Astrological Report for August 2021

The month of August starts off with some pleasant aspects between the planets. The Sun and Mercury are in conjunction in the sign of Leo. This is by no means an uncommon event, but it does make our communication with others more intentional. You are likely to feel more confident expressing yourself for the week leading up to the New Moon on August 8th.

So, what does this mean for you?

New Moon…

The new moon symbolizes new beginnings. It is about clearing out old energy and harboring in new blessings. The area in which this happens for you will be the house in which the new moon falls in your chart. For many people, this may be the house ruled by Leo, however, for others it may fall in an adjacent house. This is why it is important to have your exact time of birth. Astrology becomes more and more personal the deeper we go. 

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The house where the new moon falls for you will be the area to focus on and set clear intentions. For example, if the new moon is in your 4th house and your intentions are to redecorate, this would be a good time to start envisioning what your new space would look like. How will things be organized? What is the color scheme? Do I want to buy new things or just rearrange? If you do this, then by the full moon you will see some or all of these plans come to fruition.

Venus changes signs…

On August 16th, we will see the planet Venus enter the sign of Libra. This is very auspicious for romantic ventures. Venus is the natural ruler of Libra and you may be feeling a desire to beautify your surroundings. It will be a good time to engage in pleasurable activities as you will feel a natural pull to do so.

The rejuvenating qualities of your hobbies will be more substantial. Planning a date with your significant other or going out to a singles night during this time will bring favorable results.

Now things start picking up…

Not too soon after, on August 19th, we will see a conjunction with Mars and Mercury in the sign of Virgo. You will find yourself more mentally engaged at your job and in other areas of your work. However, you may also find yourself in more ego related battles with those around you.

If you sit back and observe, you may notice people are trying to one up each other and take offense to things they otherwise might not deem significant. Mental challenges and debates will be appealing at this time, so don’t be surprised if you’re drawn to the daily crossword puzzle.

Overall, you will feel sharper and quick witted during this time. If you have been struggling with finding a solution to a problem, now would be a good time to go back and reassess the issue.

Immediately following, the Sun in Leo will Oppose Saturn in Aquarius. This will cause people to feel their sense of self is restricted. They may feel more pressure from those in authority and it wouldn’t be too surprising if your father contacts you out of the blue. Saturn is the patriarchal archetype and the Sun is the Divine Masculine.

Many will feel a “push/pull” effect to stand up to any pressure they experience, given the Mars/Mercury conjunction. However, be mindful of who you are combative with as Saturn is the teacher of life lessons.

As with many areas of astrology, the extent to which these energies are felt will depend on the prominence of Mars, Mercury, Sun and Saturn in the individuals chart. In my own chart, Mercury and Mars are two very significant planets so I expect to experience their energy more.

Full Moon…

We have a Full Moon on August 22nd in the sign of Aquarius. The full moon is a time of completion. Goals you set around the new moon, or in some cases, the full moon of last month, will potentially see a conclusion. This of course depends on how big the task was. However, if you look back, you may find the larger goals you set for yourself completing around the full moon. 

The full moon is a good time to reflect on the things that have happened and what you would like to see happen. Oftentimes, the projects started around the full moon don’t last very long, so instead it will be a good time to prepare for a new project or set of tasks/goals. This doesn’t mean to procrastinate, but spend a day or two thinking about and crystalizing in your mind what you want to accomplish.

full moon, Aquarius, 7th house

This will give you clarity on what needs to be done, and then after the full moon is over, you will have a better idea of the direction you need to take. The full moon is a great time for intention setting and gaining clarity on your future, or to find closure if you have been going through a rough patch in life. How you use it is up to you!

Rounding out the month…

The last event I want to mention for this month’s Astrological Report is the Pluto/Mercury trine taking place on August 26th. In addition, Mercury will also be opposing Neptune in Pisces around this same time. With this aspect you may find yourself questioning what is and what isn’t.

Pluto is the planet of transformation and when it aspects Mercury, we feel drawn to reevaluate what we believe to be “true”. Mercury will be in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, suggesting the transformation will take place in some area of our work and career.

We may be disillusioned with people at work or some aspect of our job. Although this will work out for the better! Initially, change is hard but it’s my belief it is for the better, even if we can’t see it immediately.

The trine aspect tells us that any difficulties we experience during this time are for our benefit. So if the boss you really like gets fired because of bad work practice, it only means a better one on their way!

In conclusion…

These are the most significant planetary aspects I see coming out of the month of August. Astrology can always get more specific and more complex, but this is a general report of planetary movement. For better understanding of how it will impact you personally, hop on over to my services page and book a reading!

To all my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


How to Heal from Hyper Independence Trauma

There is an interesting phenomena in our world impacting many people from a young age. It gets re-worded and people rationalize it, but I believe it to be detrimental to having personal happiness. This phenomena is called hyper independence.

Hyper independence, sometimes called Ultra independence has been classified as a trauma response for when an individual fails to have their needs met by their caregivers. They develop an attitude that they will be the only person who can meet their needs, and in their later years will wall themselves off to genuine trust in relationships. 

I have noticed there are various degrees of hyper independence. I think it’s rare to see extreme cases where an individual completely closes themselves off to the outside world and when this happens it tends to be labeled something more extreme. The more common occurrences which I observe tend to include things like:

  • Unwilling to ask for help, especially when struggling
  • Difficulty being vulnerable with others
  • An inability to accept circumstances 
  • Anxiousness surrounding uncertainty

People with hyper independent behaviors tend to be reliable and well respected by their peers. Our society views independence as a good thing, and it is, except when it is taken to the extreme. The glorification of independence often creates a distorted perspective of what it really is. Independence is something to be valued when it enables you to meet your own needs. Being able to pay your own bills, take care of yourself, and the freedom to create the life you want to live are all valuable parts of being independent.

