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Hey everyone! Welcome to my home base where you can find all my metaphysical and esoteric content. I’m Matthew Fagan Jr. and I am a metaphysical teacher and mystic. I specialize in astrology and divination. However I am always learning more and like to connect the dots between my studies. My purpose is to help my fellow seekers find the path back home and do some sight seeing along the way! Check out some of my videos or read one of my blogs to start uncovering the veil!

Night Sky

Many ancient text suggest that our little rock flying through space is not the only one and science tells us our planet is bombarded with billions of particles every moment. How could something so far away impact us? “As above, so below.”

Astrology Charting
Chart Your Psyche

Before your birth, your soul decided how you would look, how you would think, your family, your significant relationships and experiences. Everything! If life ever came with a “User Manual” it would be in the form of frequencies and vibration.

learn to read tarot

Have you ever had your fortune told and wondered how it could have any accuracy? Millenniums ago these practices were commonly understood and trusted. Tarot, I Ching and Rune Casting are all special tools which today, science offers an explanation of their capabilities.


The ancients always talked about how this reality was a “waking dream” and more recently science suggested that this whole experience could very well be a computer simulation! If it indeed is a matrix of number and letters, why not learn to be Neo?

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