One-Year Astrology Forecast

One of astrology’s most useful tools is the ability to predict events in a person’s life. Many people have fallen into the trap of daily horoscopes. In truth, astrology predictions are much more personal. This is achieved by analyzing the future placements of planets and the aspects they will make to your natal chart. Through doing this, we can see how your psychological states will change.

This reading is an in-depth analysis of the next year of your life to help you prepare and navigate future events. Forecast readings can help predict romantic encounters, advancements in your career, and even gifts you will receive! They can also help you avoid confrontation, bad investment decisions and accidents.

I recommend my clients limit this purchase to once or twice a year to avoid becoming dependent on the predictive capabilities of astrology.

All astrology appointments last one hour.

All payments are final. Appointments may be reschedule if contacted at last 24 hours in advance.

Price: $ 80.00