What do Repeating Numbers Mean?

I’m sure we have all had those experiences where we look at the clock and it reads 11:11 am or 4:44 pm and aside from it being a coincidence or a stroke of luck, moments like this actually hold some importance. There are many branches of Numerology and this particular occurrence deals with Angelic or “Universal” numerology, if you prefer a more neutral term. Whereas some branches deal with your own personal number frequencies, this one looks at how we are constantly receiving guiding messages from the higher dimensions.

A crucial thing to recognize when studying numerology, is that numbers were discovered. The whole universe functions on mathematics and humans were not the ones who invented it. Numbers are something we learned and became adept at using but it very much is its own language. Sure you could make the argument that we came up with the specific symbols for the numbers, but that is for a different blog post. If you want a more concrete example of how math is a language, just look at a trigonometry equation. You have no idea what it means unless you can “speak” trigonometry but it very much looks like a sentence and it communicates an idea all the same.

Numbers are very much so the language of the universe, thus it would make sense that the universe would speak to us through numbers. In the case of individual numbers, zero through nine, each one holds a specific vibration. When these numbers are sent in repetition, it communicates increased potency for the specific vibration.

For example, you may have heard people say, “Oh, it’s 11:11, make a wish!” This is because the one vibration in angelic numerology tells us that our thoughts directly influence our material reality. The message of 11:11 is basically saying, “Hey make sure you’re thinking positive thoughts.” A tool I have found to be very helpful is whenever I see a number sequence, I try and recall what I was thinking about just before I saw it. Many times, this helps me to figure out what exactly the message I received is referring to.

Keep in mind the messages we receive are not inherently positive or negative. They are there to guide us towards a more fulfilling life. You may be having a bad day and lots of negative thoughts then come across a sequence of repeating ones. Likewise, things may be going really well for you and you could still come across a repeating one message. The possible situations are too numerous for me to cover in a blog, so it’s important you become personally acquainted with the numbers.

At this point you may be wondering, “Are only repeating numbers messages?” The answer to that question is, “of course not”! However, number messages like 841 hold the vibration of eight, four and one so the interpretation becomes more complex. A message like this might be interpreted as, “trust that all your material needs are working out as your faith will bring about greater abundance”.

The order of the numbers does hold some significance. The number 148 is not the same as 841 or 418. As you become familiar with the number vibrations, you will be able to ballpark the majority of messages you receive and number order rarely has a huge impact on the message. Oftentimes it comes down to which vibration may be more important for you, in which case your own intuition will serve you best.

I like to keep a book in my car, as I come across numbers most frequently when driving and seeing people’s license plates. The book I keep is Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue. It can be a good way to become familiar with the number vibrations or if you have any confusion about a message.

We can receive numbers from anywhere. The clock, a license plate, a receipt from a cashier. My personal rule of thumb is I only listen to number messages I receive spontaneously. If I always see the same “speed limit 60” sign on my way to work, I personally don’t treat that as a message. Mainly because I could be using the message to deceive myself. Although, something could be said for a momentary glance being directed by the universe.

With all this in mind, angelic numerology can be a valuable tool in directing your energy. In our day-to-day lives it helps guide our thoughts and actions. It is an easily accessible way of connecting with something greater than ourselves and it can provide answers when we are struggling in life.

I hope this brief article helped with whatever rabbit hole you’re digging in right now. For more info, check out my other posts or videos and make sure to link up with me on YouTube, Instagram or Twitter!

May your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!