Coaching Application

This is the application page for my 8-week, in depth coaching program. During that time, we will have 1-hour weekly calls with “homework” assignments between each call. This program will take you on a deep dive into your psyche in order to

  • Improve your relationship with yourself
  • Enhance your ability to communicate your needs and set boundaries
  • Deepen your trust with yourself
  • Cultivate confidence in your abilities
  • Develop your sense of self worth
  • Strength the dialogue with yourself for continued growth after the 8 weeks

Prior to starting this 8 week program, I meet with applicants one-on-one to determine if they are right for the program. I want to make sure everyone I work with will gain something by participating in the program. This application is the initial screening process, however, whether you are accepted into the program will be determined during our zoom call.

Please be mindful of time zones when booking an appointment.