Mercury Transits and Integration

Mercury is the planetary ruler of intellect. Anything involved with thinking, speaking, and logic will be influenced by Mercurial energy. While it isn’t as exciting as a planet like Jupiter or Saturn, Mercury is an important planet. It’s close orbit around the sun means it is incredibly active. It also influences us seamlessly because our mind is what we are using to observe our reality. Our experience of other planets even gets filter through Mercury!

The planet Mercury is named after the Roman god of the same name. Another name you might know him by is Hermes, The Messenger of the gods. The relation here is our mind is the “messenger” of our higher self. Every flash of insight you have is Mercury delivering you a message.

With his close proximity to the Sun, Mercury is constantly changing signs. In fact, Mercury can never be more than one sign away from the Sun. If someone tells you their Sun is in Libra but their Mercury is in Leo, you know they have the wrong information! Because he is changing signs so often our thought process is always shifting.

At the time of this article, Mercury will have just moved into Scorpio. A Scorpio Mercury placement denotes someone who can easily become obsessed. While transiting Scorpio, everyone will find themselves becoming a little more “dedicated” to learning. Our intellectual focus narrows to just a few things. During this short period of time, we can learn more than we have in months prior!

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So what about the other transits?

  • Aries transit makes us more impulsive and hasty in our thinking. We are likely to change our opinions quickly and start new projects. However, we drop them just as quickly as we started.
  • Taurus transit makes us more consistent in whatever we are learning. We are likely to hold our opinions, maybe past the point of it doing any good. Although, whatever we commit to, we will see through till the end.
  • Gemini is a ruler of Mercury, so this transit makes us very curious. You might feel restlessness. Learning and trying new things will be important. Even for the most Fixed of natal charts.
  • Cancer transits make us more empathetic. The information we seek usually relates to other people as opposed to facts. Our opinions become subjective and depend entirely on how we feel.
  • Leo transit make us more utilitarian. Our mental efforts are for the betterment of others. Or at least for the betterment of those we care about. Mercury is in it’s fall and tends to care less about facts or ‘truths’.
  • Virgo is the other ruler of Mercury. During this transit we become very detail oriented. Small imperfections are going to seem significantly more important. A lot of people will probably feel out of balance with this placement. Of course, it’s all dependent on your natal mercury.
  • Libra transit is less information focused and more people focused. We tend to find the middle ground between opinions and not commit too much to one way of thinking. It’s very harmonizing and less conflict prone.
  • See above for Scorpio.
  • Sagittarius transit is rigid because Mercury is in his detriment. We tend to be very stubborn in our viewpoints. Similar to Leo, we care less about facts and more about how those facts serve us. This can be a very dogmatic transit.
  • Capricorn transit is very grounding. Our mental faculties are applied in a practical way with a clear goal in mind. There isn’t as much concern for abstractions or theory. It’s about how we can use our knowledge to further our goals.
  • Aquarius transit is very potent because this is where Mercury is exalted. Flashes of insight become the norm. It can also be a restless phase though if you don’t have the appropriate outlet.
  • Pisces transit is the other detriment placement for Mercury. We think too abstractly with this transit. We likely missing out on real world applications. It is good for artistic endeavors but don’t expect to uncover any universal laws.

How do we Integrate Mercury? 

Mercury is crucial for personal development. Unlike the powerful energy of the outer planets, there is almost no “wrong” way to use Mercurial energy. The goal is always to be conscious of your actions. If your mind isn’t engaged then Mercury isn’t involved. Everything we experience is filtered through our natal/progressed Mercury.

However, the stream of consciousness is not linear. For example, one night you get really drunk and black out. You wake up the next and only remember pieces of it. During the night, you weren’t conscious of your actions, but the next morning understood the seriousness of that. You decide to not drink as much next time. The experience of blacking out, while unconscious during that time, still influenced your consciousness in totality. 

The other way to integrate Mercurial energy is to use your brain more. Applying your mental faculties during each transit and overall learning more. This imbues our mind with the element of Air, which also represents our mind. Being curious keeps the channel open for this energy to flow in.

Learning how to integrate Mercury transits requires understanding your natal Mercury. Initially, you can use a google search. Although to really grasp it, you will need to understand the aspects it makes and the relationship the natal sign has to the transit sign. The short route to doing this is to get a professional astrologer. Although learning it yourself can be fun too!

Additionally, if you’re not sure when the Mercury transits are, my weekly newsletter address all of the planetary movements!

To my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


Astrology Forecast for November 2021

It’s important to start your month off right with an astrology forecast! At first glance, the month of November is pretty calm. After all those retrogrades ending in October, it will be hard to compare. However the holiday season has some good things to look forward to!

Planets Changing Signs in the First Week!

The very first day of November starts with Mars in Scorpio squaring Saturn in Aquarius. This aspect is good for pushing us to succeed in our goals. You might feel like it’s crunch time to reach your end of the year goals. Just breathe through it. This aspect is helping a lot more than you think.

The New Moon in Scorpio takes place on November 4th. Scorpio represents the process of reincarnation. The New Moon is about starting a new cycle. This makes the New Moon in Scorpio great for clearing out old energy. Take this time to remove anything you don’t want to stick around. This creates space for what you want to call in.

On the same day, 11/4/21, Neptune in Pisces will trine the Sun. This is about bringing the spiritual world to the forefront of our mind. Neptune represents the highest degree of spiritual principles. The Sun is symbolic of our individual consciousness. With this, start acting on the little nudges the universe is giving you. If you do, then you’re likely to see your garden bear fruit quicker than you expect.

The day after on the 5th, Mercury will move into Scorpio. The time for shallow thought is over with this transition! Take a deeper dive into any area of interest you have. The obsessive energy of Scorpio makes our mental faculties narrow and committed. Pick a couple of your favorite subjects and learn as much as you can about them during this time.

Also on November 5th, Venus moves into Capricorn. This can make us picky when it comes to hobbies and romance. Although, we will be more committed to the ones we love. Our lives will feel less exciting, but that is only because we are pruning away anything which won’t last.

Action Picks up the 2nd Week

Starting on November 8th, the Sun will square Jupiter in Aquarius. This aspect is just asking us to put too much on our plate! Be careful of over committing yourself during this time. You will feel like you can take on the world during this time. Just remember, there’s only 24 hours in a day. The last thing you want to do during the holidays is not have any time to relax.

On November 11th, Venus will trine with Uranus in Taurus. This will add some excitement to our relationship but not in the way we might want. Earth signs enjoy their routines and when Uranus is involved it is anything but. This aspect will last through Thanksgiving, making it a time of testing. Fortunately, Earth energy usually survives these tests, even if they’re unpleasant.

Several days later on November 16th, Mercury and Jupiter will square. This is great holiday energy as it makes us more enthusiastic. The issue arises when it also makes us less organized and thoughtful. If you’re planning a holiday gathering then you’ll want to pay extra attention to organization. It’s easy for things to slip through the cracks with this one.

