the situation is obsessive.

She has the bull watched day and night just waiting for a moment when Zeus slips up. She is unable to confront her emotions nor is she able to release herself of their burden. To handle the situation, Zeus orders to Hermes kill Argus, demonstrating the aggressive behavior Taureans are capable of.

Lastly, while not an inherently “negative” quality of Taurus, we can see the stubborn, fixed nature of the sign in Io’s behavior. She is bothered by the fly and instead of doing something about it she runs into the ocean and dies. Granted one could argue she would die by Hera’s hand if she turned back into a human but, regardless, she stays in a situation that is bad for her because the devil I know is better than the devil I don’t.

Hercules, Minotaur, Taurus
Image by Jacques Gaimard

Seventh Labor of Heracles: The Cretan Bull

In the last myth, Heracles is sent by Minos to slay the Cretan Bull, the father of the Minotaur. The bull had been rampaging the countryside, destroying crops and villages. Minos offered Heracles help, but as most mythological heroes do, he declined. Heracles sneaks up behind the bull and wrestles the bull to the ground.

The bull is kept alive so it may be sacrificed to the goddess Hera. However, she hates Heracles and does not want him to gain any honor or glory for doing so. The bull is then released and wanders into Marathon, a city with a large countryside.

The third myth of Taurus shows primarily the negative side of the sign and very little of it we haven’t already discussed. The bull is mindlessly destroying crops and villages. One could suppose because he is angry. The bull’s behavior ultimately becomes the same reason he is confronted by Heracles, bringing his own demise.

We do see one new quality though, in that Heracles declines help from Minos. Taureans can be exceptionally headstrong and have a desire to accomplish things on their own. Heracles was in fact able to conquer bull, showing the capacity Taureans have for overcoming challenges. In some ways, this bit of the story shows both a positive and negative quality of the sign.

All in all…

These three myths show us the wide array of qualities displayed by Taurus. The capacity for love and beauty is equally matched by envy and wrath. Wherever Taurus appears in your chart, whether it be a planet or a house ruler, you will manifest these qualities.

Decoding your own astrology chart can be fun, but it can be helpful to gain guidance from a professional. Check out my services page to explore how you can use astrology to your advantage!

To all my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


Astrological Report for August 2021

The month of August starts off with some pleasant aspects between the planets. The Sun and Mercury are in conjunction in the sign of Leo. This is by no means an uncommon event, but it does make our communication with others more intentional. You are likely to feel more confident expressing yourself for the week leading up to the New Moon on August 8th.

So, what does this mean for you?

New Moon…

The new moon symbolizes new beginnings. It is about clearing out old energy and harboring in new blessings. The area in which this happens for you will be the house in which the new moon falls in your chart. For many people, this may be the house ruled by Leo, however, for others it may fall in an adjacent house. This is why it is important to have your exact time of birth. Astrology becomes more and more personal the deeper we go. 

astrology, event chart, new moon, leo

The house where the new moon falls for you will be the area to focus on and set clear intentions. For example, if the new moon is in your 4th house and your intentions are to redecorate, this would be a good time to start envisioning what your new space would look like. How will things be organized? What is the color scheme? Do I want to buy new things or just rearrange? If you do this, then by the full moon you will see some or all of these plans come to fruition.

Venus changes signs…

On August 16th, we will see the planet Venus enter the sign of Libra. This is very auspicious for romantic ventures. Venus is the natural ruler of Libra and you may be feeling a desire to beautify your surroundings. It will be a good time to engage in pleasurable activities as you will feel a natural pull to do so.

The rejuvenating qualities of your hobbies will be more substantial. Planning a date with your significant other or going out to a singles night during this time will bring favorable results.

Now things start picking up…

Not too soon after, on August 19th, we will see a conjunction with Mars and Mercury in the sign of Virgo. You will find yourself more mentally engaged at your job and in other areas of your work. However, you may also find yourself in more ego related battles with those around you.

If you sit back and observe, you may notice people are trying to one up each other and take offense to things they otherwise might not deem significant. Mental challenges and debates will be appealing at this time, so don’t be surprised if you’re drawn to the daily crossword puzzle.

Overall, you will feel sharper and quick witted during this time. If you have been struggling with finding a solution to a problem, now would be a good time to go back and reassess the issue.