However, being independent doesn’t mean being alone. There are many movies with a “Lone Wolf” protagonist. Mad Max, I Am Legend, Book of Eli. Interesting how many of them take place in a post-apocalyptic setting. While these characters are fun to watch in movies, in reality, traveling across a wasteland with nothing but a dog for company would be immensely difficult. Humans are social creatures. It is hardwired into our biology to be a part of a group and build connections with other humans. When we deny ourselves these experiences whether by choice or circumstance, we suffer negative physiological responses.

Unfortunately, the world is a bit different than the environment we evolved in. Thousands of years ago we lived in tribes and basically new everyone we lived with. Even as cities formed, people would still gather in the town square and making connections with others held the same level of importance to our survival. It is only now, in the Age of Information, where we have this illusion of being connected but truly separate. Things like social media and Zoom allow us to feel connected, and overall I think they are good, but they don’t  replace the genuine connection of being face to face with someone. They don’t allow for people to physically help someone who is going through a tough time. If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then a screen would be like having limousine tints.

The good news is these behaviors can be unlearned. Hyper independence, like many trauma responses, is a way for an individual to feel safe when their environment feels unsafe and persists even after their environment has become safe again. When we are no longer living our life in fight-or-flight mode, we have the opportunity to heal our old wounds and develop healthier, more fulfilling ways of living. If you struggle with hyper independent behaviors, there’s more good news. It’s up to you to change the behavior.

I have found people to work best with incremental changes. It can cause a lot of stress to make a 180 degree shift in your behavior. Most people can start by asking for help, or better yet, accept help when it is offered. It’s quite likely you’ll be able to do whatever tasks people are offering help for, after all, we built our lives on doing things for ourselves, but that’s not the point. Accepting help develops our ability to trust others, and the easier the task, the more likely they will show they can be trusted. 

When we develop a significant amount of trust with someone, it opens the door to be vulnerable. Then it is just a matter of taking the leap. Although if you put it off long enough, you might get lucky and have a break down, forcing you to be vulnerable with someone. I wouldn’t recommend that path but the universe cares more about learning the lesson than how difficult the lesson might be. Being vulnerable is an extension of trust, and trust is a result of nurturing a relationship.

Some of the issues around hyper independence are more complex but all of them really result from distrust. At a young age our caregivers showed they were unable to provide for us and as a result it created a sense of distrust in other people and the world. We felt we could trust only ourselves and in all honesty, we got pretty good results. It’s only once we reach the next step in our healing that these behaviors become an issue.

Any way you can develop more trust with other people is a good thing, and don’t worry about people abusing your trust. With hyper independent people it usually isn’t given without good cause! It may not come easy but if this is something you struggle with and want to heal, I know you’re more than capable of it!

I hope this article has been helpful to you whether you struggle with hyper independent behaviors or simply want to be more aware of things others might be struggling with. If you’re interested in a coaching session, hope on over to my Book a Lesson tab and we will find something that works for you. I wish you happiness and blessings in all that you do.

To my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful! 

Law of Attraction

How to Focus Your Magical Magnifying Mind

Mindset is everything, or so it’s said. Regardless of the situation, how we approach it is what determines the outcome. Why is that? Can we really accomplish anything we want through our thoughts alone? Could one really make the argument that regardless of the obstacles our attitude is more important? 

Our mind is the seed from which our whole reality blossoms. It dictates everything we experience. Even objective reality becomes subjective when funneled through the magnifying lens of our minds. A great example of this is optical illusions. Both halves of the picture exist, but depending on which one we focus on, that is what we see. 

How we handle events in our life determines what kind of character traits we develop. In theory, you can be anyone you want to be, but you are who you are because you chose to be that way. If you are an introvert, it’s because you enjoy those quiet settings more. If you are a party animal, it’s because you feel most fulfilled in that environment. Even reading this article you may say, “wow that’s awesome! I can be anyone!” Or you may think, “so you’re telling it’s my fault my life is this way?!”

In truth, we may feel differently about this at different points in our life. I know I do. I believe some things do “happen to us”. For instance, the death of a loved one. Some things are unavoidable. However, it’s our response to these situations which creates the outcome, more so than the tangible event. A lot of times, these unfortunate events are important lessons for us to learn from. If we are able to keep our mind open. 

We get better, or we get bitter.

Think of the most recent “bump in the road” you had. How did you handle it? Did you think, “why does this have be happening right now?” Perhaps you were upset for a little, but felt better after you ate something. Or did it bother you like a pebble in your shoe for the rest of the day? Regardless of what it was, your thoughts created how “severe” the situation was for you.

Now think of the last crisis you had. How did you handle that one? Usually the events we deem as a “crisis” are the ones we fear a lot more. They may require us to do a lot more work to get back to normal or we predict they will last a long time.

What were your thoughts like during both of the experiences? Surely they weren’t too positive to begin with, but think about how quickly you were able to turn them around. With the little things, we tend to do this a lot faster. These problems can usually be solved easily, or we can tell from our physical discomfort that we are actually upset about something else. What tends to separate the small problems from the big ones, is how much mental energy we are putting into the situation.

Emotions are energy in motion. The more of our thoughts we put towards an event, the more energy we are feeding it. If we are smart about how we apply this, we can feed energy into the things we want and snuff out anything we don’t. 

If I want a specific outcome, I can feed energy into by thinking about it more. Making the outcome as detailed in my mind as it would be if it were reality. The more energy I put into it, the more certain I can be it will happen. I believe we can all look back at times in our life when this happened and we didn’t even know it. 

So, if I want something to not happen, I need to not think about it then, right? Yes, you could do that, but it might be harder than you think. Emotions are energy in motion. If you want something to not happen, it’s probably because you have an emotional attachment to it. Otherwise you wouldn’t care. Now, think back to high school physics class. An object in motion will stay in motion unless it is stopped by something else and that “something else” has to be strong enough to endure the kinetic energy of the moving object. However, it takes a lot less effort to redirect the energy.

This is why a lot of people find exercise to be therapeutic. You are moving the energy in your mind, into your body, and then releasing it through physical movement. The energy has to move somewhere. Why not out into the world?