Full Moon Astrology Forecast

This moon cycle, the Full Moon, takes place on November 19th in Taurus. As with all major moon phases, you’ll want to look at your personal chart to see how this one is impacting you. Whichever house Taurus rules is going to determine which area of your life is most impacted. With that knowledge, directing your energy towards that house will help you to move with the current instead of against it. For example, Taurus rules my 10th house of Career and Prestige. Now will be a good time for me to reorient myself towards my career goals.

On November 21st, we have the official start of Sagittarius Season! With the Sun moving into the final fire sign of the cycle, we will have one last hoo-rah before winter comes in Capricorn. Winter is traditionally a difficult season for all creatures. Sagittarius reminds us to be jovial about life because in ancient times we wouldn’t all see another Spring.

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Astrology Forecast for Thanksgiving

On Wednesday 11/23/21 Venus and Pluto will conjunct in Capricorn for several weeks. This is will cause tension in our relationships. Some will experience fights big enough to break them. However, those relationships which survive, are going to have a ‘death & rebirth’ quality to them. The relationship is unlikely to continue on how it did before the conjunction and if it does, you’re probably just fooling yourself. This will be an important aspect for looking at long term commitment.

Following the Sun, Mercury will move into Sagittarius on 11/24/21. This placement is difficult for Mercury as it is in its detriment. His curious nature can become constricted in the traditional thinking of Sagittarius. The best way to utilize this transit is to put your ideas to the acid test. If they can withstand criticism under a microscope, they are more likely to improve your overall quality of life.

The last major aspect I want to his is Saturn Sextile Sun and Saturn Sextile Mercury. The former aspect will happen on the 26th and the latter the day after. Both of these aspects are likely to make our Thanksgiving feel a little restricted, especially around our father figures. It’s likely to feel like we are walking on eggshells around our family members. In the grand scheme of things, it is going to promote longevity in our relationship, but for a holiday aspect, it’s a little bleak.

These are the major aspects I want to touch on for November 202. Make sure to sign up for my emailing list so you can have the week-by-week break down! If you want to know how to best plan for the future, make sure to click on my one-year forecast tab. I hope you have a blessed holiday!

To my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


How to Use Moon Cycles for Shadow Work

In honor of the Full Moon later this week and the workshop I hosted this past Sunday on Lunar Cycles, this week we are diving into the mysticism surrounding the Moon!

The Moon is revered by many ancient cultures. Only monotheistic religions do not represent a moon goddess. This article touches on various connections the Moon has to astrology, but also to our daily lives and energetic states.

The Moon is the Divine Feminine

Many ancient cultures, and even some modern ones, worship the Moon as a symbol of the Divine Feminine. There are many connections between the Moon and the feminine. One of the major connections is its influences on a woman’s menstruation cycle. Each of the four major moon phases (New, Waxing, Waning, and Full) are expressed as stage of menstruation. It is not uncommon for women in proper hormonal balance to have their cycle connect to the lunar cycle within a few days. 

This is further extended in the Wiccan representation of The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone. She is essentially a goddess with three forms. Each form makes a connection to feminine archetypes.

The Maiden is an expression of the New Moon. She is innocent, pure and blossoming into womanhood. We could liken her to qualities of Virgo, who is a representation of purity. The second phase is The Mother and represents the nurturing qualities of women. She is connected to the full moon and is depicted as a pregnant woman. The rulership of the Moon belongs to Cancer, another representation of the nurturing feminine.

Lastly, we have The Crone, who represents the intuitive and wise feminine energy. She is connected to the waning moon phase and is nearing the end of life. She will be reborn again in the new moon phase and the cycle will start anew. Scorpio represents this process of rebirthing.

The Moon and the Mind

In astrology, the Moon influences our emotional states. By extension of our holistic existence, these emotions can also influence how we think. Have you ever been triggered by an event which made you upset, then you started to have angry thoughts because of it? Then your angry thoughts made you feel more upset? This is just one way of how our emotions influences our mind.

Going deeper, the Moon impacts our subconscious mind. This is where the mythology of the werewolf and even the word ‘lunatic’ comes from. The etymology of lunatic literally means to be ‘moon sick’ or ‘a sickness which is influenced by the stages of the moon’.

During a Full Moon, the consciousness enhancing qualities of the Sun affect our subconscious mind. This results in an expression of our shadow self, also commonly associated with our lower desires. The symbol of a man turning into an animal is representative of the higher mind succumbing to the desires of the animal body. In pretty much every werewolf story, all they do under a full moon is ravenously eat and/or kill.

If you ask a first responder what is the busiest day of the month for them, they will almost universally respond “the night of a full moon”. This connection between our animal nature and the influence of the moon is eye opening. Humans will not literally turn into a hairy beast. Acting in ways which serve our ego is much more likely.

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Integrating Lunar Energy

In light of everything mentioned, the Moon brings an amazing opportunity for growth. The Moon changes zodiac signs roughly every 2 ½ days. Which means we are constantly integrating emotional states and experiences. Water moons feel emotions more deeply. Airs moons often need to intellectualize their emotions. Fire moons react impulsively and Earth moons are calm and stable.

In a natal chart, each zodiac sign rules a house. The transiting Moon sign tells us which house it is in. This house tells us the area of life which the Moon is impacting. Be mindful of the exact degree of the Moon. Many houses start partially in one sign. This means you’re likely to have two signs in a house.

By observing our day to day emotional states, we begin to gain an awareness of ourselves we may have previously missed out on. Only if we keep our eyes open to it though.

To be Conscious or Not to be Conscious?

Over an extended period of time, this process happens whether we want it to or not. Every 2 ½ years we are alive, our Moon sign changes as seen through a Secondary Progression. A secondary progression represents our psyche evolving from life experiences. We have the ability to resist this process by engaging in activities which promote unconscious living. Although, in my experience, an individual is able to play ‘catch up’ if they truly wish to do so.

At the time of our Saturn Return, we are also having our Progressed Lunar Return. This means we have lived through all of the zodiac sign moon placements. During a Saturn Return and Progressed Lunar Return, individuals universally feel more ‘adult’. The connection to feeling more emotionally mature is a result of the PLR. Whereas feeling more certain of your direction in life is a result of the Saturn Return. Astrology would argue, you’re not really an adult until you have experienced all the moon placements.

With the shift in moon placements, people tend to prioritize different things in their life. The baseline of their understanding would be their natal moon placement of course. A natal water might feel more “off” during an air sign.

During their time in a fire progression, they will desire to exert their will in the world and seem more ego driven. During a water progression, they will care more about the feelings events or people create rather than objective criteria. In addition, Air progressions tend to seek new experiences and opportunities for expansion. Earth progressions are about consolidation of resources for the future.

Closing Remarks

The Moon is the most active celestial body in astrology. It is constantly changing signs and because of this, it is our biggest ally in uncovering our shadow. Learning how to work with the Moon takes consistency and the willingness to be uncomfortable. Although, working one-on-one with an astrologer can make the process a lot easier!

