How to Use Moon Cycles for Shadow Work

In honor of the Full Moon later this week and the workshop I hosted this past Sunday on Lunar Cycles, this week we are diving into the mysticism surrounding the Moon!

The Moon is revered by many ancient cultures. Only monotheistic religions do not represent a moon goddess. This article touches on various connections the Moon has to astrology, but also to our daily lives and energetic states.

The Moon is the Divine Feminine

Many ancient cultures, and even some modern ones, worship the Moon as a symbol of the Divine Feminine. There are many connections between the Moon and the feminine. One of the major connections is its influences on a woman’s menstruation cycle. Each of the four major moon phases (New, Waxing, Waning, and Full) are expressed as stage of menstruation. It is not uncommon for women in proper hormonal balance to have their cycle connect to the lunar cycle within a few days. 

This is further extended in the Wiccan representation of The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone. She is essentially a goddess with three forms. Each form makes a connection to feminine archetypes.

The Maiden is an expression of the New Moon. She is innocent, pure and blossoming into womanhood. We could liken her to qualities of Virgo, who is a representation of purity. The second phase is The Mother and represents the nurturing qualities of women. She is connected to the full moon and is depicted as a pregnant woman. The rulership of the Moon belongs to Cancer, another representation of the nurturing feminine.

Lastly, we have The Crone, who represents the intuitive and wise feminine energy. She is connected to the waning moon phase and is nearing the end of life. She will be reborn again in the new moon phase and the cycle will start anew. Scorpio represents this process of rebirthing.

The Moon and the Mind

In astrology, the Moon influences our emotional states. By extension of our holistic existence, these emotions can also influence how we think. Have you ever been triggered by an event which made you upset, then you started to have angry thoughts because of it? Then your angry thoughts made you feel more upset? This is just one way of how our emotions influences our mind.

Going deeper, the Moon impacts our subconscious mind. This is where the mythology of the werewolf and even the word ‘lunatic’ comes from. The etymology of lunatic literally means to be ‘moon sick’ or ‘a sickness which is influenced by the stages of the moon’.

During a Full Moon, the consciousness enhancing qualities of the Sun affect our subconscious mind. This results in an expression of our shadow self, also commonly associated with our lower desires. The symbol of a man turning into an animal is representative of the higher mind succumbing to the desires of the animal body. In pretty much every werewolf story, all they do under a full moon is ravenously eat and/or kill.

If you ask a first responder what is the busiest day of the month for them, they will almost universally respond “the night of a full moon”. This connection between our animal nature and the influence of the moon is eye opening. Humans will not literally turn into a hairy beast. Acting in ways which serve our ego is much more likely.

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Integrating Lunar Energy

In light of everything mentioned, the Moon brings an amazing opportunity for growth. The Moon changes zodiac signs roughly every 2 ½ days. Which means we are constantly integrating emotional states and experiences. Water moons feel emotions more deeply. Airs moons often need to intellectualize their emotions. Fire moons react impulsively and Earth moons are calm and stable.

In a natal chart, each zodiac sign rules a house. The transiting Moon sign tells us which house it is in. This house tells us the area of life which the Moon is impacting. Be mindful of the exact degree of the Moon. Many houses start partially in one sign. This means you’re likely to have two signs in a house.

By observing our day to day emotional states, we begin to gain an awareness of ourselves we may have previously missed out on. Only if we keep our eyes open to it though.

To be Conscious or Not to be Conscious?

Over an extended period of time, this process happens whether we want it to or not. Every 2 ½ years we are alive, our Moon sign changes as seen through a Secondary Progression. A secondary progression represents our psyche evolving from life experiences. We have the ability to resist this process by engaging in activities which promote unconscious living. Although, in my experience, an individual is able to play ‘catch up’ if they truly wish to do so.

At the time of our Saturn Return, we are also having our Progressed Lunar Return. This means we have lived through all of the zodiac sign moon placements. During a Saturn Return and Progressed Lunar Return, individuals universally feel more ‘adult’. The connection to feeling more emotionally mature is a result of the PLR. Whereas feeling more certain of your direction in life is a result of the Saturn Return. Astrology would argue, you’re not really an adult until you have experienced all the moon placements.

With the shift in moon placements, people tend to prioritize different things in their life. The baseline of their understanding would be their natal moon placement of course. A natal water might feel more “off” during an air sign.

During their time in a fire progression, they will desire to exert their will in the world and seem more ego driven. During a water progression, they will care more about the feelings events or people create rather than objective criteria. In addition, Air progressions tend to seek new experiences and opportunities for expansion. Earth progressions are about consolidation of resources for the future.

Closing Remarks

The Moon is the most active celestial body in astrology. It is constantly changing signs and because of this, it is our biggest ally in uncovering our shadow. Learning how to work with the Moon takes consistency and the willingness to be uncomfortable. Although, working one-on-one with an astrologer can make the process a lot easier!