Another way to redirect the energy is through something creative. If we enjoy art, playing music, dancing or any number of other creative activities, then the energy can be expressed through this medium. The energy doesn’t even have to be expressed in the same form. If we are sad, we don’t have to make something sad. It can be transmuted into whatever we want! Although, it may feel cathartic to express it in the same form.

Lastly, you can transmute your emotions by changing the way you are thinking. Take the same energy that is going into thinking negatively and think of a positive outcome! Think about how it could be a beneficial situation. Think about how it is actually working in your favor. All the energy we put into worrying creates an elaborate crisis in our head. Use that energy to create an elaborate delight, down to the last detail. A positive thought holds three times the energy of a negative one! So it’s going to turn out better than alright.

Now if the energy stays in your mind, it will eventually run itself out. Just like a jogger has to stop at some point. Although this method can leave us physically exhausted, even if we haven’t done anything. The brain can use up to 80% of the sugar in our body, so sitting there and stewing on something actually takes up a lot of your brain power. If you have any doubts, go ahead and be angry for a few hours. You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

So how we direct the energy in our thoughts and our emotions is what allows us to create our reality. If we want something to be different, we have the power to change it. We can make the decision to achieve our dreams regardless of what obstacles come up. Oh, and obstacles WILL come up. But you have the power to push through them. You have an idea of the life you want to live and the person you want to be. Although, you probably don’t know everything required along the way to get there. Think of those obstacles as the experiences that are shaping you into that person. With each trial, you are becoming more like your future self.

I hope this article helped you in some way. If you are interested in a coaching session, make sure to check out my Book a Lesson tab and don’t forget to pay a visit to my developing YouTube Channel. I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

To my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful! 

Energy Work

How to Improve the Health of Your Energy Body

The state of your etheric body depends on many factors. It relies on a healthy physical body, a clean conscience, and preferably some sort of spiritual practice that takes energy into the body. It is not uncommon for us to neglect one or more of these areas. As a result, the etheric body becomes dirty and congested. We usually don’t notice it until the “spiritual sickness” has manifested in our physical body as a seemingly unexplainable pain in our body.

I felt I should write about this because of a recent issue I had with congested energy in my body. The muscles in my back locked up and I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain around my solar plexus. I ended up going to the ER, thinking something must have happened, but all they told me was I had too much tension. So what was it? Stress? Poor lifestyle choices? A curse?

Having studied Pranic Healing, I concluded there must have been a block in either my third (solar plexus) chakra or fourth (heart)  chakra. This prevented energy from properly flowing throughout my body. When the energy became congested in my etheric body, it manifested as muscular tension in my physical body.

(Disclaimer: I am trained in Pranic Healing and Holistic Living so I feel comfortable in diagnosing myself. However, please do not use this article to self diagnose. There are many factors involved in treating bodily pains and illness.)

So how does one keep the etheric body healthy?

Of the many factors involved, I feel the easiest and most direct is taking care of the physical body. Naturally, proper exercise and nutrition are involved in this, but other important factors would be getting enough sunlight, spending time in nature, or making sure you get adequate rest each night. You may have heard, “the body is [the] temple of the Holy Spirit” (Corinthians 6:19-20) or “clean spirits don’t dwell in dirty spaces”. These things refer not only to our living space but the health of our bodies.

Clairvoyants have observed the auras of healthy and unhealthy individuals. In a healthy person, the aura looks like an egg shell. It is smooth, clear,  and has an oval shape to it. In an unhealthy person, the aura appears disfigured (energy is uneven), it has a foggy or dirty appearance to it, and some cases even have holes where energy is leaking out. Today, non-clairvoyant people are able to use Kirlian photography to verify these claims.

When I say “proper exercise”, I want to highlight the importance of stretching. Flexibility is the precursor to strength and stability. If my tendons and ligaments are tight, I lose range of motion and open myself up to injury (lack of stability). Additionally, If I have poor range of motion I can’t fully express my muscular density, reducing my strength. Metaphysically, my meridian lines are constricted, restricting the flow of energy throughout my body. When energy flows easily throughout the body, the aura is healthier and more stable, giving it the smooth oval shape designed to keep your energy in.

Nutrition is important for several reasons. However, this is not a health & diet blog, so I won’t be discussing things like proteins and carbohydrates. What I want to talk about here are biophotons. Every cell has light particles in it known as biophotons (living light). When food is grown organically, the biophotons of those cells are coherent. When it is grown conventionally with GMO, potent fertilizers, and in low quality soil, these same biophotons become disrupted and incoherent.

Biophotons inform your cells how to organize themselves through information held inside the light. One could even argue the nutrients in the food is just the third dimensional form of this light signature, as quantum physics is starting to suggest light comes from a higher dimensional plane. Whenever possible, eat natural, organic foods made by Mother Earth. This will give your body the proper knowledge to be healthy, regardless of the perspective you choose to hold.

Now, how does sunlight help the body? Sunlight is one of several ways we absorb energy into our body. Physiologically, it helps us produce vitamin D, which is very important to maintaining health and happiness. It is not uncommon for people who live in cloudy areas like Seattle, Washington to be more prone to seasonal depression. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed our bodies only become sick when our immune system is weakened by poor choices. From this perspective, “flu season” is year round, but it is only during the winter months when people stop going outside and gorge themselves on holiday feasts, do our bodies become weak enough for us to become sick. 

Our bodies thrive on sunlight. Not just for the vitamin D but for the light it feeds our etheric body. Every ancient culture had some form of sun worship because they knew it gave life to the plants which fed their society. Sunlight gives life to our bodies. This life energy is called different things in different cultures, Prana (Indian), Chi (Chinese), Pneuma (Greek/Roman), Mana (Polynesian), Ruah (Hebrew). Even scientists acknowledge this life energy whether they know it or not. It typically is called heat. Regardless of the name, we know that every living thing needs some degree of this life energy if it is going to live. 

Although, a bit of mindfulness must be used when absorbing energy from the Sun. Bring water, possibly sunscreen (lotion, not spray on) and make sure to have access to shade. Sunlight is a very potent form of energy. Even children are familiar with excess exposure to sunlight: sunburn. In more extreme cases you can die from exposure or heat stroke, but I don’t think any of my readers are venturing into the desert unprepared. 