Most often, this we use a secondary progression for this work. You can book your appoint here. Wherever you are in your path, I wish you the best luck and I am certain in your success!

To my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!

Astrology Mythology

Libra, the Scale and Zodiac Mythology

Well we have finally caught up in our zodiac mythology. I am writing about Libra during Libra season! Although, I have some unfortunate news. The sign of Libra does not have a designated story for us to analyze. However, by observing the story of where Libra comes from, I believe there is symbolism that is perhaps hidden from the mainstream narrative.

Libra and Themis

The Libra constellation is represented by a Scale. This alone is significant as the zodiac sign is all about finding balance. In actuality, a lot of people see this as being indecisive, yet symbolically, the “indecisiveness” is about weighing the pros and cons of everything Libra observes in life.

Libra has been tied to the mother of Astraea, Themis (read the Virgo myth for a reminder). Themis is a titan goddess and rules over things like Justice, Law and Fairness. Although, Themis is mentioned very little, she played a significant role in the battle between Olympus and the Titans.

She turned the tides of battle by siding with the Olympian gods against the Titans enabling them to win. Later on, in fact it was a while after the battle, Themis became Zeus’ second wife after Hera. This also plays into the symbolism of Libra which we will discuss last.

It’s interesting to note how Themis (and Libra) rule over the conception of equality. Except her actions in the story specifically created an imbalance in the power dynamic. When she was on the side of the Titans, they were winning. Then by switching sides, the Olympians were winning. I believe this represents two major themes for the sign of Libra. 

Tipping the Scales

First, something must always be favored for any progress to be made. A total balance between two opposing forces creates stagnation. Whenever we make a decision in life, we have two opposing forces. If they are weighted equally in our minds then the decision becomes a barrier to progress. The symbology here is that while balance is something to be valued, like everything else, it has its own pros and cons.

Libra is the sign of balance and with all of the zodiac signs, the symbolism is referring to our internal states of being. Having balance within ourselves through daily routines, controlling our emotions and moderation of our actions. This is where balance is valuable.

However, the more removed from ourselves the balance is, the less practical it becomes. Think about nature, is there any balance between a predator and its prey? Certainly not. If there was then there would be no power dynamic between the two. On a greater scale the ecosystem would be entirely horizontal and ultimately no evolution. 

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Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter

Decider of Fate

The second thing this represents is the symbolic battle of good and evil. The Titan gods came from a very very old time in Greek mythology when the universe was chaotic and unorganized. They created something from nothing and this was very valuable, however, their continued existence in the now organized world did not function as well.

If the Titans had won against Olympus, it likely would have thrown the world back into chaos because this is what the Titans represent. They are the creators of entirely unbiased structures in nature such as Time, the Sun, the Moon, the Oceans, even the Earth!

Now how does this relate to good and evil if we just mentioned they were unbiased? Well, my dear reader, ‘good and evil’ is largely dependent on what we believe to be of harm to us. For the Olympians, the “unbiased” Titan gods were a serious threat because they wanted to kill them. To a third party they may have not been evil in their totality, but for the subjective Olympians they certainly were. Furthermore, for the progress of humanity they would have been a serious impediment. As previously mentioned, total balance creates stagnation. 

Now whether we want to say this is truly a battle between ‘good and evil’ or just a battle of perspective, I would happily have that conversation in the comments. However, as the author of the article, I do believe Themis’ choice to change sides is representative of her own subjective view of the situation. She certainly believed the Olympians to be the better victor from the war, and being the Goddess of Justice and what not, I think her decision probably held some very valid points. 

Libra & Partnership

Finally, to address Themis becoming Zeus’ second wife and how this relates to Libra. Libra is ruler of the seventh house, which is the house of patronage and marriage. Libra is also sometimes called the Sign of Partnership because it’s opposite sign, Aries, is the Sign of The Self. Themis becoming the wife of Zeus not only alludes to this function of Libra but also perhaps a signifier of how Libra is thrown out of balance.

As a professional astrologer, I have observed the most common thing to throw a Libran out of balance is their relationship with someone else. It doesn’t even need to be a romantic relationship! In my experience, it is all too common for someone to compromise their own well being because of the actions of someone else.

The same argument could perhaps be made for Themis. The Titans were her original ‘team members’ and she betrayed them to help the Olympians. Now perhaps this is because of all the things I mentioned above, or maybe this is because of her love for Zeus. It is likely we will never know without a much deeper dive into the entire Greek pantheon, but I do believe this raises an interesting question.

So there you have it, the not-so-official mythology of Libra. Much of the story of Themis relates to the qualities manifested in the Libra Zodiac sign. While there is no official story tied to the constellation, I think Themis does a pretty damn good job at. With that, if you or a friend has been out of balance lately, perhaps booking an astrology reading will help them get back in balance! You can check out my services tab for all of my offers. 

To my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


Astrology Forecast for October 2021

What better way to prepare for the coming month than with an astrology forecast? Fortunately, the day I release articles also happens to be a few days before the start of the month so you have plenty of time to plan how you see fit.

Starting off the Astrology Forecast

The first major event of the month is the New Moon in Libra taking place on the 5th of October. With a Libra moon we can expect to be more understanding of people and ideas which differ from our own. It is a great time to clear out any misunderstandings with people in your life. The new moon is the start of a cycle. With it in the sign of Libra, clearing away old energy with friends to make room for a new understanding will bring about a greater level of connection and intimacy. 

Focus on the house in your chart which is ruled by Libra. This will be the area of your life most impacted by the new moon energy. If you have something you are wanting to manifest, use this time to get crystal clear on what it looks like.

The sign of Libra is about balance. Think about how this new manifestation will bring balance to your life. A higher income could mean you have more free time and less stress. A new relationship could mean a greater focus on others and less selfish behavior. The theme of this new moon (and the month in general) will be balance.

On the Same Day…

There is also a stellium (three or more planets) in the sign of Libra. The planets are Mars, Mercury and the Sun. This means we have a huge focus on Libra energy. You’re likely not going to feel as motivated, more pleasure seeking, and have some indecisiveness.

This is only going to be agitated by the Mercury retrograde back from September 28. The way I like to handle these complicated situations is with flow. Do what you can to work towards your goals but don’t over work yourself. If you have a burst of energy to do something, seize the opportunity. However, if you are really feeling a push to do something else, use that time to recharge your batteries and relax.

Venus Enters Sagittarius

On October 7th, Venus will move into Sagittarius. This will be a welcomed relief from the current Venus Scorpio energy. When Venus is in Sagittarius there is a love for travel, novelty and culture. We become excited by learning new things and the fire stimulates passions. This will be a time to venture outside your comfort zone and try something new. 

Also on October 7th, the Sun in Libra will trine Jupiter in Aquarius.This is powerful because it means we will be more aware of any shifts in our perspective. Jupiter signifies how we internalize the external world and grow as a result of it. When it is interacting with the Sun, not only do things seem to be more favorable for us, we are also more conscious of the growth we are experiencing.