Most often, this we use a secondary progression for this work. You can book your appoint here. Wherever you are in your path, I wish you the best luck and I am certain in your success!

To my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


Full Moon August 22, 2021 Forecast

The full moon in August of 2021 takes place on the 22nd of the month. It will be the second full moon in a row that takes place in the sign of Aquarius. This will occur in 29 degrees and 36 minutes of Aquarius, just barely qualifying but nonetheless, making it an Aquarius full moon.

When the full moon is in the sign of Aquarius, it symbolizes radical change within our life. The area of life this change will take place will be wherever the full moon falls in your chart. To do this, look at your house rulers and find the one ruled by Aquarius or you can always check out my services page and book a reading. Just make sure you check the degree of where your houses start!

Some much needed back story…

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus. The energy of this plant is volatile and always fluctuating. One second it may bring great fortune, and the next it takes it away as quickly as it came. The only thing to expect is the unexpected. However, I wouldn’t be a very reliable astrologer if I couldn’t provide you with at least a little guidance.

Once you know what house the full moon takes place in, you’ll want to figure out how the full moon is aspected in your chart. If it forms harmonious aspects (i.e. sextile and trine) with other planets like Venus and Jupiter then you will be positively impacted in that area of your life. This doesn’t necessarily mean the change will be everlasting, however you will see some nice gifts come your way. If it is in the second house, this might mean a pay raise or a bonus. If it is in the seventh house it could be a new romantic partner or unexpected date night with your SO.

If the moon forms negative aspects with these planets you may see something taken away from you. If we extend the second house analogy, this would be an unexpected charge to your debit card. This shouldn’t be something to fret over, however being aware of the shifts in planetary energy allow us to act accordingly. We study meteorology so we know when it will rain and we can bring an umbrella. Astrology is the same way.

What about not-so-good aspects?

If the full moon in your chart is forming aspects between planets such as Mars and Saturn then you are likely to feel tested during this coming full moon. When the moon aspects Mars, it gives us more energy to accomplish our goals, but it also makes us more likely to explode on someone. Our emotional reservoir is increased but it is up to us to properly channel that energy towards something productive. This is true for positive and negative aspects. 

The difference between the two can be looked at by which planet is in the “dominant” position. If the aspect is positive, the Moon would be “dominant” and give you more control over the increased energy. If the aspect is negative, then Mars is “dominant” and your emotional nature will be dictated by your unexpressed energy.

When Saturn is involved with the Moon, we see a constriction of energy. You may find yourself more composed in a situation where you would normally lose your cool. You may also feel depressed and exhausted if Saturn is forming a harsh negative aspect to the Moon. Regardless of the aspect formed, this will be a growth period for you.

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Image by Darkmoon Art

Now for the full moon analysis!

We will see the full moon forming a conjunction with the planet Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius. At first, we might think this is a good thing. However, Jupiter is in retrograde which throws off a lot of the usual functions of the planet. Whereas Jupiter is typically an expansive planet, when it is in retrograde, its energy becomes constricting. It can be similar to Saturn in this regard. 

When Juipter is in retrograde, the expansion of the planet is focused on the inward reality of the individual. Jupiter also rules over philosophy and religion, so we can see the material constriction as a facilitator of spiritual growth.

 You may find your normal routine doesn’t bring you the pleasure it once did and you will have to dive inward to find deeper meaning to your activities. Directing your energy elsewhere may distract you for a time, but ultimately this will be a push to ask the bigger questions about your life and the path you are on. 

As with every full Moon, we see an opposition to the Sun. This bestows us with greater awareness of our actions and if we are in alignment with our goals and purpose. The inhuman nature first responders are so accustomed to seeing during a full moon is an example of this.

How can I utilize the full moon?

The energy of the Sun increases our ability to be conscious of our actions. When it is channeled through the subconscious lens of the Moon, we end up with just the opposite. Our subconscious programming becomes much more powerful and we will begin to act from our trauma bodies if we do turn towards the path of healing. 

It will likely be a few days later before you become aware of how your actions during a full moon are out of alignment with your authentic self. This is when the real work will begin. You will need to take time and reflect upon your behaviors and where the energy for those actions actually sits within your body. Were you acting from your childhood trauma or were your actions because of an unhealed wound from a previous relationship. Once you reflect on this, you will be able to take the action needed to heal those broken parts of your psyche.

Time to wrap it up…

The full Moon is inherently a time for reflection as it is symbolic of completion. Whether we take this opportunity or not is up to us. Engaging in rituals or another spiritual practice can be a great way to crystalize your intentions during the full Moon. If you’re into burning candles and the whole nine-yards, check out my full moon candle but if you just want to write down your intentions on a piece of paper and say a prayer, that can be just as effective. What’s important is that you engage in conscious living!

To all my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!