Age of Aquarius

Every generation progresses a little bit differently than the previous. With all the memes about Millennials and “Boomers”, one must wonder if every generation is as radically different as the previous. Oftentimes, the shifts that take place are much more incremental, yet, there are several reasons, both physical and spiritual, that are causing such a huge divide between generational lines.

You may have heard people mention “we’ve entered the Age of Aquarius,” and that’s all fine and dandy, but what does it mean? Well it means several things and I will do my best to give you a breakdown of them all. However, before we can understand the Age of Aquarius, we must first discuss The Great Year.

If you remember from middle school, the Earth sits on a tilt called an axis. This tilt is responsible for the seasons as we orbit around the sun. The cardinal zodiac signs are important in chronology, the study of time, because they mark the four seasons. When Aries is at 0 degrees, that is the celestial equator and celestial ecliptic are on the same mathematical point, then we know it is officially spring. A more layman term would be the March Equinox. 

The earth’s axis is also responsible for The Great Year. The axis points towards a specific zodiac sign and this is how we define the “Age of ____”. Over the course of roughly 2,160 years, the axis of the earth shifts signs marking a new zodiac age. Each of the different ages are called “Great Months” (creative, I know). After the axis has traveled through all the signs, returning to 0 degrees Aries on the March Equinox, a Great Year will have passed (roughly 25,8000 years).

Okay, well then how come we are going from Age of Pisces to Age of Aquarius? This is because of something called precession. The Earth’s axis slowly moves backwards, about one degree every 72 years. Over the course of 2,160 years, this means what was 0 degrees Aries on the March Equinox, is actually 0 degrees Pisces on the March Equinox.

So are you not the zodiac sign you think you are? Well a key difference between Western and Vedic Astrology is Western doesn’t account for precession whereas Vedic does. In my personal experience as an astrologer, I have found western astrology to hold true when giving chart readings. I urge every astrologer or enthusiast to explore this for themselves and come to their own conclusion.

But back to The Great Year.

The Great Year is defined by twelve great months each one being ruled by a zodiac sign. Whatever month the planet is in is believed to be a marker for the global consciousness of all living things on Earth. Over the 2,160 years the Earth will be in each sign, the characteristics of the specific sign are expressed in every individual on the planet. That is not to say you don’t have qualities of your own signs, but as a collective our behavior will be representative of the great month.

This can be seen when looking at the previous great month, Age of Pisces. The qualities of Pisces are those of duality. It has been called the sign of the starving artist because there is great creative force but also a self destructive tendency. The sign also rules over the spiritual aspects of life. We see both of these appear throughout the last two millennia. There was a significant change in consciousness with the teachings of Jesus Christ, who is believed to have lived around the start of the new age. However, there were also 200 years of crusades and killing, specifically fighting over these same teachings. We saw massive leaps in science and art during periods like the Scientific Revolution and Renaissance. Yet we also saw horrible atrocities like slavery and two world wars. There was deep spiritual growth and philosophy during the Enlightenment period, but also the exposure of religious institutions using spiritual teachings as a form of control. (Okay Matt, we get the idea.)

If we look at history, the similarities are uncanny. To be able to claim the planet’s axis will affect the psyche of every individual on the planet sounds ridiculous (check out my other article The How and Why of Astrology). Yet, we can’t deny there is something taking place.

Many people have heard the saying “As above, So below” and while most associate it with a biblical reference, it is actually from a much older scripture known as the Emerald Tablets. It states that everything within us is also outside of us. This can be stretched infinitely. Science has even shown us, the particles which make up our bodies are the same which make up the stars. In short, if something affects the earth, it also affects me as an individual.

revolution; uprising
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Well what does the new age look like then?

As we slowly move into the Age of Aquarius, we will see the qualities of the sign appear more and more on the planet. In many ways, they already have. Aquarius rules electricity, technology, democracy, social revolution and humanitarian values. In just a very short period of time, we have seen technology grow exponentially. We have also seen an outcry for social equality and a big push for more democratic forms of government. In addition, there have been riots and civil wars to achieve this equality. At times this revolution may seem scary, but it is part of the push for all humans to have equal standing in society. A very Aquarian trait. 

Arguably, we are still in the transition phase between Pisces and Aquarius. A big counter argument to The Great Year is constellations overlap so how do we know which Age we are in? Astrologers would answer we are in a ‘cusp’ which is when we technically are in both signs and have qualities of each. In a lot of ways we still hold the attitudes of the past. As new generations are born, they will become more and more Aquarian in nature, having been raised with the progressive values of their parents as models. 

We cannot say for sure what will unfold in this new era. There is likely to be a lot more turmoil in the beginning as we transition, but no part of time has ever been truly free of conflict. What we do know is it will be exciting (maybe more than some would hope). There is no day like today, no moment like the present moment. Everything we see happen in this world will be a result of our individual contributions to the whole, so be the change you want to see in the world!

I hope this article helped you more than it created angst. If you have more specific questions or curiosities, make sure to check out my book-a-lesson tab to set up a one-on-one session. Also make sure to link up with me on social media to get updates on new content!

May your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!