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Image by Anne-marie Ridderhof

Even More Changes…

A few days later on October 10th, we have a lot happening. Pluto in Capricorn squares the Sun in Libra. This makes us more prone to conflict as we perceive the power dynamics in relationships more clearly. You may find yourself arguing more and when you’re alone have “darker” fantasies about people. 

Same day, Saturn in Aquarius will sextile Venus in Sagittarius. This is good for our relationships even though it can make them feel more like a burden. We will not feel as free as we would like to because of our responsibilities to others. However, in the long run this makes our relationships more stable and fulfilling.

Then on October 13th, Mars and Pluto square off in the previously mentioned signs. This can be dangerous as Pluto and Mars interactions can result in violence. With that, Mars in Libra is very amicable and might hesitate in a dangerous situation. Make sure to pay more attention to your surroundings during this time. 

Fast forward a Week

A little bit later on in the month we have a Full moon in Aries. This takes place on October 20th. This is an interesting energy for a Full Moon because Aries is the sign of new beginnings while Full Moons represent completion. With this we will experience a duality of energy. Part of us will feel rushed to start something new while another part will feel what it previously started hasn’t been finished. 

The way to resolve this is understanding the “rushed” energy is fake. You will want to move on to something new but you haven’t actually completed your previous manifestation. If you decide to jump ahead there is a high likelihood your current manifestation will fall through.

The day after on October 21st, Venus in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces. This is going to make us more gullible. We will only see the side of people we want to see and we could be fooled when we find out they’re not as holy as we thought. Make sure to pay attention to the facts, even if they aren’t pleasant. This will save you pain and trouble down the road.

On October 23rd the Sun moves into Scorpio. The winter is upon us and we will be drawn into the darker side of the human psyche. Conspiracies and true crime podcasts are in full swing. It’s a truly fitting zodiac sign for the upcoming Halloween.

With that shift, the Sun will also square Saturn. This is going to make us more reserved and on the extreme end, isolate ourselves. We may not feel like going outside, especially if the temperature is dropping in your area, but it will be good to get out of ourselves and socialize. This will help prop up our positivity while this transit passes.

Finishing Out the Astrology Forecast…

Towards the end of the month we have Saturn square Uranus in Taurus on October 26th. This is going to dampen some of the spontaneity of life. Anything pre-planned is likely to go off without a hitch, but it may not be as exciting as you thought it would be. This can be a bittersweet moment for many of us. It’s good our plans worked out, but I believe even the most rigid of us enjoy a small surprise.

The day after on October 27th, Uranus will oppose the Sun. This will create confusion for people as what they previously thought may change radically with the introduction of new information. A blessing here would be Saturn constricting some of these extreme changes to be a more “middle-road” type change. Depending on how flexible you are normally, it may not be as big of a shock, but for my friends who are Fixed Strong, it may still be an unwelcome change in perspective.

Retrogrades End!

I am giving this section it’s own timeline as I feel retrogrades are a bigger concern for many people. Several planets which have been in retrograde for a while now will go direct. Thank goodness! The first of these is Pluto. It will go stationary on October 6th and move direct on the 8th. With this, the butterfly will spread its wings! Pluto symbolizes transformations. The changes can be pretty rough, and when it is retrograde, many people feel these changes internally more than externally. Things like depression and anxiety are much more common with retrograde transits. This will feel like a morning sunrise after a long, dark night of the soul.

Next is Saturn! On October 10th it will go stationary then direct on October 12th. We can finally breathe again! The constricting energy of Saturn can make people feel like they’re walking on eggshells. With the planet going direct we will feel less constraints in our expression. It’s been going on so long at this point you probably don’t even notice it, but once it is direct you will act more spontaneous.

With the ending of these two retrogrades, I suggest taking some time to review all that has happened over the past several months. Whether its writing in your journal, meditating on past events, or simply reflecting on the major events that happened. Any of these things will be good for integrating the experience. After all, the whole purpose of retrogrades are to give us a chance to slow down and take inventory of our reality.

Third and Fourth in Line…

Jupiter and Mercury! Both of them station on October 17th and move direct on the 19th. Jupiter has been in retrograde much longer than Mercury has, so I’ll address that one first. With the retrograde, we have been internalizing our environment at a much greater rate. It’s probably happened so quickly we aren’t even aware of all the shifts that have been made. With the planet going direct we will become more conscious of our progress. We will have moments where we recognize our behaviors, habits and thoughts have all changed. Whether this is good or bad will depend on how you have been spending the past several months.

Lastly we have Mercury. People are quite familiar with the troubles of Mercury retrograde. Your computer stops working correctly. Things sound better in your head than when you speak out loud. A whole mess of trouble happens during Mercury retrograde. With this ending we will feel like things are back to normal. The white noise in our conversations will fade and we might look back at our journal and say “what the hell was I thinking!?” I personally enjoy Mercury retrogrades because it spices life up. That being said, it’s always good when it ends.

Good Luck!

With that, this is your astrological forecast for the month of October. There was a lot to include and to be honest, I left out some of the less important aspects. There is simply so much! I have to be discerning about what to write about. However, you can catch the smaller planetary shifts by signing up for my email list! Every week I send out forecasts which are more specific and address the day to day shifts.

To my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


Retrograde Planets and Your Karma

At the time of this article being written, there are five major planets in retrograde (Rx) with a 6th (Mercury) preparing to enter very soon. So I want to take a moment to explain how retrogrades manifest differently in the natal chart than in transit.

First, to clarify how they function in transits. A retrograde transit is an opportunity to release accumulated karma. The energy of the planet is directed inward, towards self relation, rather than outward towards expansion. The reason people feel off during a retrograde is largely because our culture does not take the opportunity to dig up our past. 

There is an attitude of, “what’s done is done”. In some cases this is true and is a good mindset to have but, not in the case of karma. It literally will keep showing up again and again until it has been “corrected” for lack of a better term. 

If you desire to know more after reading this article, a great book which dives deep into Retrogrades is Karmic Astrology: Retrogrades and Reincarnations by Martin Schulman.

Retrogrades in the Natal Chart

Would you be surprised to hear me say it was karmic? When an individual is born with a retrograde planet, and most individuals have at least one, it is tied to their past life karma. The karmic lesson is connected to whichever planets are Rx at time of birth. 

Now don’t go around flaunting your singular Rx planet thinking it means you’re holier than the person with three or four. It just means in this lifetime you are focusing on whatever lessons are associated with that planet. It’s possible you have more karma associated with that area of life. Because of that, your soul choose to devote a whole lifetime to focusing entirely on those karma lessons.

For example, if your Venus is in Rx. It’s likely you mishandled a romantic or business relationship in a past life. The emphasis on this life is to work through whatever was unresolved. The specific karmic act could be anything under the sun. Since you are born with no past life knowledge, you get the joy of a total makeover.

