Orgone Energy & Orgonite

Lately I have come across many people selling pyramids or other geometric structures made of a substance called orgonite. I would like to think I am fairly versed in crystals and the respective energies each one holds, but I had never heard of orgonite before. Initially it sounded similar to other healing crystals, of which I have many, but after doing some research I was impressed with the science behind orgonite compared to other substances.

For starters Orgone, a name for universal life force energy like Chi or Prana, was first discovered back in 1937 by a man named Wilhelm Reich. However, the research really began in 1934 when he was able to observe a change in the electrical potential of an individual’s skin who was experiencing powerful emotion. This led him to draw a connection between emotions (energy in motion) and the physical state of the body.

Not long after this he observed something he named “bions” in decaying plant matter. Under a microscope he watched organic matter break down into these globules of bions which seem to be mostly salt and water. The remaining microscopic life was drawn to these bions and used them as a way to grow themselves. Occasionally enough of these bions would merge together and a cell wall would form to become a single celled organism such as an amoeba.

I found it interesting that life seemed to form from nothing and biology isn’t my area of expertise, so I kept researching.

And so did Reich.

Reich continued to make observations involving bions and he theorized that degenerative diseases like cancer, where cells develop into tumors, may be linked to how bions reorganize into living cells. In a multicellular creature, vesicles are used to organize other cells to form organs and such. When broken down, all that is left are the bions (basically the same as a vesicle) which then other cells are irresistibly drawn to. His theory suggested the bions were responsible for other cells becoming corrupted and forming into tumors. 

Synthesizing Reich’s research with what we know now. One could suppose a dying cell becomes a bion which draws in other cells. If the cells themselves are already unhealthy, this could provide the groundwork for a tumor to begin forming. I will disclose I am NOT a doctor and only research a lot of things to draw my own theories.

At the time though, this was pretty profound to a lot of people in the community, which brings us to 1939 where Reich made his claim of Orgone energy. He found bions produced by ocean sand had a significantly more amount of energy emitting from them. He played around with these specific bions and observed that organic material responded much more favorably to these bions than the original plant matter based bions.

He conducted several more experiments and in some introduced a Faraday Cage, which is a special container designed to block out electromagnetic energies. Eventually he found the energy persisted without any bions which led him to believing the energy is ever present. Thus we have his first claim of orgone energy.

Afterwards, he did a lot more research and experiments with orgone energy. He developed special Orgone Accumulator chambers designed to focus orgone energy in the chamber for research and healing purposes. He used orgone on radium and found it massively increased radiation and created a literal cloud of death which got a lot of scientists sick and killed smaller lifeforms like rats and plants. And the creation of the orgonite structures which are a combination of organic and inorganic material designed to draw orgone energy out of the air, charge it back up, and release it back into the air.

Around the 1950s, the U.S. government wasn’t very keen on everything he was doing. They claimed his inventions were misleading and the whole thing was pseudoscience. Big names like Albert Einstein were skeptical of Reich’s work which didn’t help either. Eventually the Food and Drug Administration shut down the Orgone Institute he founded and told him not to sell anymore Orgone Accumulators. Like a true rebel he refused and did it anyway, so they imprisoned Reich and literally burned his research as well as made the using or researching of orgone totally illegal.

I believe this is where the divide forms in the belief of Orgone energy. If you ask me, I believe Reich is another casualty of capitalistic domineering. Other inventors of the time like Nikola Tesla also got hit pretty hard for inventions that couldn’t be profited on. If orgone energy research continued and became a modern practice in medicine, we might not have a need for doctors or hospitals.

As for the existence of orgone energy, well, that seems pretty obvious to me. Many ancient cultures from around the world have a name for ever present life energy. I believe orgone is simply the western scientific name of it. What I do find interesting is his development of a machine which can gather this energy, as ancient cultures used the human body.

Luckily for us, the research continued. A while after his death in 1957, the ban on Orgone research was lifted and his students were able to continue researching. Of the research articles I have found, several of them are published in fairly respected journals. On top of that, the findings are statistically significant, although they usually have small sample sizes. However, the conclusions drawn from the studies I believe to be important enough to warrant further research. If your findings show decreased cell degeneration and physical/mental relief for patients, I personally am not going to hit you too hard for a small sample size. 

If you want to look at some orgone studies, click Here, Here, and Here.

The part I am personally curious about is the rise of Orgonite structures. I do a lot of work with crystals and, through my own experience, am a firm believer in the energetic qualities of stones like rose quartz, fluorite, and bismuth. However, when I work with these crystals it is during meditation and I am actively working to match vibrations. I believe orgonite structures can be used very much in this same way. The part I am skeptical about is any claim involving the passivity of the structure. 

Perhaps I am a stubborn Taurus, however, I would like to see more research surrounding orgonite structures as the focal point. Many of the studies involve Orgone Accumulators because of the ability for environmental control in a laboratory. So, if having a orgonite structure of size X could produce noticeable improvements in one’s health just by being in the room with it, well that’s next level healing.

I hope this article has taught you something and expanded your way of looking at the world. If you want to learn a specific subject or have a private lesson, check out my book a lesson tab in the menu. Make sure to connect with me on social media for content updates and events.

To all my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!