Astrological Incense


Developed from ancient recipes, these aromatic incense stimulate the olfactory nerve, encouraging the power of scent to work on an emotional level associating smell with behavioral modification. These incredible incense start with a base of resin granules. We then add a mixture of herbs and essential oils for each specific sign.

Resin granules are burned using incense charcoal. Light your charcoal and drop a few granules of resin on the charcoal. It will begin to smolder, releasing the intense fragrance of these fine resin granules. Resin incense is a pure form of incense since it is not diluted by a burning base or fixatives typical in man-made stick or cone incense.  We include a complimentary charcoal to complete your set of 2 ounces of incense along with an organza pouch for storage.

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Aries (Motivation) – Encourages motivation, stops procrastination. Stimulates blood flow. For issues associated lack of movement, procrastinating, lack of desire, self loathing, lack of success. Includes grapefruit, lavender.

Taurus (Contentment) – Soothing blend to boost happiness, joy and security. To help reduce stress and helps you to unwind. For issues associated insecurity, unhappiness, not feeling fulfilled. Includes chamomile flower, peppermint.

Gemini (Clarity) – Helpful for bringing about a clear head, open mindedness and clear vision. For issues associated with nervousness, foggy thinking, cloudy mental experiences. Includes sage, rosemary.

Cancer (Certainty) – Designed for bringing about a feeling of security and feeling certain about yourself and your actions. For issues associated with restlessness, moments of feeling unclear or unsure. Includes burdock root, brighteye.

Leo (Confidence) – For those who lack confidence, uncertainty and feeling on shaky ground, emotionally. For issues associated with lack of assuredness, pride and security. Includes hawthorn, gingko biloba.

Virgo (Understanding) – Helps soothe a lack of understanding and upset due to misinterpreting situations. For issues associated with a lack of clear conciousness, defensive or confusion. Includes peppermint, rosewood.

Libra (Acceptance) – Stimulating mixture for understanding and accepting issues beyond your comprehension. For issues associated with poor judgement, feeling threatened or uncertain. Includes orange, clove.

Scorpio (Appreciation) – A great enhancer for appreciating what is in front of you. For issues associated with undervaluing yourself or what others offer you. Includes sassaparilla root, rose petals.

Sagittarius (Compassion) – This powerful blend of incense will stimulate the heart and mind. For issues associated with a lack of compassion, caring, understanding and humility. Includes myrrh, alfalfa leaf.

Capricorn (Flexibility) – Helpful for gently moving in the direction of an open mind. Allows for a more easy going persona. For issues associated with stubborn, close minded attitudes and beliefs and only seeing things one way. Includes devil’s claw root, frankincense.

Aquarius (Gratitude) – Useful for creating a thankful and appreciative mind set. For issues associated with a lack of gratefulness, not accepting what you are given or honoring all you have. Includes dandelion, pau d’arco.

Pisces (Patience) – Provides a calming sense of peace and being centered. For issues associated with the lack of patience, serenity and room for others to grow. Includes clary sage, mugwort.


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