There are many energetic qualities that manifest with an Rx planet. Extending the Venus example, this individual is going to experience constricted sexual expression. They will feel less open in relationships and tend to get hung up on one person for a long time. On average they have fewer romantic partnerships. Men especially are less likely to sleep around and be more devoted to a single partner. Venus Rx tends to make all relationships more serious when in the natal chart. This is because of how the mental state shifts. 

retrograde, planets, zodiac, astrology,
Image by Gordon Johnson

Energetic Shifts in Retrograde

An Rx planet in the natal chart causes an individual to internalize the Rx process of the planet. For planets, they are first “direct” where they move forward in the night sky. Then they go stationary, where they appear to have stopped moving. Lastly, they go retrograde where they appear to be moving backwards. Oh, and in case you didn’t already know, they don’t actually move backwards. It just appears that way from our place here on Earth..

For the individual, this process becomes the way they interact with the world. First they will expand outward and seek out new experiences. Then they will go through a process of integration. Lastly, they will go through a process of reflection, where they work to pick up anything they may have missed. 

The more planets they have in Rx, the more unusual this person may appear to the outside world. Energetically they are functioning very differently. For those with the same planet not in Rx, they are in a state of constant expansion. The process of introspection may never come unless they consciously choose it. For the Rx individual, introspection is a natural quality.

There are some other benefits too. Individuals with an Rx planet, seem to not be thrown off as much when that planet in transit goes Rx. Sometimes it is even a relief because it’s like the rest of the world is starting to act the way they always do. This is because the energy of the planet is expressing itself the same way the soul internalized it at birth.

Retrograde in Houses

The lessons of an Rx planet are modified by the sign and house it is in. This gives us another clue as to what the individual is resolving from their past life. Rx Venus in the 2nd house individual is more likely to have their issues pertain to business partnerships and money. The same Rx Venus individual with the planet in the 7th house, is having this pop-up in their romantic relationships.

Similar to a direct planet, the house will tell us where the energy is manifesting. The Rx individual will have this area of their life more activated, in regards to introspection and integration. The Rx planet will still color their whole chart through the aspects it makes, but they’re less likely to have it appear in areas unrelated to the house, planet or sign.

Retrograde in Signs

Here we have different steps of the process emphasized. Some signs do better with the expansion part of the Rx process. Others are more adept at introspection. Even more, some planets harmonize with every stage! An example of this is Rx Mercury in Aquarius. 

Not every sign functions well in Rx. On a positive note, the stage the sign functions best in tends to be where the most time is spent (the Rx process is internalized, not necessarily mirrored). If a sign benefits most from expansion, then this is the area where the individual will function from most often. Inevitably they will go through the other stages and during this time may appear unfamiliar to others.

As with normal zodiac incarnations, the lessons that appear are dependent on the sign. More often than not, the zodiac sign tells us what issue went unresolved. Let’s round out the Venus example. If an individual has a Rx Scorpio Venus in the 7th house we can infer in a past life they:

  • Were entangled in a passionate romantic relationship (7th)
  • Which ended in a tragic way they never got over (Scorpio)
  • And influenced every relationship they had after that (Venus)

Obviously this example is incredibly broad. However, without a full natal chart it is misleading to make incredibly specific interpretations. What we do know is this individual is having to resolve the relationship of a previous life. They may not have even done anything people usually associate with “karma”. The lesson here is they can’t let go of the experience which is causing it to replay in their next life.

In Conclusion

Learning how to interpret retrogrades in the natal chart will give deep insight into your readings. Although, it is very much a study in its own right. The nuance between an Rx planet and its Direct counterpart can leave you confused and misinformed. Make sure you have a grasp on both the normal function of a planet and its Rx function before you start making inferences.

Similarly, you can always go to a professional to gain a deeper understanding of Rx functions. Doing so can save you time and energy in addition to providing you with valuable self awareness. My best wishes go out to you and I hope you take advantage of any future retrogrades!

To my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


Astrology Report, September 2021

It’s that time of the month again, where I give you a forecast on the most important transits I see coming for this month. Air signs will be enjoying some quality energy during the month of September and it doesn’t look too shabby for earth placements either. Let’s hop right into it!

First Day of September

Taking place on the very first day of September, Venus in Libra will form a trine aspect with Jupiter in Aquarius. Now Jupiter is in retrograde, so this isn’t as beneficial as it would be if stationary, but it is still quite potent for good luck. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Venus is the planet of ‘love & money’. With this, we can expect the start of the month to be good for any romantic or financial ventures. People with strong air placements will feel a desire to talk to that special someone or try a new business idea they have been sitting on, however, everyone can benefit from this energy by taking a leap of faith on what they desire!

At the same time, Saturn, the North Node and Mercury are forming a Grand Trine in the Air element. This is incredibly potent for mental stimulation. Any inspiration you have at this time will likely bring you a positive result if you act on it. More energetically sensitive individuals might be overwhelmed by this but, thanks to Saturn’s involvement, nervous energy should be decreased, allowing everyone to enjoy this mentally stimulating energetic environment.

It’s a very active month…

Immediately following all this goodness on September 2nd is an unfortunate moon opposition pluto. You may face some power struggles in your career in home life, as the moon is in Cancer and Pluto is in Capricorn. The positive side being that moon transits never last too long. By the time the weekend starts things will have gotten back to normal. 

It will be a good weekend to rest up as Saturn will be making an opposition to the moon on September 3rd. People will be feeling a little melancholy. Do whatever you need to do to recharge your batteries. For many people, the Venus/Jupiter trine will be lifting their spirits so a good portion of the population (primarily air strong people) probably won’t even notice some of these lunar aspects.

September New Moon

The new moon of September happens pretty early on in the month, taking place on September 6th. This is happening in the sign of Virgo, making it more stable and practical compared to our recent new moons in Leo and Cancer. The quality of energy will be more grounded and many people will feel a drive to tidy up their surroundings. 

To understand how you will personally be impacted by the new moon, look for the house cusp Virgo rules in your chart. This will be the best area to focus your intentions for the month. Virgo brings a detailed oriented approach to life. Work on fine tuning whatever problems are manifesting in that area of life. If you feel overwhelmed by a need for perfectionism, that is a very common Virgo trait. The best way to handle it is to push through the emotions and understand nothing is perfect. Taking action and risking failure is the only way you will improve. Trust in your higher power that things will turn out okay! When the full moon comes around later in the month you will be glad you did!

Moving Forward in the Month

On September 7th we will see an interesting formation. The planet Mars will conjunct with the sun and the moon in the sign of Virgo, but the moon and sun will be too far apart from each other to conjunct, making Mars the focal point of this formation. This will create a lot of masculine energy in the planetary environment, pushing us to take action and create the life we desire. It will also make us more standoffish in our dealings with people as the feminine moon will be overrun by the masculine Mars and sun. The hope here is Virgo will channel the energy into a positive outlet. When Mars is in Virgo, it is very particular about how it expends energy. Virgo doesn’t like to waste energy on fruitless ego battles or activities that won’t bring it closer to its goals. The more people keep this in mind, the more enriching an effect this formation will have on everyone.