Immediately following, the Sun in Leo will Oppose Saturn in Aquarius. This will cause people to feel their sense of self is restricted. They may feel more pressure from those in authority and it wouldn’t be too surprising if your father contacts you out of the blue. Saturn is the patriarchal archetype and the Sun is the Divine Masculine.

Many will feel a “push/pull” effect to stand up to any pressure they experience, given the Mars/Mercury conjunction. However, be mindful of who you are combative with as Saturn is the teacher of life lessons.

As with many areas of astrology, the extent to which these energies are felt will depend on the prominence of Mars, Mercury, Sun and Saturn in the individuals chart. In my own chart, Mercury and Mars are two very significant planets so I expect to experience their energy more.

Full Moon…

We have a Full Moon on August 22nd in the sign of Aquarius. The full moon is a time of completion. Goals you set around the new moon, or in some cases, the full moon of last month, will potentially see a conclusion. This of course depends on how big the task was. However, if you look back, you may find the larger goals you set for yourself completing around the full moon. 

The full moon is a good time to reflect on the things that have happened and what you would like to see happen. Oftentimes, the projects started around the full moon don’t last very long, so instead it will be a good time to prepare for a new project or set of tasks/goals. This doesn’t mean to procrastinate, but spend a day or two thinking about and crystalizing in your mind what you want to accomplish.

full moon, Aquarius, 7th house

This will give you clarity on what needs to be done, and then after the full moon is over, you will have a better idea of the direction you need to take. The full moon is a great time for intention setting and gaining clarity on your future, or to find closure if you have been going through a rough patch in life. How you use it is up to you!

Rounding out the month…

The last event I want to mention for this month’s Astrological Report is the Pluto/Mercury trine taking place on August 26th. In addition, Mercury will also be opposing Neptune in Pisces around this same time. With this aspect you may find yourself questioning what is and what isn’t.

Pluto is the planet of transformation and when it aspects Mercury, we feel drawn to reevaluate what we believe to be “true”. Mercury will be in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, suggesting the transformation will take place in some area of our work and career.

We may be disillusioned with people at work or some aspect of our job. Although this will work out for the better! Initially, change is hard but it’s my belief it is for the better, even if we can’t see it immediately.

The trine aspect tells us that any difficulties we experience during this time are for our benefit. So if the boss you really like gets fired because of bad work practice, it only means a better one on their way!

In conclusion…

These are the most significant planetary aspects I see coming out of the month of August. Astrology can always get more specific and more complex, but this is a general report of planetary movement. For better understanding of how it will impact you personally, hop on over to my services page and book a reading!

To all my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


Website Update

Hey everyone. This is an administrative post notifying my readers about my new videos tab. I recently started making videos for YouTube and decided it would also be a good idea to host them through my website. I would love to hear feedback on what you think of the video quality, subject matter, and anything you liked or think could be improved upon. I plan on splitting my time between making videos and writing blog posts but I will do my best to keep both updated regularly. I hope you are doing well and I look forward to hearing your feedback!

Personal Philosophy

My Adventure to the Grand Canyon: A Soul’s Discovery

This past week, I took a trip to see the Grand Canyon. At the last minute, the other person I was planning to go with had to cancel. Although hotel reservations had been made, no money had officially been spent. So, I still had the opportunity to back out. I talked about this with a close friend in my circle and he brought up how this would be an opportunity for growth. It would be just God, myself and over 1000 miles of road. Oh yeah, I was driving. Here are some of the spiritual takeaways from my solitary five day trip.

Adventure is what YOU make of it

Early on in the trip I started to experience some frustration. I was almost through New Mexico, had been driving all day, and was still several hours away from my destination. Originally the plan had been to stop and get a hotel in Roswell, NM. However, when I arrived there I was making such good time I figured I could get all the way to Flagstaff, AZ. Without realizing, I had turned the adventure into a mission.

“I have to see the Grand Canyon,” had become the purpose of the journey. It was no longer about self discovery. Although the Grand Canyon was the destination, this slight shift in perspective turned it into the sole reason for the trip. Every other aspect of the trip became a peripheral concern. I would only be fulfilled upon achieving my goal. 

I started to wonder why I took this trip. I thought to myself, “I’m driving over 1000 miles one way, far from my friends and family to see what? A big hole in the ground?” 