What of nature? Nature is important for stabilizing our energy field through electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). Everything in our universe has been shown to have a unique EMF signature. From planets, to rocks, to computers, to dogs. In nature, these signatures are coherent and can improve health. It is even believed we evolved in tandem with the Earth’s EMF signature. However, man-made objects, most commonly electronics, have an incoherent EMF. The more synthetic it is, the more likely the EMF will disrupt your own EMF signature. As a result, when we spend all day inside office buildings, vehicles and our homes, we are receiving an excessive amount of disorganized and confusing EMF. Getting out in nature puts us around harmonious EMF which have healing effects on our bodies. The more we are in nature, the more our bodies come in alignment with what is natural. 

The last thing I want to discuss before wrapping up is rest. It’s not uncommon for people to cut the amount of sleep they have in order to accomplish other things they desire. Although, by doing this they perpetuate their problems and diminish their ability to accomplish their goals. Sleep is something that even today, is still perplexing to the science community. We know it is important. We know that every living thing, excluding plant life, has some form of sleep. But what does it do?

The most mundane explanation would be to view it as a “recharge” period. This is scientifically proven. Our brain shifts into a different wavelength and this seems to energize us for the coming hours. Before we invented light bulbs, sleeping kept us safe during the night as we are less capable without proper vision. So sleeping could be seen as taking advantage of all 24 hours of the day. However, many cultures believe it to be something much more than that.

When we sleep, and more importantly, dream, we open ourselves up to a new reality. We are simultaneously conscious and unconscious. It is believed that when we dream our spirit is able to temporarily leave the body without the body dying. Sleep is the cousin of Death, after all. Astral projectors and lucid dreamers commonly take advantage of this period to seek knowledge that could not be obtained through normal means.

Another belief surrounding sleep is we actually absorb divine energy at a faster rate. Divine energy flows into our body through a portal above our head called the Ka or Crown Chakra, depending on the cultural background. When sleeping or meditating this portal opens up and light pours down into our bodies. This rejuvenates us. Some ancient cultures like Yogis and Taoists have developed spiritual practices which focus on opening this portal to receive more light. Taoism specifically focused on obtaining immortality through the constant downpour of light energy. Now I wouldn’t suggest you dedicate your life to seeing if this is true or not, but many devoted practitioners maintain their youth even in old age. Mantak Chia is one such practitioner who I have studied under. 

Our physical and etheric bodies are interconnected. If one gets sick the other gets sick. Taking care of the physical body is an easy way to take care of your etheric body.

I hope this article helped in some way. Make sure to check out my other articles or check out my new videos tab while you’re here. Link up with me on social media to get updates about all my new content or just say Hi!

To my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


Retrograde Explained: How to Use Stars for Your Improvement

A lot of people hearken to the words of astrologers whenever retrograde is mentioned. “Don’t sign a contract when Mercury is in retrograde.” Or, “New relationships during Venus retrograde are bound to fail.” Statements like these always make people extra cautious but what does “retrograde” really entail?

In case you don’t know what retrograde is, let me fill you in.

Retrograde is a time when planets in the sky appear to move backwards in their orbit. They aren’t actually moving backwards. They are moving further away from the sun (because orbits are perfect circles) or earth, which creates the appearance of moving backwards from our perspective. This can potentially cause them to move backwards into a previous sign, at least from our point of view. This process of “moving backwards” has many implications on how the energy of that planet is acting.

In general, when a planet is in retrograde its energy is distorted and/or reversed. This affects the different aspects of life the planet is said to “rule over”. Let’s take the most common one for example, Mercury retrograde. Mercury rules over the mind, intellect, communication, travel, technology and many other things. When Mercury is acting normal or “direct” all these things will work fine. However, when Mercury is in retrograde, these things will typically not act as planned. Because Mercury is said to affect our minds, we may not be able to come to proper conclusions as easily. We may have distorted perceptions about a situation and our communication with others may be affected because our ability to reason is distorted. 

Of course, all these things happen seamlessly between the planet going from direct to retrograde. The first Law of Alchemy tells us everything outside of us is also inside of us. In many ways, the shifting states of the planet appear as normal as the changes we experience from one day to the next. Because of this, humans have to use astrology to know “oh a planet is in retrograde, things may appear normal but they’re not”. 

Some aspects of retrograde are very beneficial if used appropriately. In many cases, the retrograde phase is a time for reflection or personal growth. The energy of a planet is distorted and provides a new way to observe ourselves. As with a kaleidoscope, turning the wheel changes the picture we see in it. During retrograde, we are turning the wheel and seeing a different part of ourselves.

Additionally, retrograde is part of a natural cycle. In Western society we try and ignore cycles in favor of routine. We like to have consistent application of our time and energy and we get upset when life requires us to adapt to an unforeseen circumstance. Although, in reality everything always has and will be a cycle. Farmers don’t get bent out of shape when the seasons change. They act accordingly.

Learning to slow down and adapt our behavior to retrograde is not something most people are used to and you may get some weird looks for following it. I remember when I was looking to buy a house last year. I had been looking at houses for a couple of months and I finally found one that looked good to me. However, Mercury had entered retrograde not too long before finding the house. My real estate agent was trying to find me a house, so when I brought up my hesitation, naturally there was some confusion. Well the house ended up getting bought by someone else because I decided to wait. About a week after Mercury retrograde ended, I looked at the house again and it just didn’t feel the same to me. The parts of it I found appealing, now seemed like extra work. I felt great relief knowing I didn’t get a loan for a house I would later not want. 

I will admit, there are times when it feels like listening to a retrograde forecast is pseudoscientific. Do I really have to change my behavior because of a planet in the sky? No, you don’t. For the most part, I go about my business albeit with some increased awareness about the present moment. However, I do believe it can be very beneficial when making big decisions. 

Okay, but what if I can’t wait?

Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of postponing a decision. Sometimes the situation simply requires action. In those cases, I think of the sailors out at sea. A storm comes in out of the blue and now we have to deal with it. We do our best to handle the situation regardless of the forces acting against us. I believe in these situations humans are able to rise to the occasion.

Just because a planet is in retrograde doesn’t mean we should stop living our life for a few weeks or months. In fact, the majority of the planet doesn’t pay attention to them so your “reasons” will become “excuses”. However, it can be a time to be more gentle with ourselves. Most of my work is done on a computer. I can’t just stop working during a retrograde period, but if my computer randomly loses internet connection or is slower than normal, I take a moment to laugh about it.

There are many lessons to be learned during retrograde periods. They offer an extraordinary time to grow as the impurities of your character will be highlighted. If we don’t resist the lessons being given to us we will find, overtime, the retrograde periods aren’t as serious. They become the changing seasons and we become the farmers planting seeds. We know when to harvest crops, save food and start anew. We adapt to the cycle and it ceases to be a bump in the road.

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To my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!

Philosophy Quantum Physics

The Key to Spiritual Growth through Physical Mastery

In my experience, it is quite common for people walking a spiritual path to overlook the involvement of their physical body while on that path. So I decided it would be of value to write an article about the connection between your physical body and your spiritual body.

First, understand you cannot have a healthy spiritual body and an unhealthy physical body. Many people treat the spirit-body connection like an upside down pyramid. The most important part is keeping the spirit clean and it will trickle down to good physical health. After all, metaphysics tells us that everything is influenced by an unseen field of energy. In some ways this is true but it can also be very impractical use of your time and energy.

Additionally, the spirit body connection works more like an electrical circuit. Both the spirit and body input energy that then feeds into the other. If there is a break in the circuit, it doesn’t matter how much energy is being fed into either side, the energy still escapes. 

So what does this look like?

A person who is too heavily focused on their spiritual body will appear spacy and have difficulty committing to “real world” tasks. They will struggle with time management, reliability and accomplishing their goals. They may not be physically disabled or overweight, in fact, they may appear perfectly healthy. However, their physical body is actually suffering from a deficiency. They may be lacking exercise, interaction with nature, and most commonly proper nutritional intake. 

A person who focuses on their physical body but not their spiritual body will appear animalistic. Their goals and efforts will be focused on obtaining material things like sex, money, food or power. They may be inconsiderate of others or lack moral and ethical principles. If they have any religious or spiritual beliefs, they likely will not practice what they preach. If they preach at all, it will be for status. Their energy is concentrated in the lower chakras and is unable to move upward due to constrictions, usually between the solar plexus and heart chakra. This results in what we call the Lower Energy Triangle.

A person who balances their spiritual and physical bodies will be able to properly navigate both worlds. They will be dependable, follow through on their commitments and have proper orientation towards what this world expects. They will have adequate levels of energy to accomplish their goals. They may possess some level of clair- abilities (clairvoyance; claircognizance; clairsentience; etc.). Their actions will be guided by moral and ethical principles. Above all, their aura will be even and balanced throughout their body.

Next, you must know your physical body is the barometer for your spirit body. Just as a real barometer is used to indicate weather patterns, your body indicates your spiritual well being. If you are physically ill, there is also a problem in your spirit body, although, you will notice the symptoms in your physical body much sooner. This is because our emotions, physical strength and flexibility, as well as our sleeping and eating habits are all indicators of our spiritual health. If any one of these is out of order, it means an issue in our spiritual body has already manifested, whether it be an over/undercharged chakra, a break in your aura, or blocked meridian line.

Our physical bodies are like cars for our souls. They tell us milage (age), fuel tank capacity (physical energy levels), MPH (energy output), radio stations (thought patterns) and many more bits of information that help us to operate the car. When the check engine light comes on, the car doesn’t just come to a halt and fall apart. It warns us what will happen if we don’t address something wrong with the vehicle. 

The irony is many people fix their cars when the check engine light comes on, but when their body signals something is wrong, they ignore it and continue to do what created the problem. What results is a visit from The Pain Teacher, as taught by Paul Chek. Eventually, you will physically injure yourself or catch a serious illness (mental, emotional or physical) resulting in time away from whatever you felt was more important than your health. Just like a car with a flat tire, you have to fix it before you go anywhere.

Another important thing to recognize is your body is the physical container of spiritual energy. If your physical body is unwell or even suboptimal, it reduces the total amount of energy you can hold. It’s the difference between a coffee mug and a pitcher. Once it is full, the water will just spill over the top. A lot of times this comes to us in the form of headaches, muscle aches and other minor symptoms that are simply unpleasant and painful. Most people respond to them by taking aspirin and trying to continue doing what they were doing. In some cases, they don’t even recognize that the activity is causing the pain. 

In pioneering the practice of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui discovered that everyone who had a migraine was suffering from an overcharged Ajna or Third Eye Chakra. The light wavelength for charging this chakra ranges from blue to indigo. Now how often have you heard of people getting migraines from using a computer for too long? They are unknowingly overcharging their chakra through prolonged exposure to these wavelengths. 

On the other side of the coin, a lack of activity will result in a smaller container for energy causing the same physical pain. If you are a chronic smoker or never exercise, your heart will become weaker. Spiritually, your heart chakra will become smaller. You may become overly sensitive and physically you will suffer an inability to operate in the 3rd dimension. Even more concerning, if you attempt to charge your weakened heart chakra without the physical health to hold more energy, you could give yourself a heart attack. This is one of the reasons why monks and yogis focus on maintaining physical health. It quite literally becomes dangerous to grow the spiritual body while neglecting the physical one. 

“Okay Matt, that’s cool and all, but what do I do about it?”

There are several things we can do to improve or balance the physical body, and you’ll be happy to know, doing this will also improve the spiritual body. However, some of these suggestions assume you are already at a moderate level of physical health. If you have an injury, chronic disability or illness, please be mindful of what you can and cannot do and use common sense in assessing which of these is appropriate at this time in your life. Quick disclosure, none of these suggestions should be “new” to you. There is no secret formula to good health. Just good ol’ fashion time and effort. 