If this wasn’t already enough, these planets are all in opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This will be a rude awakening for some people as Neptune is the planet of illusion. The energy of the sun will unveil the truth for many and Mars could be quite angry at finding out the truth. Those with a more Piscean nature may opt to stay asleep, but with how many oppositions to Neptune there are, I believe this will be quite difficult to ignore.

On the same day, Saturn, North Node and Mercury will reform their grand trine in the air element. This will renew the stimulating mental energy people are experiencing for another go around at the karmic rewards tide to positive North Node aspects.

Venus changes Signs

September 10th, Venus will enter the sign of Scorpio bringing a level of intensity to both romantic and business affairs. Venus is in a sign of its detriment when it is in Scorpio. Venus will express its love in a possessive and controlling way. There will be intense highs in relationships but also brutal and devastating lows. If you find a new lover during this transit, it will feel like something out of a fairy tale. Although, if your heart is broken then it will feel like a part of you was ripped out of your chest and you will never be able to love again. It sounds dramatic, but this is the nature of a Venus Scorpio.

With business and money, people may act more controlling than usual. Scorpio does not like to share and you will likely see this reflected in the attitudes and behaviors of the people in your workplace. Your boss may micromanage you a little more and the breakroom may come off as a more intense. On the positive side, Venus and Jupiter are still forming a trine, albeit a wide orb, but this will help to keep people’s spirits high and bring out their good nature.

Then Mars changes Signs!

On September 14th Mars will enter Libra. This is another determinant sign as Aries is the ruler of Mars. We will feel more compromising and willing to work things out with one another. In many ways this can be a positive placement for our relationships with others. On the down side it will make us more lazy and pleasure seeking. As a result, it could damage our progress towards completing our goals. There are many ways to overcome this. One of them would be to try and make a little bit of progress each day. Even if we lack the large bursts of energy, consistent application will move us towards our goals nonetheless.

A few more aspects to add

Shortly after on September 15th, Mercury in Libra will form a square with the moon in Capricorn. We will likely need to take a step back to understand what we are feeling during this time. Whenever the moon negatively aspects Mercury, it is a lot harder to put our emotions into words. Any fights that come up during this time should be tabled for a few days later. At this point, both people will be able to articulate what they actually experienced. The day after on the 16th, the moon will square Venus. Don’t be surprised if you and your loved ones get into a minor conflict. This is exactly where “tabling the discussion” is handy. It will be too soon for the Mercury/Moon square to have fully passed.

A little later on the 17th, Uranus in Taurus will form an opposition to Venus in Scorpio. This will make our relationships more unpredictable. You may find people get emotional for no reason and lash out at you. It’s also possible you get an unexpected bonus at work! With the nature of  Uranus, we know it will be a roll of the dice. Whatever you can do to prepare yourself and to hold steady for the coming weeks will be a smart move.

September Full Moon

On September 20th, the moon switches teams and will be in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces while forming an opposition to Mars and the Sun. Empaths will be feeling this energy a lot as there is a large amount of emotional energy. Pisces is a potent, although unstable placement for the moon and Neptune feels the most at home in the sign of the bound fish. This full moon will be quite intense one because not only are the Sun and Moon in opposition, but Neptune and Mars are both involved.

This doesn’t mean we can’t use the energy to our advantage though! The house in your chart that is ruled by Pisces will be the key to unlocking all this energy. Earlier in the month, the new moon taught us to fine tune our methodology to solve our problems, now it will be about following your intuition to complete your goals! If you have been working steadily throughout the month, many of us will see rewards come around the full moon. If your goals are a little bigger than being fulfilled in two weeks, then you will want to shift gears and follow your intuition on where to improve things. Maybe you are feeling tired and uncreative. Trust your gut and rest! Or maybe, you feel you should change gears and try something slightly different. Once again, trust your gut! 

The energy during this full moon will feel very chaotic with all the planets involved, but it will be a very favorable full moon if we act accordingly. Regardless of the action you take, dreams will be more vivid and some people will have a psychic experience. It is gonna be a good one!

Libra, September, Balance, Scales, Peace

The Start of Libra Season!

During the middle of the day on the 22nd, the Sun will officially enter the sign of Libra! Love is in the air with this Venusian, 7th house ruler and it will be a good time to focus on our relationships with others. There will be a great desire to hangout with friends and keep the peace during arguments. For the next 30 days or so, take time to tell the people you love how much they mean to you!

On the 23rd of the month, the moon opposes Mercury, jumbling our ability to communicate emotions. This will be similar to the Mercury/moon square earlier in the month but much more intense. Be aware, any arguments you try and sort out may get even worse. If you’re able to, postpone any decision making for a few days. You are likely going to feel restless during this time, so channel any excess energy into your hobbies or work.

  September the 24th, we will see the moon conjunct Uranus in the sign of Taurus, which means more unpredictable emotions. The moon will also be square Saturn at this time. Luckily, this will dampen some of the extremes and while you may feel a little more sober during this transit, it’s unlikely there will be any rash actions taken due to intense highs and lows.

Wrapping Up September

Towards the end of the month on the 26th we will see several grand trines in the air element! The first grand trine will be the moon, the sun and Saturn. The second will be the moon, Mars and Saturn. With the North Node involved, we can also make out a trine between the NN, Saturn and the Sun, as well as NN, Saturn and Mars!

The aspects here will cause the end of the month to be chaotic for a lot of people. Air strong individuals may feel like they don’t know which way is up and which way is down. Brainstorming and socializing will be the nature of this air heavy formation. It won’t be the best time to take action, but it will be a great time to prepare! This is an incredible way to start off Libra season. 

The only other event I will comment on during the month of September is on the 27th, Jupiter will form an aspect with almost every other personal planet! Some of these are major aspects like the trine to the moon but others are not so major like the sesquiquadrate to Mars. Every planet but Saturn will be forming an aspect to Jupiter. This means depending on your personal energetic qualities, you will see either fortune or struggle. Jupiter is a beneficent planet so whatever comes up for you will have a positive spin on it. Because of all the different aspects, this event will be very personal for each person, just be on the lookout for the end of the month!

In closing,

This is going to be an interesting month for sure. A lot of planets are forming unique transits and with the way the world is acting, we can expect some crazy stuff to happen. If you are interested in finding out how you personally can take advantage of the planetary environment, make sure to book a One-Year Forecast reading. Happy birthday to the Virgos out there and good luck to all the Air signs! This month is going to be a fun one.

To my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


Full Moon August 22, 2021 Forecast

The full moon in August of 2021 takes place on the 22nd of the month. It will be the second full moon in a row that takes place in the sign of Aquarius. This will occur in 29 degrees and 36 minutes of Aquarius, just barely qualifying but nonetheless, making it an Aquarius full moon.

When the full moon is in the sign of Aquarius, it symbolizes radical change within our life. The area of life this change will take place will be wherever the full moon falls in your chart. To do this, look at your house rulers and find the one ruled by Aquarius or you can always check out my services page and book a reading. Just make sure you check the degree of where your houses start!