I had to reflect on my reasons for going on the trip alone. By going alone, I could adhere entirely to my own schedule. I would have time to be with myself and ponder my experiences. I would be free from external influence and the beauty of the trip would be entirely of my own understanding. Reflecting on my reasons for traveling alone centered me and enabled me to redirect my energy towards the original purpose. Getting to know more about myself.

The following day, after spending the night in Gallup, NM, I did things I wanted to do. I was only three hours away from Flagstaff, so I hiked the Red Rock Trails, saw The Painted Desert and Petrified Forest National Parks, and talked to several Natives about the Navajo culture and tradition. Looking back, I enjoyed those parts of the trip more than actually seeing the Grand Canyon, which I assure you, is much more than a “hole in the ground”.

Benefits of Prolonged Solitude

Most people do not find spending five days alone very appealing. I definitely didn’t. At least at first. It is one thing to sit in meditation and practice stillness. However, I found the experience to be more like moving to a place where you know no one. Every interaction has to be formed from scratch and there is little emotional security. Of course we all have phones to touch base, but if I spent the whole time talking with friends back home, part of me would know I am avoiding the experience I set out to have. 

During the time with myself, I had a lot of conversations with what I choose to call God. After all, God was the only one there to hear my thoughts and I don’t feel the need to talk out loud as much as I used to. As I talked, I became much more aware of my fears. An emotion would rise up in me and the only thing I could do was sit with it. I had no way of ignoring the them. After feeling it for awhile I would ask myself, “what is at the core of this?” 

Being on the road for 16 hours kind of forces you to dive deeper. I gained a lot of perspective about my own triggers and emotional habits. I had time to think about why I like and dislike certain things. The specific parts of something which invoke emotion in me. I reflected on my past and the experiences that shaped the way I think and feel. 

After an extended period of self discovery, I reached a place of peace and serenity. I found the later moments of the trip were spent largely in marvel at the nature around me and the forces that created the landscapes. It was profoundly spiritual to ponder the nature of creation, as many of the landscapes took millions of years to form and had been there millennia’s before any human witnessed it.

Engaging Your Inner Child

When you spend such a long time with yourself, you get an opportunity to recreate what “fun” means for you. There aren’t other people to give their two cents about which activities you should do. At first it is kind of uncomfortable but it’s a good practice of giving into your heart’s desire. 

Towards the end of the trip I was feeling exhausted from doing so much and being from central Texas, the snow was becoming a challenge in and of itself. I realized that growing up, our vacations had never been very relaxing. We would spend all our time sight-seeing and doing things. This way of travel has its own merit, but is not a very relaxing way to spend a vacation. Because of this, I knew my emotions were a call from my inner child to spend vacations how I never got to. Lounging around, playing games and eating. 

I had a small internal battle because part of me still thought that was an “improper use of time”. I can do that at home after all. Although, once I recognized it as an opportunity to love my inner child, I knew it was the right thing to do. The other part of me had got its way the first half of the trip, walking through national parks and going on tours, now the child got to be in charge. 

I always had difficulty understanding how to heal my inner child before this experience. I had read about it and could make some connections, but this was my first really big opportunity to do so. Once I made the decision to go along with the warm feeling of excitement in my gut and ignore any internal parenting, I found myself having a great deal of fun. It was the most refreshed I felt in a while. I found my energy levels increased. I was no longer restraining myself to activities I felt were “adult” like. I simply did what my heart told me I should do.

Now that I am back from my trip I feel I have gained a lot more awareness about myself. My motivation to work on my goals has been renewed. It’s an experience I have seldom felt from vacations before given the draining nature of constant motion. It is something I plan on doing again down the road and I believe everyone should provide themselves with the opportunity for self exploration.

If you have ever taken a spiritually impactful trip, let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear your takeaways and what you learned about yourself. If you enjoyed the article make sure to check out some of my other posts.

To all my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


Serenity in Politics

In today’s world, it is very hard to stay out of politics. If you are reading this in a democratic country, specifically the USA, political parties dominate the news and social media every couple of years. Even if you don’t want to pick a side (and you shouldn’t have to), most people will pick one for you with the “if you’re not with us you’re against us” mentality. If you’ve experienced this dilemma first hand, then I probably don’t need to say anything else for you to resonate with it.

Because of this, I am writing this article to address how to maintain peace and serenity when the world is turbulent.