I believe one of the best ways to improve the physical body is nutrition. Eating fresh produce instead of junk food is obvious but let’s expand upon that. Raw fruits and vegetables contain more enzymes than cooked. This will help improve your gut health and pull more nutrients out of the food you eat. 

If you are able to, choose organic over conventionally grown products. I know organic foods feel kind of like a fad these days, however, organic foods really do contain a proper balance of vitamins and minerals. Our bodies typically need a certain vitamin or mineral to absorb a different vitamin or mineral. So a deficiency in one area means there is likely a deficiency in another area as well. When humans try to genetically modify an apple to be bigger or sweeter, it throws off the balance of nutrients in the apple. Whole foods are so complex, this can cause a chain reaction leading to a large imbalance of nutrients compared to organic. After all, Mother Nature knows best.

To be honest, this will unlikely cause you any problems. If are need to start eating more fruits and vegetables, go easy on yourself and do something you can commit too. The any nutrients that doesn’t get absorbed will just be passed into the toilet. Just make sure you aren’t consuming anything grown with pesticides or GMOs. However, this is something to be mindful of and will be your next step if you are already eating fresh produce. Also, I know there is a substantial price difference between organic and conventional so make the choices that are best for you.

To continue the talk of nutrients, avoid quick meals whenever you can. This includes fast food, microwave dinners, and even canned food. I know they can be tempting because they are quick and easy. I personally keep some saved for when I am feeling lazy or too tired to cook, but I try to keep it to a minimum. In all honesty, fast food should never be eaten if you can avoid it and luckily grocery stores usually offer ready made meals at a cheap price. They aren’t as quick but they will benefit you immensely. 

The last thing I want to mention on the topic of nutrition is, meat. Typically, it is better to eat lower on the evolutionary chart. Red meat (mammals) should be kept to a minimum. That doesn’t mean don’t eat meat at all. I personally eat red meat and I love lamb, but I am mindful of how often I am eating it. Next would be bird meat. Chicken and turkey are great sources of nutrients. Lastly, there is fish. Be mindful of where your fish come from as they can collect lots of toxins from the water. In general, I find I feel better when I keep meat to a minimum overall, however I know everyone’s biology is different so find what works for you.

The second big thing I think can be addressed is strength and flexibility. It’s no secret that if you exercise then you will be healthier. However, don’t think you need to lift heavy weights or become a contortionist to achieve good health. Just getting outside and playing volleyball or swimming is amazing for your physical and spiritual health. 

Of these two things, I believe flexibility should be the priority. Flexibility and proper range of motion helps reduce injury and opens up the flow of energy in your body. Yoga stretches are actually designed to open up the muscles because yogis know that a tense muscle means constricted energy. Stretching should not be painful, although a little bit of discomfort is normal. Also if you have an injured body part, don’t make it worse by stretching it. This is common for neck and wrist muscles. In these situations, stretching should be very light as forcing the stretch will weaken the tendon. 

When it comes to physical strength, you should be strong enough to move your body easily. A simple self test of pull ups, push ups, and squats should give you a good idea of how functional your body. If these are difficult for you, then it probably means you need to spend some time in the gym. Don’t stress yourself out by thinking you need to lift an Atlas Ball or bench 3x your weight. Simply getting to the point when you can move around easily without risk of injury is a good place to start.

Lastly, I want to talk about breath. Breathing is super important and most people don’t realize they breathe ineffectively. When you breathe, you should be pulling in air from your belly through the expansion of your diaphragm. If you breathe through your chest, your lungs are stopped by your rib cage, resulting in less air. Additionally, the bronchial sacs in your lungs get less exposure to air resulting in less oxygen intake. Simply changing the way you breathe can result in more energy.

If you are interested in more knowledge about how to improve your physical health, I recommend Paul Chek’s book How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy. It is incredibly insightful and comprehensive.

I hope this article provided you with something useful. Make sure to check out other pages in my blog and leave a comment regarding your own experience with spirit-body balance.

May your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


Website Update

Hey everyone. This is an administrative post notifying my readers about my new videos tab. I recently started making videos for YouTube and decided it would also be a good idea to host them through my website. I would love to hear feedback on what you think of the video quality, subject matter, and anything you liked or think could be improved upon. I plan on splitting my time between making videos and writing blog posts but I will do my best to keep both updated regularly. I hope you are doing well and I look forward to hearing your feedback!

Personal Philosophy

My Adventure to the Grand Canyon: A Soul’s Discovery

This past week, I took a trip to see the Grand Canyon. At the last minute, the other person I was planning to go with had to cancel. Although hotel reservations had been made, no money had officially been spent. So, I still had the opportunity to back out. I talked about this with a close friend in my circle and he brought up how this would be an opportunity for growth. It would be just God, myself and over 1000 miles of road. Oh yeah, I was driving. Here are some of the spiritual takeaways from my solitary five day trip.

Adventure is what YOU make of it

Early on in the trip I started to experience some frustration. I was almost through New Mexico, had been driving all day, and was still several hours away from my destination. Originally the plan had been to stop and get a hotel in Roswell, NM. However, when I arrived there I was making such good time I figured I could get all the way to Flagstaff, AZ. Without realizing, I had turned the adventure into a mission.

“I have to see the Grand Canyon,” had become the purpose of the journey. It was no longer about self discovery. Although the Grand Canyon was the destination, this slight shift in perspective turned it into the sole reason for the trip. Every other aspect of the trip became a peripheral concern. I would only be fulfilled upon achieving my goal. 

I started to wonder why I took this trip. I thought to myself, “I’m driving over 1000 miles one way, far from my friends and family to see what? A big hole in the ground?” 

I had to reflect on my reasons for going on the trip alone. By going alone, I could adhere entirely to my own schedule. I would have time to be with myself and ponder my experiences. I would be free from external influence and the beauty of the trip would be entirely of my own understanding. Reflecting on my reasons for traveling alone centered me and enabled me to redirect my energy towards the original purpose. Getting to know more about myself.