Some much needed back story…

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus. The energy of this plant is volatile and always fluctuating. One second it may bring great fortune, and the next it takes it away as quickly as it came. The only thing to expect is the unexpected. However, I wouldn’t be a very reliable astrologer if I couldn’t provide you with at least a little guidance.

Once you know what house the full moon takes place in, you’ll want to figure out how the full moon is aspected in your chart. If it forms harmonious aspects (i.e. sextile and trine) with other planets like Venus and Jupiter then you will be positively impacted in that area of your life. This doesn’t necessarily mean the change will be everlasting, however you will see some nice gifts come your way. If it is in the second house, this might mean a pay raise or a bonus. If it is in the seventh house it could be a new romantic partner or unexpected date night with your SO.

If the moon forms negative aspects with these planets you may see something taken away from you. If we extend the second house analogy, this would be an unexpected charge to your debit card. This shouldn’t be something to fret over, however being aware of the shifts in planetary energy allow us to act accordingly. We study meteorology so we know when it will rain and we can bring an umbrella. Astrology is the same way.

What about not-so-good aspects?

If the full moon in your chart is forming aspects between planets such as Mars and Saturn then you are likely to feel tested during this coming full moon. When the moon aspects Mars, it gives us more energy to accomplish our goals, but it also makes us more likely to explode on someone. Our emotional reservoir is increased but it is up to us to properly channel that energy towards something productive. This is true for positive and negative aspects. 

The difference between the two can be looked at by which planet is in the “dominant” position. If the aspect is positive, the Moon would be “dominant” and give you more control over the increased energy. If the aspect is negative, then Mars is “dominant” and your emotional nature will be dictated by your unexpressed energy.

When Saturn is involved with the Moon, we see a constriction of energy. You may find yourself more composed in a situation where you would normally lose your cool. You may also feel depressed and exhausted if Saturn is forming a harsh negative aspect to the Moon. Regardless of the aspect formed, this will be a growth period for you.

Aquarius, constellation, full moon
Image by Darkmoon Art

Now for the full moon analysis!

We will see the full moon forming a conjunction with the planet Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius. At first, we might think this is a good thing. However, Jupiter is in retrograde which throws off a lot of the usual functions of the planet. Whereas Jupiter is typically an expansive planet, when it is in retrograde, its energy becomes constricting. It can be similar to Saturn in this regard. 

When Juipter is in retrograde, the expansion of the planet is focused on the inward reality of the individual. Jupiter also rules over philosophy and religion, so we can see the material constriction as a facilitator of spiritual growth.

 You may find your normal routine doesn’t bring you the pleasure it once did and you will have to dive inward to find deeper meaning to your activities. Directing your energy elsewhere may distract you for a time, but ultimately this will be a push to ask the bigger questions about your life and the path you are on. 

As with every full Moon, we see an opposition to the Sun. This bestows us with greater awareness of our actions and if we are in alignment with our goals and purpose. The inhuman nature first responders are so accustomed to seeing during a full moon is an example of this.

How can I utilize the full moon?

The energy of the Sun increases our ability to be conscious of our actions. When it is channeled through the subconscious lens of the Moon, we end up with just the opposite. Our subconscious programming becomes much more powerful and we will begin to act from our trauma bodies if we do turn towards the path of healing. 

It will likely be a few days later before you become aware of how your actions during a full moon are out of alignment with your authentic self. This is when the real work will begin. You will need to take time and reflect upon your behaviors and where the energy for those actions actually sits within your body. Were you acting from your childhood trauma or were your actions because of an unhealed wound from a previous relationship. Once you reflect on this, you will be able to take the action needed to heal those broken parts of your psyche.

Time to wrap it up…

The full Moon is inherently a time for reflection as it is symbolic of completion. Whether we take this opportunity or not is up to us. Engaging in rituals or another spiritual practice can be a great way to crystalize your intentions during the full Moon. If you’re into burning candles and the whole nine-yards, check out my full moon candle but if you just want to write down your intentions on a piece of paper and say a prayer, that can be just as effective. What’s important is that you engage in conscious living!

To all my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!

Astrology Mythology

Zodiac Myth of Taurus, The Bull

The myth of the Taurus constellation is one of the oldest in human history, dating back to cave paintings in Lascaux roughly 15,000 BC. Although, the myths commonly associated with the zodiac placement come from ancient Greece.

By familiarizing ourselves with the symbols within the myth, we can see how the qualities of the sign are expressed in the collective subconscious. Taurus is a recurring symbol in Greek mythology so we will break down each story to obtain the fullest understanding of the constellation’s origin. 

Europa, Consort of Zeus

In the first myth, Zeus falls in love with Phoenician princess named Europa. In order to win her love, and hide himself from humans, he turns himself into a snow-white bull. Naturally, he stands out from every other bull and Europa is drawn to him. Eventually, she sits on the bull and before she realizes it, the bull is carrying her away. To escape the jurisdiction of her father, King Agenor, Zeus swims across the Mediterranean Sea to Crete.

Once they are on the island, Zeus transforms back into his godly form. He showers Europa in gifts and she gives him three, half human half god sons. One of which, is the legendary king Minos. As a reward for being a successful wingman, Zeus immortalizes the bull in the sky as the Taurus constellation.

So what’s it mean?

The first myth exemplifies several positive qualities of Taurus. Being ruled Venus, Taurus is adorned with physical beauty. It is at the center of the romantic tale. It also shows great perseverance by swimming across the sea. We also see the tie to material abundance when Zeus bestows Europa with presents. When acting from its highest expression, Taurus are capable of great displays of strength and affection.

The story also symbolizes the receptive feminine energy connected to the sign. The bull presents itself magnificently and Europa is drawn to the bull. The bull doesn’t pursue or pressure Europa into giving him affection. Traditionally, feminine energy attracts while masculine energy acts.

This story is also strongly related to fertility. In an overwhelming majority of ancient cultures, cattle are associated with fertility. Here is no different. Zeus is the father of the gods (fertility). He turns into a bull as a manifestation of this quality, and uses it to win over the princess (fertility again). Respectively, she bears him three sons (here it is again). This is aptly placed as Taurus takes place from April 20th to May 20th, the beginning stages of spring when most cultures have their form of the May Day Fertility Festival.

Io, Zeus’s Lover

In the second myth, Zeus is having an affair with Io, one of Hera’s (his wife) priestesses. Hera was outraged when she found out about his infidelity. In order to protect Io, he turned her into a white bull, the same symbolism from before. Hera was unable to find Io but was suspicious nonetheless and had Argus Panoptes watch the bull day and night.

Knowing his love would be unable to transform back, Zeus sends Hermes to kill Argus. Hera, now very confident something is wrong, sends a gadfly to relentlessly torment the bull. Eventually this causes the bull to run into the sea and supposedly die. 