Oftentimes, we forget the value of keeping things to ourselves. It is very easy to get caught up in a conversation and forget everyone has different values, attitudes and beliefs. Usually these things are fairly harmless and a lot of times they allow us to know more about a person and their experiences. There are however, topics which are heavily polarized. Politics, religion and family values to name a few. When people talk about these topics, they seldom are looking to change their mind, despite how the conversation may come about. 

When someone talks about a topic that is close to their heart, what they really are seeking is acceptance for who they are. Quietly listening and nodding with the occasional “uh-huh” shows the other person you are listening and provides a safe space for them to express themselves. You would be surprised how rare this is for people. 

People who appear overly combative have never really felt accepted sharing their beliefs. Whether it was at home, in school, the workplace, or somewhere else, these individuals feel they must prove the value of their perspective. When someone shares their perspective and we contrast it with our own, what we are really doing is saying “I think you are thinking about this wrong, try thinking about it in this way”. Only in very close relationships or when the individuals have the right temperament, is this not the case. 

After all when you share your own beliefs with someone, are you really looking to have the other person change your perspective? It may happen as a result of being accepted and open to new ideas, but I would argue in most cases you’re not. A good mentor of mine gave me an easy question to ask myself when I feel like talking: “Am I listening to listen, or am I listening to answer?” Essentially, am I listening to provide a safe space or am I listening to be right and gain admiration?


If we are talking with someone and the conversation takes a turn for the uncomfortable, we can always deny the conversation topic. Most people feel awkward saying things like “I’d prefer not to talk about that” because they feel it suggests they have something to hide. On a more simplistic level, most people simply have a problem with saying “no”. What it really communicates is the desire to deepen the relationship before becoming vulnerable.

This is something like putting a “no trespassers” sign in the conversation. If the individual disregards your desire to avoid a conversation topic, they are intentionally overstepping your boundaries. This gives you a lot more information about someone than just their opinion. If they are willing to disregard you in a conversation, they are likely to disregard you in more serious situations, regardless of how they might justify it.

There are many to dodge a conversation topic. If you don’t like to be confrontational, most people will not notice when you change a subject. Respond to a sub point of their statement and elaborate on it. Without knowing it they will elaborate on your topic point and the conversation with shift. This is the rhetorical breakdown of how a conversation changes topics without losing flow. Most people only recognize a change in topic when it is disconnected from the current topic, i.e it disrupts the flow.

Avoiding Blame

One of the favorite human past times is the blame game. It keeps us from looking at ourselves, allows us to maintain an image of superiority, and completely disregards any possibility for growth or understanding. Most people do it without even knowing it. That being said, most people are liable to do it in the moment and it is only through vigilance and self reflection are we able to recognize this behavior.

Have you ever heard the saying “you spot it you got it”? This shows us, what annoys me most in other people is likely a behavior I exhibit myself in other situations. Subconsciously I recognize this and I wish I didn’t do this. When I see it in other people I become consciously aware of it and now I have to do something about it. This is very much what Carl Jung would call “shadow work”. 

In many cases, we generalize our blame on a group of people, organization or belief system. This is easier for us to accept than blaming an individual because we may have people in our lives who we want to make the exception for. Most people have that one family member who they don’t agree with but they still love that person. It is easier to blame the ideology of conservatism than to say “grandpa is a racist”. 

If we dig into ourselves and are honest with what we find, everyone has moments in their life when they act in a way they wish they hadn’t. Maybe it was out of ignorance or anger. We know it is not truly representative of who we are as a person, yet we feel guilt over our behavior. The way most people cope with this is through projection and reaction formation. That is to say, we become overly passionate about the stance/behavior we feel we should have taken and we become upset with people who act in the way we believe we have acted.

The issue with this is it doesn’t allow for recognition of our own behaviors and it doesn’t allow the other person the opportunity of learning. We become the parental/religious figure saying “don’t do this, it’s bad” instead of allowing the person the opportunity to learn for themselves. In addition, if we ever show this same behavior in a moment of weakness, we then become a hypocrite.

The Buddhists said Buddha was being in the world but not of the world. That is, learning to operate in society but not being caught up in the emotional and mental turmoil of society. When we learn to maintain our serenity despite our surroundings we can interact with anyone for any reason, and the results of that interaction will invariably be better.

I hope this article has helped you to maintain your serenity despite everything going on in the world. I hope you and your family are blessed with peace and happiness. If you have specific questions, check out my book a lesson tab and remember to follow me on social media!

May your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!