The following day, after spending the night in Gallup, NM, I did things I wanted to do. I was only three hours away from Flagstaff, so I hiked the Red Rock Trails, saw The Painted Desert and Petrified Forest National Parks, and talked to several Natives about the Navajo culture and tradition. Looking back, I enjoyed those parts of the trip more than actually seeing the Grand Canyon, which I assure you, is much more than a “hole in the ground”.

Benefits of Prolonged Solitude

Most people do not find spending five days alone very appealing. I definitely didn’t. At least at first. It is one thing to sit in meditation and practice stillness. However, I found the experience to be more like moving to a place where you know no one. Every interaction has to be formed from scratch and there is little emotional security. Of course we all have phones to touch base, but if I spent the whole time talking with friends back home, part of me would know I am avoiding the experience I set out to have. 

During the time with myself, I had a lot of conversations with what I choose to call God. After all, God was the only one there to hear my thoughts and I don’t feel the need to talk out loud as much as I used to. As I talked, I became much more aware of my fears. An emotion would rise up in me and the only thing I could do was sit with it. I had no way of ignoring the them. After feeling it for awhile I would ask myself, “what is at the core of this?” 

Being on the road for 16 hours kind of forces you to dive deeper. I gained a lot of perspective about my own triggers and emotional habits. I had time to think about why I like and dislike certain things. The specific parts of something which invoke emotion in me. I reflected on my past and the experiences that shaped the way I think and feel. 

After an extended period of self discovery, I reached a place of peace and serenity. I found the later moments of the trip were spent largely in marvel at the nature around me and the forces that created the landscapes. It was profoundly spiritual to ponder the nature of creation, as many of the landscapes took millions of years to form and had been there millennia’s before any human witnessed it.

Engaging Your Inner Child

When you spend such a long time with yourself, you get an opportunity to recreate what “fun” means for you. There aren’t other people to give their two cents about which activities you should do. At first it is kind of uncomfortable but it’s a good practice of giving into your heart’s desire. 

Towards the end of the trip I was feeling exhausted from doing so much and being from central Texas, the snow was becoming a challenge in and of itself. I realized that growing up, our vacations had never been very relaxing. We would spend all our time sight-seeing and doing things. This way of travel has its own merit, but is not a very relaxing way to spend a vacation. Because of this, I knew my emotions were a call from my inner child to spend vacations how I never got to. Lounging around, playing games and eating. 

I had a small internal battle because part of me still thought that was an “improper use of time”. I can do that at home after all. Although, once I recognized it as an opportunity to love my inner child, I knew it was the right thing to do. The other part of me had got its way the first half of the trip, walking through national parks and going on tours, now the child got to be in charge. 

I always had difficulty understanding how to heal my inner child before this experience. I had read about it and could make some connections, but this was my first really big opportunity to do so. Once I made the decision to go along with the warm feeling of excitement in my gut and ignore any internal parenting, I found myself having a great deal of fun. It was the most refreshed I felt in a while. I found my energy levels increased. I was no longer restraining myself to activities I felt were “adult” like. I simply did what my heart told me I should do.

Now that I am back from my trip I feel I have gained a lot more awareness about myself. My motivation to work on my goals has been renewed. It’s an experience I have seldom felt from vacations before given the draining nature of constant motion. It is something I plan on doing again down the road and I believe everyone should provide themselves with the opportunity for self exploration.

If you have ever taken a spiritually impactful trip, let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear your takeaways and what you learned about yourself. If you enjoyed the article make sure to check out some of my other posts.

To all my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!


Requisites of Resilience

The last several weeks have been quite difficult for me. As a result, I have not been writing articles. Now that I am through the experience, I am able to reflect on it and gain insight to my behavior and the spiritual implications. So I found it fitting that my returning article should be about resiliency. What is it? How does one develop it? What does it mean on our spiritual journey?

What does it mean to be “resilient”?

The short answer is “to keep moving forward when the situation becomes difficult”, but really it is so much more than that. If we push forward without awareness then chances are we will end up exhausted and still not have reached our goals. It is an illusion to think someone can work towards their goals all hours of the day and never take any breaks. 

In some cases, the individual is truly immersed in their passion, in which case they will be revitalized, but eventually everyone takes a break. Whether it be relaxing on the weekends, taking a vacation or daily meditation. Our bodies and mind need to have rest. Everyone has different levels of energy and how much they can commit to a task. The first part of being resilient is learning when you need to be gentle with yourself and rest.

Moving forward with our plans, we often feel blindsided when something unexpected happens. Everyone handles these situations differently. If you are anything like me (I’m looking at you, fellow Earth signs) then you enjoy life to stick to the schedule you set up. There are also people who see the unexpected as opportunities. Unfortunately for some, the latter perspective is more in line with how life works. If everything in life followed a routine then it would undoubtedly become boring and predictable. Even for those of us who like those things. 

So then, the second part of resiliency is adaptability. Things will not go our way more often than they will, so be grateful when it all goes according to plan. Learning to bend to circumstances but break under them is what allows us to keep moving forward or bounce back quicker than most. Some things in life just plain suck, but seeing the silver lining in those events helps us to become grateful more quickly. 

Of course, it’s easier to type that on a blog and than practice it in real life. My suggestion is to practice a reversal of perspective. Whenever something “bad” happens, ask yourself: “How could this be good?” “What blessings am I not focusing on?” “When I get through this situation, how will I look back on it?” These can help you shift your perspective. 

Finally, there is the action step of being resilient: charging ahead. Life will test you. It’s not because the universe is conspiring against you or because someone woke up and decided they were going to specifically make your life hell. Although, it may feel like that sometimes. 

In actuality, these types of situations are pushing us to new heights. We may be wanting to do something but not feel capable or are too comfortable with where we’re at. Then something drastic happens and changes our situation. We are forced out of our comfort zone because we had been unwilling to go there ourselves. It’s like your mom ripping off the bed sheets so you can go to school. It doesn’t mean you are unable to set an alarm and wake up yourself, but it does make the situation more shocking and uncomfortable. Regardless, you’re awake now and have to get ready for school. 