The take away…

The second myth has a mix of Taurus positive and negative expressions. We have the same love and fertility symbolism from the first story but, we also have a lot more the possessiveness and aggression of Taureans. Hera is outraged by Zeus’s infidelity, and rightly so. However, her behavior in handling the situation is obsessive.

She has the bull watched day and night just waiting for a moment when Zeus slips up. She is unable to confront her emotions nor is she able to release herself of their burden. To handle the situation, Zeus orders to Hermes kill Argus, demonstrating the aggressive behavior Taureans are capable of.

Lastly, while not an inherently “negative” quality of Taurus, we can see the stubborn, fixed nature of the sign in Io’s behavior. She is bothered by the fly and instead of doing something about it she runs into the ocean and dies. Granted one could argue she would die by Hera’s hand if she turned back into a human but, regardless, she stays in a situation that is bad for her because the devil I know is better than the devil I don’t.

Hercules, Minotaur, Taurus
Image by Jacques Gaimard

Seventh Labor of Heracles: The Cretan Bull

In the last myth, Heracles is sent by Minos to slay the Cretan Bull, the father of the Minotaur. The bull had been rampaging the countryside, destroying crops and villages. Minos offered Heracles help, but as most mythological heroes do, he declined. Heracles sneaks up behind the bull and wrestles the bull to the ground.

The bull is kept alive so it may be sacrificed to the goddess Hera. However, she hates Heracles and does not want him to gain any honor or glory for doing so. The bull is then released and wanders into Marathon, a city with a large countryside.

The third myth of Taurus shows primarily the negative side of the sign and very little of it we haven’t already discussed. The bull is mindlessly destroying crops and villages. One could suppose because he is angry. The bull’s behavior ultimately becomes the same reason he is confronted by Heracles, bringing his own demise.

We do see one new quality though, in that Heracles declines help from Minos. Taureans can be exceptionally headstrong and have a desire to accomplish things on their own. Heracles was in fact able to conquer bull, showing the capacity Taureans have for overcoming challenges. In some ways, this bit of the story shows both a positive and negative quality of the sign.

All in all…

These three myths show us the wide array of qualities displayed by Taurus. The capacity for love and beauty is equally matched by envy and wrath. Wherever Taurus appears in your chart, whether it be a planet or a house ruler, you will manifest these qualities.

Decoding your own astrology chart can be fun, but it can be helpful to gain guidance from a professional. Check out my services page to explore how you can use astrology to your advantage!

To all my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


Astrological Report for August 2021

The month of August starts off with some pleasant aspects between the planets. The Sun and Mercury are in conjunction in the sign of Leo. This is by no means an uncommon event, but it does make our communication with others more intentional. You are likely to feel more confident expressing yourself for the week leading up to the New Moon on August 8th.

So, what does this mean for you?

New Moon…

The new moon symbolizes new beginnings. It is about clearing out old energy and harboring in new blessings. The area in which this happens for you will be the house in which the new moon falls in your chart. For many people, this may be the house ruled by Leo, however, for others it may fall in an adjacent house. This is why it is important to have your exact time of birth. Astrology becomes more and more personal the deeper we go. 

astrology, event chart, new moon, leo

The house where the new moon falls for you will be the area to focus on and set clear intentions. For example, if the new moon is in your 4th house and your intentions are to redecorate, this would be a good time to start envisioning what your new space would look like. How will things be organized? What is the color scheme? Do I want to buy new things or just rearrange? If you do this, then by the full moon you will see some or all of these plans come to fruition.

Venus changes signs…

On August 16th, we will see the planet Venus enter the sign of Libra. This is very auspicious for romantic ventures. Venus is the natural ruler of Libra and you may be feeling a desire to beautify your surroundings. It will be a good time to engage in pleasurable activities as you will feel a natural pull to do so.

The rejuvenating qualities of your hobbies will be more substantial. Planning a date with your significant other or going out to a singles night during this time will bring favorable results.

Now things start picking up…

Not too soon after, on August 19th, we will see a conjunction with Mars and Mercury in the sign of Virgo. You will find yourself more mentally engaged at your job and in other areas of your work. However, you may also find yourself in more ego related battles with those around you.

If you sit back and observe, you may notice people are trying to one up each other and take offense to things they otherwise might not deem significant. Mental challenges and debates will be appealing at this time, so don’t be surprised if you’re drawn to the daily crossword puzzle.

Overall, you will feel sharper and quick witted during this time. If you have been struggling with finding a solution to a problem, now would be a good time to go back and reassess the issue.

Immediately following, the Sun in Leo will Oppose Saturn in Aquarius. This will cause people to feel their sense of self is restricted. They may feel more pressure from those in authority and it wouldn’t be too surprising if your father contacts you out of the blue. Saturn is the patriarchal archetype and the Sun is the Divine Masculine.

Many will feel a “push/pull” effect to stand up to any pressure they experience, given the Mars/Mercury conjunction. However, be mindful of who you are combative with as Saturn is the teacher of life lessons.

As with many areas of astrology, the extent to which these energies are felt will depend on the prominence of Mars, Mercury, Sun and Saturn in the individuals chart. In my own chart, Mercury and Mars are two very significant planets so I expect to experience their energy more.

Full Moon…

We have a Full Moon on August 22nd in the sign of Aquarius. The full moon is a time of completion. Goals you set around the new moon, or in some cases, the full moon of last month, will potentially see a conclusion. This of course depends on how big the task was. However, if you look back, you may find the larger goals you set for yourself completing around the full moon. 

The full moon is a good time to reflect on the things that have happened and what you would like to see happen. Oftentimes, the projects started around the full moon don’t last very long, so instead it will be a good time to prepare for a new project or set of tasks/goals. This doesn’t mean to procrastinate, but spend a day or two thinking about and crystalizing in your mind what you want to accomplish.

full moon, Aquarius, 7th house

This will give you clarity on what needs to be done, and then after the full moon is over, you will have a better idea of the direction you need to take. The full moon is a great time for intention setting and gaining clarity on your future, or to find closure if you have been going through a rough patch in life. How you use it is up to you!

Rounding out the month…

The last event I want to mention for this month’s Astrological Report is the Pluto/Mercury trine taking place on August 26th. In addition, Mercury will also be opposing Neptune in Pisces around this same time. With this aspect you may find yourself questioning what is and what isn’t.

Pluto is the planet of transformation and when it aspects Mercury, we feel drawn to reevaluate what we believe to be “true”. Mercury will be in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, suggesting the transformation will take place in some area of our work and career.

We may be disillusioned with people at work or some aspect of our job. Although this will work out for the better! Initially, change is hard but it’s my belief it is for the better, even if we can’t see it immediately.

The trine aspect tells us that any difficulties we experience during this time are for our benefit. So if the boss you really like gets fired because of bad work practice, it only means a better one on their way!

In conclusion…

These are the most significant planetary aspects I see coming out of the month of August. Astrology can always get more specific and more complex, but this is a general report of planetary movement. For better understanding of how it will impact you personally, hop on over to my services page and book a reading!

To all my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!