Scorpio & Orion, Zodiacal Mythology

In honor of the Scorpio season which started very recently, this week’s article will be about the mythology of Scorpio! Ironically, the origin of Scorpio doesn’t involve much of the Scorpion. The primary focus of the story is Orion and his battle with the Scorpion.

Orion and Scorpio

Orion is considered to be the greatest hunter, just short of the Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis. Many of the stories suggest he is the son of Poseidon who blessed him with great strength and prowess. As a result of his skill, he would often boast about his accomplishments to other gods. In addition, the goddess Eos fell in love with Orion, only increasing the number of things to boast about. Personally, this story paints the image of a football quarterback for me.

Eventually, Orion’s behavior was too much for the other gods to handle. This is where the story diverges a little. In one telling of the story, Apollo (brother of Artemis) and Gaia (mother of earth) plan to have Orion killed for saying he will kill every animal on the planet. In another telling, Hera has Orion killed because of his rude behavior towards her. Either way, this is where Scorpio enters the story.

Scorpio is a giant, poisonous scorpion. He was created for the sole purpose of fighting Orion. Being the great hunter he is, Orion is actually able to kill Scorpio but the poison from its sting kills him after the fact. Feeling sad for the death of his nephew, as well as recognizing the effort of Scorpio, Zeus places both of them in the sky as constellations. However, he put him 180 degrees apart so they wouldn’t continue fighting. This makes Scorpio visible during the fall/winter and Orion visible during spring/summer.

Lessons from Scorpio

This is one of the shorter stories but there is still a lot of substance. Despite Scorpio being the zodiac sign, it is really Orion who symbolizes the qualities of Scorpio. Enchanting a goddess, stealthily hunting prey and soaring to great heights are incredibly scorpionic.

The first of these, enchanting Eos, is symbolic of the sexual energy bestowed upon Scorpio placements. Anyone who is familiar with astrology knows Scorpio is considered to be magnetically attractive. This is because of the natural rulership of the 8th house which relates to sex. It is very rare for any of the goddesses to be swooned by another. Even Zeus who represents the divine masculine often ends up with mortal women. Infatuating a goddess is a sure marker for potent sexual energy.

The connection to being a hunter signifies another aspect of Scorpio: Secrecy. Hunting is not a matter of beating your chest and appearing stronger. It requires stealth, subtle movements and concentration. Scorpio is known for its ability to deceive others. This is rarely counted in their favor, but it does serve them in achieving their goals.

The last of these, wanting to kill every animal, is symbolic of their ambition and tendency towards destruction. Scorpios are drawn to power because of their modern ruler, Pluto. This is also what connects them to death because to create something new something old must be destroyed. I believe the desire to kill every animal is very symbolic of these potent energies. It would actually be counterproductive for a hunter to kill every animal. Which tells us this is a part of their darker ambitions than an actual desire to do harm to others.

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Image by Gordon Johnson

Orion and Mars

The symbols in this story also allude to Scorpios traditional ruler, Mars. Mars is the fighting spirit of an individual. Mars shows how one takes action, asserts their will on others, deals with confrontation and moves towards their goals. Orion expresses Martian energy at every turn in the story. He is an incredibly ambitious hunter. Hunting for him is not sport but also a way to show his status within Olympus. Even more, there is already a Goddess of the Hunt. It’s a clear example of someone trying to one-up another person solely for their own ego.

With that, there is a lot of ego surrounding Orion’s behavior. He constantly starts fights with other gods, brags about how great he is, and does things simply for the praise from others. The Sun represents the ego, but Mars is often responsible for conflicts resulting from ego. 

Ultimately, his own behavior is what brought his fall. If Orion was less concerned with proving he was better than others, he likely would not have been killed by Scorpio. This presents Scorpio as death, the great equalizer. No matter how great we are in life, everyone dies. Our actions can either support life or cause us to come to a quick demise. This theme of “being knocked down a peg” relates to Scorpio as the sign is often caught in power struggles with others. 

Ending the Cycle

The main theme of Scorpio is reincarnation. Fortunately, the more our souls live through this cycle, the more we seem to get exhausted by it. This is why “old souls” tend to turn towards spirituality as a way to remove their karma and be at peace with the world. Astrology is the key to understanding our karma and aids us in our journey of self healing. The first step is to become aware of ourselves so we know what needs to be addressed.

This is where hiring a personal astrologer comes in handy! Knowing how to read and interpret natal charts is more than just googling your signs. It takes experience and knowledge of many different working parts. As an astrologer, I always work to make my services of use to people who are truly dedicated to healing. Check out my Services tab for my current offers. I hope you enjoy a very spooky Halloween and I look forward to speaking with you!

To my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!