When there is no safety net. No plan B. No way to escape. It summons a strength in us like no other. We become capable of charging headlong towards our goals. We are put in a position to look at what we really want in life.

These tests can be some of the most crucial as they have the ability to sculpt our self image. If we return to our comfort zone, like crawling back into bed, we only postpone the inevitable. We still have to go to school. We increase the chances of being late and we have an even more pissed off mother to deal with. If we do this enough times, our grades will suffer and we may not feel capable of graduating. However, if we meet life where life is, like waking up on time. Things will run more smoothly. Our mother won’t rip the sheets off because we set an alarm. We don’t feel stressed because we have plenty of time to complete our morning routine. We will be more successful in school because we’re properly prepared to meet the challenges of the day. 

The tricky part is learning which quality of resilience is the right one for the current situation. If we charge ahead when we should be resting, we will burn ourselves out. Sometimes we need to charge ahead regardless of the circumstances. Sometimes the circumstances are stronger than us and if we don’t adapt to them we will break under the pressure. It’s something that changes with each person, in each situation.

One thing is for certain. If you develop your inner resilience, things will get back to being “good”. A close friend of mine always says “life gives us lessons and blessin’s”. One of them we can appreciate and enjoy. The other one you’re going to learn from whether you want to or not. What I’ve come to find out is the lessons become the blessings. The more I learn about life and stay open to the experience, the more blessings I realize I already have. 

You see, life is all about seeing what is already there. It is programmed in us that a “blessing” is a new car, new house, or new relationship. In reality, blessings all come from a state of mind. A poor man can be grateful for a pair of shoes and a rich man can be upset he doesn’t have enough closet space. How I look at my life determines what is a blessing and what isn’t.

To wrap up the article, I want to say thank you to my readers. I hope you had a happy holiday season and I wish you best of luck in 2021. I am in the process of finally releasing videos on the website and Youtube so be on the lookout for those.

As always, if you want a private lesson in the metaphysical, check out my book-a-lesson tab or just shoot me an email from the contact page and we will work something out. I’ve gotten exhausted with the formalities recently.

To all my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!

Quantum Physics

The Vibration of Gratitude

This past Thursday, people all over the United States celebrated Thanksgiving, a day to consciously reflect on what we are grateful for. Whether you are American or not, this practice has a valuable esoteric meaning. This is how we tap into the vibration of gratitude.

Scientists are able to measure emotions using brain wave scans and electrodes on the skin. When paired with self report, they are able to order the wavelengths of various emotional states. This provides us with valuable information of how we are interacting with the quantum field. 

Each of our emotions are linked to a vibrational wavelength. When we feel emotions like anger, fear, or lust, we are engaging in lower vibrational states. The highest vibrational emotions we can have are bliss and love. If we have significant trauma, it may be difficult or even impossible to make the leap from fear to bliss.

Sometimes it can be hard to feel intense emotions like love or bliss when our lives aren’t going the way we want them to. Moving up in emotional states is like climbing a staircase; we make incremental changes. Because of that, we can always access the “middle” level of emotions.

Gratitude is the easiest of these to access, and better yet, it is in the “upper middle” level. It sounds very cliché, but we always have something to be grateful for. The issue most people run into is they believe certain things are worthy of more or less gratitude. “I have the car, house and spouse I want, that’s worthy of a 10 on the gratitude scale!” Except, there isn’t a scale.

If you have a car at all, you can be grateful. If you have a place to sleep, you can be grateful. Even if you are not in a relationship, you can be grateful for the freedom you have because you’re single. Sometimes we have to change how we look at what we have in our life to find gratitude.

Okay, well what if you don’t have any of that and you’re reading this article at the public library? Then you won’t have to look far to find gratitude. You can be grateful to be alive. You can be grateful for the relationships you have with others. You can be grateful for your arms and legs. And that’s not to say if you have a car and home you can’t be grateful for these things too!

So what does practicing gratitude do other than literally raise your vibration?

When we live in a state of gratitude we will find more things to be grateful for. Not just from a law of attraction point of view, but we will become grateful for things we never realized we had. Many of us live our lives taking things for granted and we don’t even realize it. We don’t appreciate food until we’ve gone hungry. We don’t appreciate our sight until we lose it. There are many things we overlook because we have spent so much time having it. We think it will always be there.

From the quantum perspective, we will attract more things into our lives which we can be grateful for. Perhaps I am not in a romantic partnership but I am practicing being grateful for the relationships I have. I may find myself dating someone because it is another relationship I will be grateful to have. The same thing can happen with the car, the house, the job and dream vacation. Anything and everything.

By redirecting our focus from what we want to what we have we give the universe (or whatever you choose to believe in) the opportunity to do its best work. No one likes their boss micromanaging their job. Your higher power is the same way. Give it some space to work instead of constantly checking in to see if the project is finished. 

The best part is from here we can more easily access the highest vibrational states. When gratitude becomes a way of life for us the next step naturally becomes moving into love and bliss. These are the highest emotional states and most people have experienced them at some point in their life. If you haven’t, well then you’re in for a treat.

If we are able to maintain high vibrational states for an extended duration or access them frequently throughout the day, then it is like pouring gasoline on our manifestation fire. Whether you will manifest your dreams more quickly or just have the perception of that because you aren’t micromanaging, I can’t really say for sure. What I do know is that you won’t even care because you have moved from a state of wanting to a state of being.

The most peculiar thing I personally have found on my journey is realizing what I already have is enough. I used to think I needed a bunch of material things to be happy but what I really find valuable these days is having passion. Doing things I enjoy like writing this blog and helping people in my community. These are some of the ways I find gratitude in my own life. Even when I get caught in a thought loop and worry about finances, things usually workout better than I expect if I take a step back and focus on being of service to others. For that I am grateful.

I hope this article has given you something to be grateful for in your life. If you would like to schedule a private lesson, then check out my book-a-lesson tab or just keep reading the free content I put out! Make sure you link up with me on social media. To be honest I haven’t been as active on there but it is still the best way to get updates on new content.

I hope you enjoy your holidays and to all my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!