Astrology Forecast for November 2021

There are some bumpy aspects for this November. Inside the full astrology forecast you’ll find how to best navigate the holidays!

It’s important to start your month off right with an astrology forecast! At first glance, the month of November is pretty calm. After all those retrogrades ending in October, it will be hard to compare. However the holiday season has some good things to look forward to!

Planets Changing Signs in the First Week!

The very first day of November starts with Mars in Scorpio squaring Saturn in Aquarius. This aspect is good for pushing us to succeed in our goals. You might feel like it’s crunch time to reach your end of the year goals. Just breathe through it. This aspect is helping a lot more than you think.

The New Moon in Scorpio takes place on November 4th. Scorpio represents the process of reincarnation. The New Moon is about starting a new cycle. This makes the New Moon in Scorpio great for clearing out old energy. Take this time to remove anything you don’t want to stick around. This creates space for what you want to call in.

On the same day, 11/4/21, Neptune in Pisces will trine the Sun. This is about bringing the spiritual world to the forefront of our mind. Neptune represents the highest degree of spiritual principles. The Sun is symbolic of our individual consciousness. With this, start acting on the little nudges the universe is giving you. If you do, then you’re likely to see your garden bear fruit quicker than you expect.

The day after on the 5th, Mercury will move into Scorpio. The time for shallow thought is over with this transition! Take a deeper dive into any area of interest you have. The obsessive energy of Scorpio makes our mental faculties narrow and committed. Pick a couple of your favorite subjects and learn as much as you can about them during this time.

Also on November 5th, Venus moves into Capricorn. This can make us picky when it comes to hobbies and romance. Although, we will be more committed to the ones we love. Our lives will feel less exciting, but that is only because we are pruning away anything which won’t last.

Action Picks up the 2nd Week

Starting on November 8th, the Sun will square Jupiter in Aquarius. This aspect is just asking us to put too much on our plate! Be careful of over committing yourself during this time. You will feel like you can take on the world during this time. Just remember, there’s only 24 hours in a day. The last thing you want to do during the holidays is not have any time to relax.

On November 11th, Venus will trine with Uranus in Taurus. This will add some excitement to our relationship but not in the way we might want. Earth signs enjoy their routines and when Uranus is involved it is anything but. This aspect will last through Thanksgiving, making it a time of testing. Fortunately, Earth energy usually survives these tests, even if they’re unpleasant.

Several days later on November 16th, Mercury and Jupiter will square. This is great holiday energy as it makes us more enthusiastic. The issue arises when it also makes us less organized and thoughtful. If you’re planning a holiday gathering then you’ll want to pay extra attention to organization. It’s easy for things to slip through the cracks with this one.

Full Moon Astrology Forecast

This moon cycle, the Full Moon, takes place on November 19th in Taurus. As with all major moon phases, you’ll want to look at your personal chart to see how this one is impacting you. Whichever house Taurus rules is going to determine which area of your life is most impacted. With that knowledge, directing your energy towards that house will help you to move with the current instead of against it. For example, Taurus rules my 10th house of Career and Prestige. Now will be a good time for me to reorient myself towards my career goals.

On November 21st, we have the official start of Sagittarius Season! With the Sun moving into the final fire sign of the cycle, we will have one last hoo-rah before winter comes in Capricorn. Winter is traditionally a difficult season for all creatures. Sagittarius reminds us to be jovial about life because in ancient times we wouldn’t all see another Spring.

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Astrology Forecast for Thanksgiving

On Wednesday 11/23/21 Venus and Pluto will conjunct in Capricorn for several weeks. This is will cause tension in our relationships. Some will experience fights big enough to break them. However, those relationships which survive, are going to have a ‘death & rebirth’ quality to them. The relationship is unlikely to continue on how it did before the conjunction and if it does, you’re probably just fooling yourself. This will be an important aspect for looking at long term commitment.

Following the Sun, Mercury will move into Sagittarius on 11/24/21. This placement is difficult for Mercury as it is in its detriment. His curious nature can become constricted in the traditional thinking of Sagittarius. The best way to utilize this transit is to put your ideas to the acid test. If they can withstand criticism under a microscope, they are more likely to improve your overall quality of life.

The last major aspect I want to his is Saturn Sextile Sun and Saturn Sextile Mercury. The former aspect will happen on the 26th and the latter the day after. Both of these aspects are likely to make our Thanksgiving feel a little restricted, especially around our father figures. It’s likely to feel like we are walking on eggshells around our family members. In the grand scheme of things, it is going to promote longevity in our relationship, but for a holiday aspect, it’s a little bleak.

These are the major aspects I want to touch on for November 202. Make sure to sign up for my emailing list so you can have the week-by-week break down! If you want to know how to best plan for the future, make sure to click on my one-year forecast tab. I hope you have a blessed holiday!

To my fellows, may your seeking be fruitful and your findings bountiful!

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